‘Bottom Line Is, I Will F**k Somebody Up About My Man:’ RHOA Episode 11 Recap

January 14, 2013  |  

I wish for just one week, Kenya Moore wasn’t always the person acting up on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but 11 episodes in, she continues to earn her title as the resident nut job. Last night we found out Kenya’s not only delusional when it comes to men, she’s straight disillusioned about everything pertaining to her, including her career. She may claim to have produced multi-million dollar films, but like Phaedra, I can’t think of a single one. And if she keeps getting too close to other people’s men, she’s gonna find herself the subject of a Bravo original series: “How I Caught a Beatdown on Camera.” Check out all the craziness that went down between her Phaedra, Apollo, and Kandi last night.

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  • Even though Kenya’s image on RHOA has not been the best, in this episode I’m kind of on her side because Pheadra was trying to get people to put in work for her for free. Not just Kenya but Cynthia too and it was not flying. If 10% was too much for Pheadra it’s called negotiating and that’s what should have happened. She stated that she does things for free for friends all the time so she expected the same but here’s the deal, she just met Kenya!! I ain’t mad at Kenya or Cynthia for letting Pheadra know that they don’t do business for free. Pshh and Phedra’s supposed to be a lawyer…….

  • SheBe

    Why are Kandi’s clothes too sizes too small?

    • TeahMonae

      I noticed that too but I wasn’t sure if she was just wearing the wrong undergarments or if it was her microphone or whatever they are hooked up to!

      • I’m glad I am not the only one who picks up on the little details lol, her body (real or not) was lookin great but I was like, what’s with all them bumps and seams? She better DM Kim K’s Spanx Connect

    • Kitsy

      Yes. She always looks so tacky!

    • realadulttalk

      And even if they aren’t too small–they aren’t made for her body. I guess her man must be giving her some confidence. I wish he’d also get her a stylist.

  • Am I the only that didn’t appreciate Cynthia so quickly jumping on Kenya’s side at the Bailey “Agency” she might not always agree with Phaedra but come on whose back you got?

    My favorite “Phaedraism” is coming up next week when Kenya reveals she is gonna make a video on how to get a fake Stallion Bøøty and she says “Her bøøty is as lumpy as a bad batch of gravy” LMAO I died a little there

    • realadulttalk

      I think that happened b/c of Phaedra’s tweets. Phaedra hadn’t even discussed the event with Cynthia but was already using her name–that somewhat indicates she was about to attempt to take advantage of Cynthia. IMO

  • pretty1908

    Last night’s episode was kind of boring… so here is my summary of it
    Nene was nervous and antsy by filiming this show and moving across the country… can you blame her? Greg was smart for telling her to relax and let him handle some of the major things. Kandi has the distinct ability to make any designer bag, dress, or shoe cheap. Who does her hair? You can you can take care of any mfer you want…. address the insult you call a bob. Kenya is crazy, but she had a point on this episode. you can’t expect something from nothing. Phaedra isn’t interested in working out , she just wants her name and face on something. Apollo shouldve lead this venture. Clearly he is fit and interested in this. LOL at Kandi for saying she will box over her man…. so happy to finally have one right ? Cynthia got miss donkey booty together very quickly ! Did you honestly think she would let you cast out of her office without a fee , Phaedra. I really want porscha to have baby and stfu with the yams bit.

  • Cookie

    Kenya has shown what type of chick she is repeatedly. Fake relationship, flirting with other peoples husbands. She looks at that womans husband like he is a Snicker Bar. Then planning to talk to said womans husband behind her back is foul. I will say a budget should have been made and a contract should have been drawn up prior to anybody doing any work. She has no respect for anyone. Nor the union of marraige, and that is because she has never been married. In every episode she has disrespected someone. Porscha may be a bit dingy, but Kenya picks on her because she is living the life Kenya covets, she has the husband who adores her, younger than Kenya and that is a threat to an aging beauty queen. She tried with Cynthia, and got shut down, and Phaedra is going to hurt her over this Apollo thing. She wont even try it with Nene, and Kandi is 2 seconds shy of giving her the business too. In her minds she thinks some of the women are lesser than her so she goes at them. There is only so far “I used to be Miss USA or America” can take you, and her ship is sinking. Personally, she could not be a friend of mine. She does too much…

    • Her ship is sinking?? Honey that ship just passed the Santa Maria…

      • GirlSixx



        I like how Cynthia is coming into her own this season, she learned how to Readdddd not Read but Readdddd *2snaps* Nene must’ve told her “look here girl I ain’t got time to be leading you around like my puppy anymore Me and Greg are back together now” *lol* I was shocked when she said how and why she cancelled the casting call, I was too through at Pheadra’s face expressions.

        • LOL I bet you’re right, Nene probably had a white board and everything set up trying to teach Cynthia how to REEEEAAAADDD-cuz there’s a difference! LMAO

        • Cookie

          You chicks are hilarious…

  • Meyaka

    I will never hang out with a Kenya.

  • JB#3

    I think they’re going out of their way to make Kenya look crazy. Now while I believe she’s a bit touched in the head, I don’t think she was entirely crazy on this one. If Phaedra was so much about her business, they would’ve discussed money and ideas first and Phaedra should’ve spoken with someone else about producing the video as well. Everyone knows that smart business people compare plans in the beginning so that they can the best decision based on their funding. The whole announcing the casting call via twitter was just tacky. It’s a wonder every crackhead within a 50 mile radius didn’t show up.

    • JaneDoe

      Even though I missed the episode I saw a small piece when Kenya came into the meeting with her paper and pen. I thought after I watched the scene wait a min no one discussed a budget? How do you bring a business proposition to a person without discussing who gets what cut. Phaedra I felt was in the wrong bc who does business for free now a days? I felt Kenya did a lot of work that she shouldn’t have for the project. So they were both wrong. They should have had a plan and not THOUGHT it was gonna go in one direction

      • littleoleme

        It’s like Kandi and Kim 2.0. I think I’m on Kenya’s side in this situation. If Phaedra decided to move forward with Kenya they would need to somehow adequately and fairly compensate her for her work. You gotta spend money to make money, Phaedra

        • Cookie

          True, but they only discussed the idea…Kenya took it upon herself to to all that work without a contract. She thought she was going to take over..

  • TeahMonae

    Kenya was dumb for going out and doing all that work before being contracted to work on the video. They had an initial meeting and she was supposed to come back to them with a budget, nobody told her to take it upon herself to do all that work! On the other hand, it seems Phaedra wants something for nothing or a “hook up” because of the friendship. It appears that she didnt want to pay Cynthia for casting the models either. Also, Apollo seemed to agree that Kenya needed to get a 10% cut but being as though he doesnt have any money, he doesnt have any say. Phaedra seems like the dominant one in the relationship. On another note, I’m very happy for NeNe’s success. I honestly didnt like her in past seasons because she seemed like she was being the villian for the cameras to gain more exposure. I guess it worked because she is winning right now! And she looked gorgeous at the Golden Globes last night!

    • JaneDoe

      But did you see the look on Apollo’s face? Phaedra is shady as hell to me.. What law school? What law firm? Just a mess

      • TeahMonae

        Yep. Apollo was looking like he wanted to say something but knew he wasn’t going to get heard. She thinks she’s so business saavy and knows everything. Apparently, she went to University of Georgia, but the only clients I’ve ever heard of her having was Bobby Brown and Sheree and we see how that worked out.

        • Although she is an “entertainment” attorney, she may have/had clients who were not publicly know…there is a lot of people working behind the scenes and a lot of non-famous people use attorneys

    • Cookie

      While I agree that she deserves something, when she said I usually get 50%, she knows she was lying. But seriously, 10% AND a back end deal…No, either one or the other. And you are so correct, no one told her to do all that work before being contracted…and the I only wear thousand dollar shoe comment was a lie too. She is just a mess all the way around…I think she thought they were not as smart as she was and was trying to work them. It seems to me she tries to take over everything and then walks off like she didn’t do anything wrong. Remember her first scene, she trie to take over Cynthias auditions, tried to make her fake boyfriend marry her…

      • TeahMonae

        She did think she was smarter than them and should have known they would do their research. When she initially asked them what the budget was and Phadra told her money was no object, her eyes lit up like some man was on one knee with an engagement ring!

      • Melyssa

        OH please.. Kenya still be rocking her pagent shoes, can’t ya tell?? *lol* some of those joints be leaning..

      • lets be real here, Phaedra had every intention on paying her, but that was it, pay her for her work and then send her on her merry way. Kenya was trying to ALSO get 10% of distribution, which to me sounded like she was trying to get 10% of their profit after the fact just because she helped them get the distribution deal, and honestly I dont see where she gets the nerve. Thats like me getting 10% of of magazine sales just because I did hair and makeup for the cover model. Come on now

    • bigdede

      Kenya was dumb for doing all that work when they only had an initial meeting. But Kenya wanting 10% of the profits is stupid. Phaedra was going to pay Kenya for producing the video. Kenya wanted 100k which was too much. Kenya thought that since Phaedra never did anything in entertainment before that she could over charge her. Phaedra isn’t stupid but Apollo is. You pay someone to produce it. Since Phaedra is putting her money into this, she gets the profits. Now with Cynthia, Phaedra did think she was going to get the hook up. Glad Cynthia shut that down.

    • Dee

      I agree with you! And there was nothing wrong with Pheadra going to Todd. It’s called “shopping arround” lmao

      • Mrs. Bearrat

        You are sooo correct. Kenya is the shady one. She did not have a signed contract with Phaedra. She was being used to produce the video, not distribute it. She did not have authorization to go to anyone on Phaedra’s behalf. I like Apollo, but he does not have a business sense. Phaedra and Apollo know who will make the final decision (PhaPha). Kenya trying to rip them off and let’s just call it like it is. It is Phaedra’s money.