We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People: Bey & Jay Reportedly Buy Blue An $80,000 Birthday Gift

January 13, 2013  |  


Blue Ivy Carter’s birthday’s came and went last week without so much as a special Tumblr or Instagram post from Mommy Beyonce or Daddy Shawn (aka Jay-Z).

So it is mighty odd that Radar Online is reporting that Beyonce and Jay-Z bought Blue Ivy an $80,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie doll for her 1st birthday. It’s not that Beyonce and Jay-Z can’t afford something like that or that they don’t buy themselves (and their child) expensive things; we just don’t ever hear about it, not even from “sources.”

However, assuming Beyonce and Jay-Z wanted to start Blue’s ultimate Barbie collection, they apparently did so at a very lavish birthday party for the one year old. Sources told Radar Online that the Carters spent $90 on pink and white flowers and $2,000 on a pretty fancy birthday cake.

They also spent about $30,00 on toys and gifts for the party guests. Yes, for the guests.

That brings the total of the Blue Bash, including the gift, to about $207,000. It ain’t trickin’ if you got it, huh? Jay-Z did mention on Oprah’s Master Class that his child would probably be the “worst little spoiled kild ever.” Let’s hope that’s not true – even if she doesn’t ever have to want for a thing.

Whether fact or fiction, we’re sure the Carters made sure B.I.C. had a fun time on her birthday.

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  • espressobean

    Why is the copy on this site hardly ever proofread? It’s riddled with hard to miss typos. It seems that the writers and editors should take some pride in their work.

  • rzakia

    I would just like to know what an $80,000 Barbie doll looks like???

  • That’s just wasteful with all these poor children without food, homes, toys, clothes and dying of diseases bc they can’t afford treatment and there are people in this world who can help. But on the other hand bey and jay do and lot of charity work beyond popular belief and I suppose they work hard enough to enjoy the money they have. People in everyday life spend money on things they can’t afford. At least they can. If I could give my kids the world I would.

  • Meyaka

    Their money,their kid. They can do with both as you wish.

  • Lb

    It’s just rediculous to spend that much money on a doll… Sorry

    • Miyako

      It’s ridiculous that you don’t know that there is no ‘e’ in ridiculous…Sorry.

      • LaLa

        It’s ridiculous that you have a ghetto name,your mom is a ghetto hoodrat for naming you “miyako”. You’re mom should be shot,stoned,and killed for naming you such a name like that.

        • espressobean

          Miyako is a term that has multiple meanings in Japan and is commonly used as a first name. Spelling ridiculous with an “e” — I agree, shouldn’t have happened.

        • Miyako

          Hahaha! You are FOOL, along with the people who agreed with you! Miyako is a Japanese name! Besides, it’s not even my real name. But again, you are a FOOL! You probably thought it was ‘ghetto’ because you can’t pronounce it.

  • Angela Ingram

    If they bought each other a jet and an island, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they bought their daughter a pimp out bedazzled barbie. It’s a collectors item.

  • Erin George

    Once again, Madame Noire needs to edit and copy edit. Please do better.

  • Riyadh

    I don’t believe anything from these 2 frauds.

  • qui8tstorm83

    It’s their money so they can do what they wish with it. But it doesn’t make sense to me to spend $$ on things that are irrelevant
    (invitations, high priced flowers that will die, things that will just be thrown away..etc.) when so many are struggling with the current economy. I’m sure if i had that kind of money i would spend alot of $$ on things i probably would not need but some things I just wouldn’t bother spending a ton of money on like: gold silverware, diamond salt & pepper shakers..etc. What’s the point of having high prices stuff like that? Just to say you’re one of 5 people that has it? SMH. I know Bey & Jay do give back but to what extent…idk.
    No, just b/c some are struggling doesn’t mean ppl with money can’t spend it but why not buy a 3K or 5K doll and give the rest to people who really need it? OR They can auction off some baby’s things and their things they no longer have use for. People spend good money on crazy stuff and an auction could help raise money for a good cause. She still can be spoiled without spending a crazy amount of $$. But like i said..it’s their money and they earned it so hard to be mad at it.

    • Cookie

      Does it really matter to what extent? As long as they do…are they suppose to work to give away their money? I am not sure what you were getting at…Even from what is publicized, they give away and raise a lot of money for various charities and community oprganizations, but because they are wealthy why are the expected to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders? They are truly darned if they do darned if they dont. Why do YOU feel like THEY have to give more than they do? Just curious. It’s not their fault people are struggling, they did not put the country in a recession, but people getting annoyed because they are spending money they earned is getting tiresome. How would the average person feel if every dime they spent was tracked on gossip sites..Aside from the fact that most of the mess you read is not even true.

  • guest510

    And if they did, its their money. They can do whatever they want with money they’ve earned. Now let’s talk about people living off my tax dollars walking around in Jordans. Now THAT I have a problem with

    • guest

      everyone is living off of tax dollars, just sayin’

      • guest510

        ok…but I was talking about people without jobs, living above their means on government assistance…

  • Kelsey

    Boo to this whole article.. I’m not sure why it would be so unbelievable for these two mulitillionaire to spoil their first born on get first birthday.. It’s never too early to start up a collection for your child. Especially an expensive doll collection if they can afford it.