Don’t Walk Away, Boy: Vanessa & Kobe Are Not Divorcing!

January 12, 2013  |  

Vanessa’s Instagram

If you thought Kobe was going to be officially back on the market, think again, because love is in the air.  It appears Mrs. Bryant has decided to let bygones be bygones.

Vanessa announced on Friday via Instagram that they are back on track:

Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram

Kobe took his comments to Facebook:

“I am happy to say that Vanessa and I are moving on with our lives together as a family. When the show ends and the music stops, the journey is made beautiful by having that someone to share it with. Thank you all for your support and prayers! Much luv, Mamba out”

Well, isn’t that sweet.  Not to throw any salt into this because most thought this would happen, but according to TMZ, some new developments have surfaced that are making things copacetic in the Bryant household. Their sources – or maybe, their assumptions – Kobe may have signed a post-nup agreement which allows Vanessa to be considerably more financially “comfortable” in the relationship.  Vanessa also still owns two of the three mansions Kobe gave her back in 2011 – around the time she filed for divorce. Looks like she’s definitely coming out on top with their new found commitment to each other.

This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise because they’ve been joined at the hips for months.  Vanessa never really gave up her position in the tunnel at the Staples Center after Kobe leaves the court after games.  They’ve also been spotted out on several dates in Los Angeles and the icing on the cake was their beautiful Christmas car which included their children.Vanessa’s also very vocal on Instagram, snapping back at anyone who might have less than positive words to say about her relationship.

Since Kobe’s doing so well off the court, maybe he needs to enlist Vanessa’s help to get him and the rest of the Lakers back on track.

Good  luck to them!

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  • NicholasG

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    difficult time in your life. While we do not provide legal advice we can guideyou through the process and ease your pain.

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  • kierah

    I think family means more to Vanessa that most of us gave her credit for. She had no prenup so she could have left Kobe many times and still have been set up lovely.
    I think she actually wants to keep her family intact, despite all that Kobe has done to destroy that.. Who can really be mad about that?

  • DCgirlygirl

    No prenup = it’s cheaper to keep her.

  • the lesson kobe learned is ‘cheaper to keeper’, lol. they are staying together. great. does that mean that the mamba’s going to stay out of other women’s jungle’s? doubt it. yay for marriage. lol

  • SMH_shameonitall

    I doubt Kobe has changed at all. Rather, his wife seems to have changed her attitude towards his ‘extracurricular activities’ to keep her well-paid, ballerific lifestyle going. With ALL that money in their pockets, even if Kobe legally gave her MORE, her lifestyle won’t change. They’ve been ballin’ for years. Vanessa just likes being THE WIFE.

  • DRA

    I find it funny that celebs and regular folks are always looking for acceptance and /or postive feedback on social media and are shock when they don’t get it?

  • Scott

    Some of you black women don’t have what she has, Honor. Latin Americans are raised on this very principle, honor your husband and family!!

    • why do you ppl make this a race thing. get off the BLACK website if you don’t have anything positive to add. We have our thoughts about it and its not about color. get a life

      • “It`s not about color”.That`s funny.I recall when vanessa filed for divorce,blk/w clogged these sites with comments suggesting that kobe should`ve married within his race because blk/w supposedly marry ONLY for love,and that taking half a man`s net worth in a divorce settlement is something only non-blk/w do.Right!!!!

  • Dcarter910

    So many sad angry black women here that cant believe in love. No wonder most of yall will die lonely baby mamas. No wonder black men dont want y’all. Just hate’n because they are fighting for their relationships but you money grubbing hoes cant imagine anything worth more than a new car or a new outfit. Almost done with black women…

    • SMH_shameonitall

      Don’t do us STRONG black women any favors Boo. Please, don’t be *almost* done with us: cuz we’ve BEEN done with the likes of you. Dumba$$…Kobe & Vanessa are not fighting for their marriage. They’re protecting their IMAGE and their ASSETS: ‘putting on heirs’ as they say. Decent black women do not put a price on their pride; look how many of us believed in lying-cheating men, only to be left behind, abused, or worse–given a life-threatening STD. Oh–and I’m married, with a degree, not a baby-momma (just so you know I’m not in a bitter frame of mind). I’m just sick of self-hating black males (not men) bashing all sistas whenever we don’t put up with b.s. Vanessa Bryant is playing the game and she should: since black men are so GULLIBLE & INFATUATED with non-black women they should take y’alls dumb a$$e$ to the cleaners.

  • Kobe is a lucky man, he got a strong, smart and wise wife who will not let the pressure of the media and a deprave society cause her to tear her house and family apart just for sport!

  • ms. lisa

    he only did dat cuz he knows its cheaper 2 keep her! he aint wanna lose all dat money!!!

  • honest

    thats what he gets he shouldve never cheated on his high school sweet heart…. vanessa’s parents blackmailed him she was 17 and that wouldve been statutory rape and he just got drafted they threatened to call the cops if he didnt marry her…he cheats on her because he never loved or wanted her…look at his face that man is miserable…but im happy these guys keep picking these type of women pretty soon they all going to realize black women arent the gold digging enemies its those other chicks…lol…look at her all of those women have the same look…her, kim k, all of them…

    • SMH_shameonitall

      I disagree. I think Kobe’s infatuated with hVanessa because of her looks. I also think he love hers. But like alot of men, he still does his dirt. He keeps his wife-n-kids over here and his side-chicks over there, and does whatever he can to keep the two worlds from crashing.

      • honest

        bull if he loved her he wouldn’t cheat and if a man is black mailed into marrying you he didnt love you…and he is not givin up 150 million…he didnt get a pre nup….that girl is just waiting for the right amount of money then she is going to i said before he shouldve never cheated on his high school sweetheart…karma is a b though he is married to a woman trapped him

  • 1Val

    The mere thought of sexing a man who cheats on her should inspire Vanessa to close her legs and heart to Kobe. She has two daughters to rear. Since Kobe is committed to self destruction by bedding random chicks. Kobe’s money might be long but HIV remains short and fatal! Vanessa is either brave,foolish and/or suicidal for staying with a cheating husband.

    • SheBe

      Thank you!

    • Nope she is strong, Mrs. Vanessa Bryant is a smart, strong and wise women who is keeping her house and family in order regardless of what the world think, she ain’t stupid and out to prove someone else fail social experiment, remember she could had left with over half the money but she know what you do not know you only know what the media tell you, she a smart and wise women she put it all on the scale the good and the bad and evidently the good out weight the bad and kept her husband, her children father in the house to love and “protect” her and her children now that’s a smart, strong and wise women, that’s something you don’t understand!

      • wow, are you related to Vanessa Bryant? You take her defense very seriously look

        • Yep I do because I admire strong wise women who rise above all the crap and keep there family together!

      • SMH_shameonitall

        How do you know what the next person ‘understands’??? We’re all just posting opinions–something we are ALL entitled too. Its not THAT deep!

      • Kenedy

        So its a smart decision to be with a cheater & possible rapist, because he’s there to “protect” the household? Actually, you’re right, yes, financially, smart decision…but that’s all this is, a financial decision

        • No disrespect but that’s what you want to think because you cheapen, don’t understand, respect or value marriage cause you know no better!

  • Sagittarius81

    Yay, whoopee dee frickin’ do! I’ll give it within 2 years til Kobe cheats on her again and she files for divorce again and take his money.

  • Pivyque

    I’m glad to hear that! Best of luck to these two.

  • GalaxyEmpress

    Please, the divorce is being postponed, eventually Vanessa will divorce Bryant and take half. Watch what I tell you…..

    • ijs


  • SheBe

    I don’t ever want any peen to be that good where I stick around with someone that cheats on me multiple times and I know about it. It has to be mediocre at best. Being dyckmatized is no joke.

    • Nisa

      Don’t get it twisted, she’s no fool. She wants money and he can give it to her. He gave her like 3 houses. While they were married. She is putting in time just like you do a job.

      • SheBe

        “He gave her like 3 houses. While they were married.” They are still married. Those homes are and were hers anyway; they are married. She just would have aquired the deeds in her name and her name only if the divorce was finalized.

        • Nisa

          No, boo. California is a community property state. They don’t have a prenup, so she would get half of whatever he has in divorce. He gave her the houses during their marriage, so in divorce she would already have those houses, as gifts, and could still go after half. Get it right.

          • SheBe

            I made the same point but thanks anyway.

            • Nisa

              You’re welcome. Love teaching the ignorant. 🙂

              • SheBe


    • realadulttalk

      Yeah right-she probably doesn’t even sleep with him anymore. It ain’t what he’s packing in his pants–if he was broke Kobe from around the way–she’d have been gone. I bet their pool boy is fine as hell. Lol

  • JaneDoe

    Mrs Bryant is in love with her husband.. Money can’t substitute all the years she has invested. To some money hungry rats it would but when you love someone you accept them and their flaws. I wish them the best. Make it work this time Kobe

    • IJS

      You are sooo naive. Most celebrity marriages are business arrangements. Vanessa is in love with Kobe’s bank account. Ever since his fiasco in Colorado, she’s had Kobe’s balls locked up in her coin purse. She’ll stay with him until the day his earning potential significantly drops, then take that sucka for half or more. I’m a dude, and I can’t blame her.

      • Nisa

        In love with her husband! Ha! Talk about naive. If he ever went broke she’d be out of there!

      • That’s what you cheap people want to think, it’s a business arrangement to some it is they are the cheap ones, you want to cheapen marriage because you haven been successful at it or you do not understand it, however Mrs. Bryant is above all that, she have the money to her it’s about something I never hear black people talk about or understand that is “Honor” and values she value her family [husband, wife and children] she put it all on the scale an decided to keep her family together, plane and simple!

        • ijs

          Wow, another naive bunny. Kobe met Vanessa on the set of a music video shoot (she was a back-ground dancer). She didn’t have JACK when they met – she was looking for a come-up. If you honestly think their relationship is about love, what do you think the term “video ho” refers to?

          • Just because she was a dancer don’t mean she was a ho if she “was” that’s the pass now she is a hornored mother and wife!

    • realadulttalk

      Vanessa IS a money-loving rat, please don’t ever get that twisted. She doesn’t “stand by her man” she threatens to leave until he buys her something worth at least 8 million.

      • That’s what the likes of you want to think, she had the money she thought it out and decided to keep her family together, what a smart and wonderful women Kobe have he is the lucky one!

        • realadulttalk

          Based on the structure of your sentence–I don’t really feel you are in a position to comment. I think things like ulterior motives might be a little more than you can comprehend.

  • Meyaka

    Congratulations,I wish them the best.

  • Kenedy

    Haha, 150mill is too much to part with…*in my rick ross voice* “ahhh, b*tch u wasn’t with me shooting in the gym”

  • Nisa

    Vannessa Bryant is a cold piece. She say I can get more if I stay with him. I have no doubt that she loves Kobe, but she loves money even more. She is not playing either. That ring she got was an investment just like all the property he gave her.

    • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

      I think she really loves that man. Why will forever be a mystery to me but I think she loves him. DIvorce or stay together, the girl is PAID

    • Y’all got it all twisted, Mrs. Vanassa Bryant is above all that you think to her it’s not about money and things she got all of that, she is not that cheap she is above all of that you cheap people talk about, It’s about one word I never hear you black women talk about [no disrespect] or understand to her it’s about the word “HONOR”. Mrs. Vanassa Bryant a hornored and clean women was awarded over half of it all however in her wisdom she put it all on the scale and weight it all out the good and the bad cause she know what you don’t know you only know what the media tell you however the good evidently out weighted the bad and wisely decided to keep her husband, her children father in the house to love and protect her and her children and keep her house and lovely family in order!