Can We Save All The Blue Ivy Hair Slander?

January 11, 2013  |  

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Just like most of the world, I’d love an updated picture of Blue Ivy. But knowing how some folk on the internet act, I can completely understand why Jay and Bey haven’t released a picture of her since she was first born. After all, when that picture of she and Momma Bey shopping was leaked, trolls, instead of commenting on how cute she was; started talking about how her mother shouldn’t have procreated with Jay-Z because of his heavy cheeks. A part of me feels like when that picture leaked the Carters were like, “Oh, that’s how ya’ll wanna play it? We had some updated pictures for you; but since you’re sneaking shots, no more pics for another six months.” (Did you read that in your best BeyJay voice? Good.) And if they happened to stumble across some of those narsty comments about their child, we might not get any updates until she can wave to the cameras herself. What parent would knowingly subject their daughter to that mess, even if she is too young to understand it right now? While I definitely feel like the Carters are teasing folks with all of these faceless photos, I can also see how they’re trying to protect her as long as they can from the cruelties she will inevitably face. Life is going to be hard for her. I mean, there are already people claiming that we haven’t seen Blue’s face because she has some type of physical deformity. Stop it!

But that’s really not what I’m here to talk about right now. The latest baby Blue slander comes after the two pictures of Blue in the Bahamas were released. Out of frustration, and probably the jealousy that no one ever admits, people started going in on Blue’s “unkempt” hair. There were several women who were reprimanding Blue’s parents for “not combing” it. Umm let’s discuss. Doesn’t this sound shockingly familiar? Where have we heard this before? Wasn’t there another black girl whose hair was ridiculed all over the internet? Does the name Gabby Douglas ring a bell? What about Willow Smith? Black women love to regulate the hair choices of other black women. The practice used to just be reserved for the grown, but now the kids aren’t even exempt. Again, we’re talking about a child…a baby this time, who is on vacation celebrating her first birthday, not giving face in a Gerber commercial. As a future black woman, stressing about her hair and how to wear it, is something Blue Ivy will probably encounter in due time. But for now, as a one year old, frolicking in the Caribbean, she ain’t got no worries.

It’s really not essential that her hair be laid at this point in her life. I’ve seen plenty of black girls whose edges have been virtually rubbed out by the time they’re three because their mothers have overdone their hair. Pulling a baby’s fragile strands into tiny pony tails, held by tiny rubber bands and “ball-balls,” is not the way to promote hair growth, especially for black girls. It’s too much tension which leads to breakage. And then folks would be talking about the fact that Blue Ivy doesn’t have any edges. I don’t know if the new parents are taking all of this into consideration or if they’re just living their lives and ignoring the naysayers. Either way, it really doesn’t matter. How they choose to style or not style their daughter’s hair should be of little concern to us. And believe me, if her hair was laying just right, folks would be claiming they were doing too much.  It really is a no-win situation.

Since this little celeb princess is in for a lifetime of ridicule, and I know not talking about her is completely out of the question for some, can we at least stop the shade until she’s old enough to turn around and defend herself against it?

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  • bullheadedtaurus

    Maaaaaan if you think i’ma do my child’s hair to take a pic, you smoking some STRONG stuff!! AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!!! How about a story on them grown hoodrats at the mall,grocery store, job interview, court date with them damn shower caps on their head?

  • Andrea

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying since the photo of Blue and Bey out shopping was leaked. Blue is a baby and the fact that her hair doesn’t have barrettes hanging off of little pony tails all over her head like the average little black baby in your neighborhood daycare does not mean that something is wrong. I commend Beyonce for not being the typical black momma and start stressing her baby’s hair out from constant manipulation and chemicals. I doubt that she is even gonna relax Blue’s hair (well, at least not until she’s older) and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It just pisses me off seeing Black women berate other Black women over something so superficial like hair. It’s stupidity and ignorance. But there will always be haters especially for folks like Bey, Jay, and now Blue. I just hope that they keep ignoring the foolishness and teach Blue to do the same.

  • I’ll repeat for what seems the thousandth time: emotional immaturity is the single largest cancer of the Afro-American community. It leads to pretty much all of our other problems. This tendency to be almost comically childish at all times is extremely limiting.

    • SheBe

      Sigh… I love this comment.

  • No one talked about her HAIR!

    sorry but sometimes I think madame noire makes up things or looks at 2 comments and generalize. When they 1st posted this pic everyone was joking and talking about the fact that if they dont want to show her ok …. respect. But enough with the blurry photos. Also some people were saying you are not entitled I did not see any one talking about her hair!? I read other blogs … still I cannot recall hearing or seeing globs of people going in on her hair! Maybe one or two people was like comb that baby hair. But I never saw debate on it being what this article is stating. Enough with the soap box articles…I sometimes wonder do people play this card to defend things people maybe said to them directly about their hair or Madame Noire wants to be known as the site that defends Beyonce. I will be honest in the comments alot of the time there are healthy and strong arguments. People dont care for her or they love her… But I bet if googled this topic it would be nothing. No one said anything about her hair to the extent this article is going in on… Madame noire can be so annoying sometimes…. This story is a WTF Moment ….. calm down… stop riding this baby.. This is why they dont show photos of her… Beyonce already seems creeped out by stans damn

  • truth

    Black people will always find something wrong with black people

  • bri

    The first thing that I told to my husband about that baby hair was ” so even beyonce baby hair look like the babys, see even the famous don’t do it everyday lol” because last time I checked she is human just like the rest of us just a more famous one.


    Where have you read all these comments?? I havent seen anything like the ones quoted in this article….

    • Cookie

      On most black gossip websites…

    • No one talked about her HAIR!

      OMG!!! Thanks I thought I was the only one. People find things to have reason to ride this girl and her kid… My post is below… I read alot of blog… especially urban ones .. clutch bossip… grape juice… etc … Madame noire wants to be known as this site where they check people and tell them how to act.. especially when it comes to beyonce… Its a pic of a regular baby. DAMN……. I know I was not crazy … Google this topic its not even a topic. The 1 st article was the debate in the comments over them showing blurry photos… CALM DOWN MN….

  • Jealousy, that’s what I feel this is about. This is a baby. I feel sorry not for this precious child, but for the evil adult women who want to act like fools and worry about her hair. She is on vacation with her parents. I am just happy they were kind enough to let us see her. What is it, just because her parents are super rich and talented they can’t have a leisure day. Do you really think her mom and dad walk around dressed to the T everyday. They are people who just happened to be J and B. How blessed is she to have them and them to have her.

  • Ms_Mara

    How do people know her hair wasn’t combed? Maybe her hair was combed and that is the end result after a day of playing and napping while on vacation. For the life of me I don’t understand why people with so much disdain for the Carters run to every new blog post about them. You wouldn’t see the grainy, blurry, vague, back-of-the-head pics if you didn’t click the links. If it frustrates you, just pay them no mind. lol

  • Sagittarius81

    Okay….whoever nitpicks at a 1 year old needs to be slapped, period! I had my daughter’s natural, ponytail-free bed head when she was a year old and had put a headband on her and at 5 years old, it’s long, healthy and beautiful. Leave Blue alone, she didn’t ask to have Bey and Jay as parents and she should be off limits. There’s an app called GROW THE F**K UP, download it and use it!

  • Finessa

    Honestly I just wish Beyonce, Jay Z, Solange and Tina would just go on some talk shows and put on them crazy rumors to rest. Like..B is skin lightening, that is not her real hair, she was not really pregnant, those are not her real eyes….FOOLISHNESS AND IT IS JEALOUSY. TELL ME WHY WOMEN OF OTHER RACES DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HER???? IT’S ALWAYS WOMEN OF OUR OWN RACE WHO GIVE SO MUCH GRIEF AND PROBLEMS. I HAVE AN IDEAS…(SELF LOVE!)

  • Mistyblue

    wow! didn’t realize that people were talking about Blue Ivy’s hair until I read it HERE!

  • Just saying!!

    I agree. I don’t care how much you dislike the parents…leave the kid alone! It isn’t her fault! But I do think people are also talking a lot of trash because Bey has been doing a lot of teasing. Like some celebrities don’t show any pics because they want privacy and thats cool, and others like Mariah and Nick just show the pics and get it over with and that has worked well for them. But Bey is confused because she teases people by showing pics of the baby’s feet and the back of her head. LOL like make up your damn mind! if you’re not going to show a real pic don’t show any! But that’s a problem I have with Bey…not Blue! LOL


    what makes her different from all the other kids that get picked on?? she isnt exempted!

    • Cookie

      All children should be exempt..EXEMPT.

  • Mxstudent2012

    I wish Veronica Wells and whoever else at MadameNoire would stop paying attention to and dissecting every negative comment they come across in order to write a bs commentary about hair or whatever else they think is relevant to black women. This seems more of a personal thing to me. Although there may be some truths within the article about black women regulating the choices of other black women, I feel like this whole article is fluff. Whoever wrote this probably saw three or four negative comments as opposed to 20 neutral ones, and decided that much was enough to make them go into a rant and lecture on about something trivial.

  • kierah

    Those critics would really flip if they saw my baby’s hair. It starts out brushed and combed and looks like Frederick Douglass by the end of the day.
    Like with the Gabby Douglas “debate,” a few people made comments and other people blew it up into a larger thing. I’m all over the blogs and most people were very positive towards Baby Blue.

    • LOL!!! same thing with my baby, by mid day i just give up.


    I believe a baby should be kept neat…that includes their hair….to each their own. Angelina Jolie got the same comments with Sahara hair also *Kanye shrugs*

    • Kay

      It’s a baby. A pooping and peeing themselves, flinging food all over the place baby. Kept neat? LOL you can’t have children

      • TRUTH IS

        Hopefully your kid isn’t pooping and peeing and flinging food in public….that is done at home (am sure they have a nanny to do that at home) and you dont leave your kid in pi$$ and $hit all day! When in the public its a different story! Keep your baby neat and presentable. Take pride and teach em pride early. Bey dont go out with her hair like that. Yawl stans kill me!!!

        • Kay

          The picture is of the child at home… And I’m not a “STAN”. I don’t even like beyonce like that, I just think its ridiculous that people are going in on a 1 year old. Crabs in the barrel assss niggass

          • TRUTH IS

            The pic is in the Bahamas….TOURIST site….keep making up excuses….a mother takes time to comb her child hair…esp if you are going to post pic for the public…..Angelina Jolie got the same comment regarding her black kid….and you are acting like a crab in a bucket in hot water…making ppl’s opinions get under your skin…..strupes!!!!

            • Cookie

              She is on VACATION…in a private villa I am was a snapshot her daddy took of her chilling..she was not walking the streets, sightseeing..she was playing with a deck of cards in a private place. And if all you have to do all day long is comb your (if you have one)childs hair, maybe you needs some friends or a hobby..Let a child be a child. Who chases down a 1 year old to keep them neat? A nanny maybe, but the kid was on vacation.

          • TRUTH IS

            She is not at home but in Bahamas…..a major tourist hotspot….A mother takes time to comb her child hair. Not let air get through her hair and make it harder to comb. SMH. No one is making a fuss…they are just saying…..And you are a crab in a bucket in hot water letting ppls opinions get under your skin….strupes!!!

    • NCDIVA

      Right people clowned her and talked about angelina. yet blue suppose to be different?

    • Cookie

      Who is going to chase after a 1 year old trying to comb her hair all day long…Especially a child with working parents…If they hired someone to chase her to comb her hair people would have a problem with that too. Sahara would be out going to premiers and toys stores looking a hot mess..You show me a 1 year old whose hair stays neat all day after running around playing, taking naps, and just being a 1 year old, and I will pay you.

    • Cookie

      Who is going to chase after a 1 year old trying to comb her hair all day long…Especially a child with working parents…If they hired someone to chase her to comb her hair people would have a problem with that too. Sahara would be out going to premiers and toys stores looking a hot mess..You show me a 1 year old whose hair stays neat all day after running around playing, taking naps, and just being a 1 year old, and I will pay you.

      • TRUTH IS….babies are supposed to sleep a lot…do it then!!!

        • kierah

          Could you sleep while someone is combing your hair? Not likely.

          I was not one of the people on Angelina about Zahara either. She was a kid. Now that Z is a little older, her hair is done. It’s not like they were giving our self-esteem and pride and Zahara missed the boat because her hair wasn’t right. Blue will be fine. She has the rest of her life to primp.

        • Cookie

          Newborns sleep a lot..1 year olds are trying to stay up and play and get into pots and pans and ish. I am starting to think from your comments that you dont have children…therefore you really should not be commenting on what someone else does with theirs.

    • After reading every last comment you’ve replied to on this topic I’m convinced that you just want to be negative and no matter how much sense people make to your comments you come back with more negative. So I implore everyone else to ignore this comment and don’t respond you will get no where.

  • littleoleme

    Who doesn’t let their baby chill in the house with bed head. The Bey jealousy is real. She’s talented, successful, beautiful, and rich so those unhappy with their lives will attack whatever they can, including her sweet little baby, who, from the pics we have of her face, is an adorable little thing.

    • LadyTee

      There are pics (plural) of her face? Because all I’ve seen are hands, silhouettes and shadows. I’m sure she’s beautiful, but only her family knows whether or not she’s adorable. Maybe Bey should just quit it with the Instagrams of Blu altogether.

      • littleoleme

        Yeah. The original pics jay and bey released when blue was a couple of months old and the pic someone snagged whenbey was out shopping with the baby

    • MLS2698

      Rich hair don’t care, right?

  • IllyPhilly

    People should stop obsessing over celebrities children in general. I’ve read harsh and even politely disturbing things (Shiloh voted sexiest person alive before she was born) about their kids. In fact stop obsessing over celebs period, it would make the world so much more better and may even spark a great change.

  • crazyco

    I agree to a certain extent. Although I feel show your baby or don’t show it. How are they different from any other celebrity ? What’s internally wrong with them that they feel the need to hide their offspring ?

    As far as the hair why do you have to be a hater to say something ? I have no problem with her hair and you know why ? I have a son with a curly spiraled afro and my family HATES it. Does that make them haters, or do they just want me to do something to his head ? I like his fro coughs he doesn’t like his head combed so why should I care what anyone else thinks. I haven’t hid my son from my family. I didn’t run out and cut his fro…therefor something tells me the problem lies with Beyonce and her own insecurities ! For just as many people who don’t like it, the numbers of those that do, and the attention and flirts he get out and about outweighs it all.

    • dddooonnnttt

      Hm, beyonce doesn’t care what people think about her hair, and doesnt run to cut it and she is insecure. You don’t care and don’t run out to cut your babys hair and you are…?

      • crazyco

        You can say what you want to say. I know i’m not about to hide my child in shadows worried about what others say and think. Most likely the insecurity lies with Beyonce and not the public. You can’t talk about Blue fro but no one said anything when commenter’s went IN on Laura Govan kids. Calling them dirty, nappy headed, talked about their clothes and shoes….GOH ! They talk about Mariah twins…yet these people still don’t act ashamed when it comes their kids.

        • dddooonnnttt

          That would be precisely why they don’t show her! Hello.. If she’s ‘insecure’ (and i would use the word protective, but wtv..) about having straners SLANDER her baby, I’m not mad at that..

  • KJ23

    This is exactly the reason why I don’t put pictures of my daughter up on Instagram or Twitter. Too many petty people, and honestly, I’m too sensitive to see someone write bogus comments about my daughter when she’s only 2.

    • bluekissess

      It’s sad. I say we stick to disposable cameras and photo albums.

  • Wtf, do they expect for blue to have on a 16 inch yaki weave!?!! She is chillin in the Bahamas with her family leave her alone. I swear some black women are the worst.

  • iT3ach

    It’s amazing how us “regular” folk are so quick to say what the “other half” should and should not do. If WE put up a picture of our little bundles of joy and were then met with HALF the criticism that B. I. C. has experienced, we would be all up in arms and would probably have a video up on World Star Hip Hop of us paying such person a visit. But let a “celebrity” post a picture, receive negative feedback, and then (by some supernatural force be inconceivably HUMAN) and be the least bit upset. No, I’m sure they DON’T want their child to be ridiculed or be a super public figure…but I’m sure they ARE proud of their creation and want to share their excitement with the world. My question is, why are we so concerned with BEY and JAY’S pictures of BEY and JAY’S baby? Would you stop posting pictures of your greatest accomplishment just because someone told you that you shouldn’t? But hey…I may be a little biased. Bey IS my bff after all. 😉 Or…I could just have common sense and know when to stay in my lane.

    • bluekissess

      Girrrl you just have common sense. It’s so common that it’s uncommon not to have it.

    • Daisy

      All of what you said!

    • LynBea


  • *Cues India.Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair”*

  • Whatever

    Girl please with this entire post! If they don’t want her to be a subject of ridicule why show her at all? There are plenty of celebrities who don’t put up half a** pictures of their children. If they really want their baby out of the public eye, she would be. I am sure that Blue is a pretty baby, but these pictures she is putting out is pointless.

    • Cookie

      Who would want their child to be the subject of ridicule?

    • Cookie

      Who would want their child to be the subject of ridicule?

  • shayla

    why do you guys always draw attention to negativity? some rude ignorant commenters said some stuff why do you need to make it bigger than it is

    • Kenedy

      I don’t understand why this article was even posted in the first place? To create more negative attention imo

    • angie

      exactly…1 or 2 ignorant people say something and suddenly it’s a big deal…and from what i can recall not too many people said anything about gabby’s hair…just 1 or 2 ignorant people…

  • Meyaka

    I heard fans of hers saying “lets hope blue have bey’s gene” for real? I’m the farthest from a fan and even I would never say something like that. From the little I can tell blue looks like a chubby little thing and I love her hair,wtf ? Should she wear a weave? Gtfoh it’s not that deep.

  • bluekissess

    Really? This is what we’re doing? Picking on a baby that can’t defend herself. And what’s wrong with rocking a baby fro? It’s cute and she’s cute. Black women can be like crabs in a bucket sometimes. Clawing each other down. This angry black women saga is embarrassing and getting old.

    • dddooonnnttt

      How do you know that the critcism of her hair is coming solely from black women?
      You are just another crab in your sad bucket analogy..

      • bluekissess

        That’s what the article is referring to. Did you read it? So now your going to pick a fight about my opinion? Get Lost

        • dddooonnnttt

          Yes, the article said that, but you (and the writer of the article) can be more acutely aware of how you phrase things, especially in regards to making asinine statements about ALL black women, TO black women. But I do have better things to do than to explain to you how you hurt your own self with your comments about ALL of us. Good day.

          • bluekissess

            Girl Please. If anything your little “arguments” are proving the authors point.

            • Guest

              I proved her point about people slandering Blues hair? o_0

  • Miss K

    Blue is cute. People cast the same shade on Nico Parker’ adorable blonde fro and Thandie simply stated that she deliberately keeps both her daughters’ hair naturally free. They’ll thank her one day.

  • JaneDoe

    People are always going to find something to pick at and its sad. She is a baby and not our baby. Thats why I stated before that there are going to be a backlash to the way the Carters are handling the photo situation surrounding their child and its unfair to her.
    Anyhoo, I am on Blue Ivy overload for just this one week

  • RJA

    *starts slow clap*

    • bluekissess

      The BEST article of 2013 so far.