Love & Hip-Hop Is More Disturbing Than We Knew: Mandeeces Facing Trial For Sexual Assault On A 15-Year-Old

January 11, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

Every reality TV star has some skeletons in the closet that are bound to come out once the cameras start rolling, but some skeletons are far worse than others. Case in point: disturbing news that has just surfaced about the father of “Love & Hip-Hop” star Yandy Smith’s baby and her rumored fiance, Mandeeces Harris.

It appears Mandeeces is awaiting trial after being accused of having inappropriate sexual conduct with a 15-year-old girl in Lodi, New Jersey two years ago. The 34-year-old who now appears alongside Yandy on LHH is charged with performing various sexual acts with the girl and inappropriately touching her at his former home there.

According to North Jersey’s The Report:

Bergen County prosecutors allege that Harris asked for and received oral from the girl and fondled her on various occasions between September 2009 and April 2010. He was arrested later that year and charged with aggravated sexual assault, criminal sexual contact and child endangerment. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Mandeeces is free without bail which is why he has time to appear on Love & Hip-Hop, but on Wednesday the jury was selected for his trial in Hackensack and opening remarks are expected to begin January 29.

Since it took me a little while to put these pieces together in my mind, let me lay out some background details for you. Yandy and Mandeeces have been together off-and-on for six years which means he caught this case while they at least knew each other. Whether they were on at the time is currently unknown, but it’s surprising that she would have a child with this man while these serious legal allegations are flying around, let alone bring him on the show with her, and furthermore, seemingly get engaged to him.

Even more disturbing is the rumor floating around that the 15-year-old girl in question is the daughter of a woman Mandeeces has another son by. Sure this girl isn’t his biological child but the creep factor there cannot be denied. This also makes his and Yandy’s relationship seem super suspect. How long were they off to be having a child with someone else and racking up this kind of charge? Still, this situation also raises the question of whether there’s potential here for bitter baby mama strife and Mandeeces is innocent. I can’t fathom any other explanation for why a man who has remained behind the scenes this long would suddenly step in front of the cameras with all of this going on. I’m also curious whether Mona Sott-Young knows about this. Yandy, girl, good luck.

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  • Eric X. Jones

    Damn can we wait to see if its true or if the baby mama in question with the daughter is just bitter and upset and hating because he moved on with his new family. We always take suspicion as truth when the facts haven’t even come out yet.

  • realadulttalk

    Whether these allegations are true or not-Mona knew of their existence. Mandentures was brought on for ratings. And guess what–he’s really the only person anyone has been talking about since the show aired. So I’d say it worked. I actually feel sorry for Yandy if they are true. She’ll have to explain to her child one day (or someone else will-we know how these things work) what went down with daddy. And what went down is really sick. And if he’s not convicted–seems she’d always have that nagging question in her mind of “did he?” and a gazillion other thoughts spin from there.

    • JaneDoe

      Oh ok Mona has proven herself to not be Ish herself with all this bs

  • Kenedy

    His name is Man…what?

  • Melissa

    I could barely get thru your post. I’m just dead over here. do u hear me dead lmao!!

  • Melissa

    I could barely get thru your post. I’m just dead over here. do u hear me dead lmao!!

  • Ms_Mara

    Lord Jesus, the man can’t even pronounce “father” correctly. Yandy shoulda BEEN gone years ago just off that alone. But his attitude and illegal dealings make him a catch apparently. If he’s guilty of these accusations, I hope they throw the book at him.

    • Reese

      Yasssss, I was like WTH is a fahva?

  • Lol@YourName!

    Forget “dumb”! I don’t know who disgusts me more: the folks making light of this serious scenario and/or speculating the validity of the victim’s claims…..or the celebrity linked to this sick fothermucker!

  • Lol@YourName!

    Forget “dumb”! I don’t know who disgusts me more: the folks making light of this serious scenario and/or speculating the validity of the victim’s claims…..or the celebrity linked to this sick fothermucker!

  • Pivyque

    We don’t know if this is true. I hope that it isn’t. This could be the work of an angry kid because this guy walked out on her mom (if it is his other child’s mother’s kid). I have seen young girls make false allegations for no reason. So, I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • JustSayin

    Yandy… Be careful who you spread your legs too…. He is not the pipe piper of R&B… he will go to jail and no amount of stepping in the name of love can save him.

    • Megbabe

      No you didn’t.

  • disqus_sbQ3vCeTo5

    Like Chrissy said she isn’t shit…and we now got a good reason why! who would bring a child into this world with a man like that then prance him around to other people knowing he is a child molester.

    • JD

      Right there is no looking beyond that Ish

  • dee

    Yandi is very slow, naive and gullible, I got tired of hearing her say this my brother, this my sister, this my puud puug plug or whatever she would say, girl sit! everybody is not your friend

  • Reese

    I was hoping that this was just a mean-spirtied rumor when I first heard this last year after Yandy first joined the cast. But when a woman loves or thinks she loves a man she will allow him to explain himself out of anything including murder which is a shame. He does look like a creep, though.

  • baddvixentype

    am i the only one who thinks he looks and talks like fiddy?????

  • Afrorican85

    @ Meyaka & @ Cheryl. After reading these comments I can definitely see why one would be a appalled by such allegation or actions (depending on what you believe) but to really look at Yandy being with this man as as lack of intelligence (remember she is a college grad) is really harsh. People go through these types of betrayals all the time. People only show you what THEY want you to see, remember that. Has a man never put on a front for you before? wow I just hope the shoe is not on the other foot and have people say you lack intelligence. I am sure Yandy feels just as deceived as any other woman would. Wow people have a heart for 2013 why don’t you?

    • JaneDoe

      I disagree.. I know plenty of college grads and some with doctorates and you wouldn’t know bc there common sense has gone completely out the window with the way the behave and vindictive themselves.. So like I have been saying being book smart does no equate to common sense smarts. When it comes to life altering decisions ppl need to really do their research and use their heads

      • Damniphone

        Excuse the typos.. And word changes but hopefully you get the point

  • princess courtenay

    his mouth irks me……the whole my mouth cant close because my caps are too big look irks me….seems untrustworthy….like consequence…..and justin (goo goo’s boo on mary mary) 50 cent…..idk

  • MimiB

    Women are always talking that “I’m not about to do this alone” bs when they’re pregnant. But guess what? Even if he paying support, he has no legal obligation to stick around & help you…& ultimately you will be doing it alone. Or at least not with him.
    That dudes attitude sucks while the camera’s rolling…. Only God knows what’s really going down. We’ve got to do better as women.

  • Ann

    If Mona doesn’t know. Surprise, Surprise Mona! She know now. She had to eventually had to find out. Things has a way of manifesting itself over a period of time. She probably isn’t even concern about that as long as if don’t affect her money.

  • They were probably more off than they were on. You know what I’m saying?

    • JD


  • JaneDoe

    I hope thats not true

  • Yandy bless your heart

    Even without this horrible charge..the attitude he displayed on the tv show choosing to go to the club over helping the mother of his child after the baby shower speaks to his TRUE CHARACTER. Yandy is going to regret having a baby by this type of man….

  • It all sounds like a bunch of mess to me, unless I see the court docs I don’t believe anything I read in the so called press. And I am pretty sure VH1 did they research.

    • Especially, after that “Megan wants a Millionaire” fiasco..They probably do…Don’t want the liability..

  • Tamz

    I read that the victim is his other BM’s daughter…not sure how true that tea is but it really doesn’t matter, that is some sick -ish!!!

    • Tamz


    • IThinkINeedACupOfTea

      If I was *WRONGFULLY* accused of something that foul and damaging, I’d be on the first docket list in somebody’s courthouse….preparing to sue the SHOES off any involved parties in ‘crying wolf’. What’s more disgusting is how so many WOMEN are pulling out their sticks for hole-poking purposes regarding this story!!! I guess only 1 out of 500 have daughters, cuz 3 outta 5 of every 7 comments MAKE ME SICK! Thanks for speakin some TRUTH on this, Tamz.

  • That is terrible. All you can do is pray for Yandy, her baby, and even for him to get help…

  • Charla

    So is that his real name?? Like what does it mean?

  • pretty1908

    Lord, I pray for this family both sides. You never fully know a person huh? Though yandy isn’t the belle of the ball or known for her class, she deserves a better man. They had a beautiful child. I hope all parties can get some closure, but he needs to serve some kind of time.

  • IllyPhilly

    His name, his face, his callous attitude from that first episode all spells creep to me.

    • pretty1908

      Exactly…. he could’ve helped get those things into home

    • Shonda Johnson

      I think he’s handsome despite the allegations……

      Btw,I saw his Instagram page and his kids are gorgeous.

      • SomebodySmackShonda

        And you’re probably a die-hard fan of R Kelly too, you shame to women internally, You! For you to have read that a 32 year old man was arrested and is facing trial for innappropriate contact with a 15 year old makes me wanna tell you off til my hand cramps. God Knows I Do! But because you’re clearly too damn stupid to comprehend too much beyond Basic Shallow Surface Stuff….I’ll just close this heartfelt prayers that you do NOT have any kids of your own (ESPECIALLY DAUGHTERS). Chics like you keep Sickos in business. You’re too busy ignoring the red flags and get caught up in the facade they carefully crafted. It’s okay; your local online dictionary will succinctly define “facade” and “succinctly”. You clearly ain’t nobody’s graduation valedictorian! And SHAME on those ‘liking’ that horrible comment.

        • Oops

          correction; i meant to call this clueless broad a Shame to Women INTERNATIONALLY! please pardon the typo. thanks.

        • Merriegirl

          Whatever happen to innocent until proven guilty?

        • LAlA

          bitch,stfu and get a life,hobby,or a man. tell it to somebody who gives a damn.

      • IllyPhilly

        He has that sicko look, I hear Ted Bundy was considered handsome to women.

    • Shonda Johnson

      I think he’s handsome despite the allegations……

      Btw,I saw his Instagram page and his kids are gorgeous.

    • Kelsey

      His name sounds like an std.

      • pretty1908

        i agree

      • YoureRight!


    • scandalous7

      AGREED, I feel some type of way

  • Meyaka

    Wow! People don’t do background checks before getting seriously involved with someone? My prayers are with her and the baby.

    • This been going on for a while he was arrested before she got pregnant guess she believe her man -_-

      • Meyaka

        Damn…. What do you do in a situation like that?….

        • WhaddayaMEANWhat!?!

          Run the nearest Family Lawyer her generous salary can buy…..use these Legal documents as grounds to file to full Custody with limited and supervised visitation. If he’s into girls half his age, god only knows what’d go through his head when changing the diaper of a curly-headed light-eyed child. Why are so many females actin like they don’t ‘get it’!?!?!

          • Meyaka

            She won’t do it,wanna bet? It’s almost as if “having a man” is the end all be all nowadays.

            • JaneDoe

              Girl yes. Watching females cry, beg, plead, fight, threaten, and twirl on national tv is shameful.. All over these no good ninjas. You would think the were the CEO or CFO of a fortune 5oo company

    • You would think that with the money they make they would be a little more informed. But I guess fame does not equal intelligence!

      • Meyaka


      • WhoaPLEASELetMeBeReadingThings

        And an intelligent person oughtta already know it never has. #PoorYall#