Is He Going Down On You Because He Thinks You’re Cheating? Study Says Yes

January 11, 2013  |  


From YourTango

If you were afraid that your partner might cheat, would you do your best to please them so that they would be less likely to do so? Sometimes, our suspicions and jealousy get the best of us, so we attempt to regulate the situation in hopes of limiting the likelihood of ourselves getting hurt. And sometimes, this even impacts our sex life.

In a new study published in Personality and Individual Differences, men in heterosexual relationships have more interest and spend more time performing 0ral sex on their partners when they believe that their partner may be unfaithful to them. So what does this mean for people presently in relationships?

The potential, or even suspicions, of cheating can affect a relationship very negatively. When one person feels that he or she is being secretly hurt, it can decrease intimacy and make it difficult to feel satisfied and comfortable sexually. If you were afraid that someone else was sleeping with your partner, it could lead to fear of STDs, a lack of connectedness, even disgust. Being betrayed is a horrible feeling, particularly when it comes to someone you love and care about, so even the caution surrounding that anxiety can heavily impact your sex life.


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  • Miss K

    @vanelle22 that’s exactly what I thought the article was about…trying to find evidence. Either way, it’s sad and disgusting to go about it this way. Giving/getting oral is a beautiful thing IMO lol, but just communicate with your partner! If he or she is triflin, protect your health first.

  • must be me

    I thought that men like to go down.

    • Miss K

      Some. Some not.

  • Monica

    That’s disgusting! Lol.. I don’t know how people do oral… I could never!

    • You’re joking right? I see lol in the middle of your comment so I have to check cause I don’t wanna say what I want to say if you’re just joking

    • vanelle22

      Never say never…….

    • vanelle22

      Never say never…….

    • vanelle22

      Never say never…….

    • vanelle22

      Never say never…….

  • JustSayin

    Well if that is the case… I need my man to have all the suspicion. Forget putting me on Cheaters… just use your tongue and taste for any evidence. hee hee. He won’t find anything but I will enjoy the search! Yeah.. I know. lmao.

    • LOL brings a whole new meaning to strip search!

  • IllyPhilly


  • Hi

    Who is this “your tango”? & source of info?

  • noneofurbiz

    whoever did this study needs to go back to the drawing board becoz this is some real bogus backward ish like honestly who even allowed this mess to b published…. lol

  • Babydoll 70

    This article makes no sense. The second and third paragraphs contradict each other.

  • Rosemary Davis

    Head and neck cancer for men HPV virus for women

  • OSHH

    This seems backwards like a mug, logically why would a man go down if he thinks another peen been there, wouldn’t it be the opposite????

    • JaneDoe

      I had to read the headline twice.. like who in the h*ll. smh