But Was It Worth It? Ashanti Speaks On The Song That Supposedly Ended Her Relationship With Nelly

January 11, 2013  |  

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Just last month, we told you guys how word was circulating that after ten years of carrying on a “secret” relationship, Nelly and Ashanti decided to go their separate ways after Nelly decided that he could no longer deal with her alleged cheating and deceitful ways. The way the story was being told, an old lie came back to haunt the couple once Ashanti appeared on and co-wrote Keyshia Cole’s “Woman To Woman” track. It was said that the song was based on more fact than fiction as back in 2004, Keyshia and Ashanti were rumored to have beef because they were both alleged to have been romantically involved with producer Chink Santana. Of course, this was a problem because Nelly and Ashanti were actually together at this time. The beef  between the singers has since been squashed due to the fact that Keyshia is now happily married.

The song is believed to have caused quite a rift between Nelly and Ashanti because it caused questions regarding the nature of Ashanti and Chink’s relationship to resurface in Nelly’s mind. Now of course, these are all speculations. In a recent interview with Power 105.1, Ashanti discussed the song that seems to be stirring up so much trouble and how it came about.

I had to be involved with that. I think the record is amazing. It’s crazy how it happened because I was recording in Jerry Wonda’s studio. I was in one room and Keysh was in another. She came in, we said what’s up and she said ‘Yo, I got this record I want you to hear.’ So I went and listened to it and I was like ‘Yo, that’s dope’. And then we were in the studio like a week later and I heard it and I was like ‘I gotta put my perspective on it’.

When asked about the reactions of the public to the fact that her and Keyshia of all people teamed up for a track, she simply expressed that they were excited.

We’ll probably never know the full story, as we doubt that after ten years of silence either Nelly or Ashanti will decide to unseal their lips now.

Check out the video clip of Ashanti’s interview on the next page. What do you make of all of this?

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  • Golden Girl

    I feel like Nelly and Ashanti didn’t claim one another in the public eye. That was their choice and that’s fine. We saw both of them walk the red carpets together, photo’s float around the internet and etc. If they had a relationship for 10 years and didn’t go public what’s wrong with that?! They both made the choice.

    On the song with KC and Ashanti… I love it! I love both of them and I feel like they both make music most women can relate to. If they dated the same guy once and can now move on from it… That’s awesome and a lesson to their fans. You can grow from past experiences and be a positive example. I think a song between to R&B artist is needed in music right now. I hope the song becomes a single! 🙂

  • Yvette

    When is the media gonna stop reporting this age old story about these two? Year after year there are stories about Nelly and some skripper (yes I said skripper…lol!), and as for Ashanti, like I said on a different blog yesterday, that rumor about her screwing her way through the industry is very old news and I believe somewhat true. I remember thinking when I first heard that song called aww baby rock with cha or something like that, part of the lyrics went something like I want you in my life even if you are not just mine. I know it is just a song but a song that was written by her and Irv Gotti. (Yes I looked it up.) Now let me remind some of yall that all of this is merely my opinion so no rude responses please. Let’s all keep it classy as everyone has a right to their own opinions.

  • IllyPhilly

    Wasn’t he rumored to be with Kelly Rowland as well? Celebs don’t really give an ish about relationships. Fame is like permanent high school for most of them, they act like fools jump in and out of everything and are plan old careless .

  • Meyaka

    If its that easy for him to leave let him go! 10 years no ring,no acknowledging ,nothing? And now he wants to dump you over a song? Whatever you deserve better Ashanti.

    • DontLetItHappenToUs

      And “What?” is a lady to expect from a fella who penned a BET Uncut gem that hails as the opening line of the main hook, “It must be dat @$$..cuz it ain’t yo’ face!”. Sentimental sweetnothings? A proposal on the bigscreen at an event with a packed stadium? Misogynists don’t usually make for the best mates, I’m told.

  • Who knows… Tae is beautiful, but Nelly could’ve just left his 80 for a 20!

  • GirlSixx

    Oh, so I guess we not suppose to bring up the ODD RELATIONShip (“friends”) he had off and on again with the chick he is with now, and she has his nickname tattooed on her back?? *sideye* Oh…. Okay!!!! , #DoubleStandards #MenLogic *smdh*

    • Meyaka

      Thank you.

    • Trisha_B

      I read the tattoo on her back is actually the nick name of her ex girlfriend in her military days. There is nothing odd about the relationship between Tae & Nelly. Males & females can be friends, especially if they both have interest in the same sex lol. Her & Nelly been hanging w/ each other for years, why are we just now hearing about their “relationship?” B/c the media needs a new couple to go in on. All of this is assumptions & people are just dogging Nelly b/c he’s the man & he had to be the one to mess it. Yall can’t believe every headline the blogs put b/c its all hear say

      • It was actually said that they had been dating her on and off…not just friends. Well what I read it did.

  • TeahMonae

    After 10 years in a stagnant relationship, it was time for both of them to move on anyway.

    • ForREAL!

      I’d love to be the journalist to interview for Ashanti’s perspective on “If He Liked It (Then He Shoulda Put A Ring on It)” by Beyonce!