Why You Wanna Go And Do That Love, Huh? 10 Cute Celebs Who Didn’t Need The Plastic Surgery Or Enhancements

January 10, 2013  |  
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Let’s be clear, there are only like two or three people on this list who you could say look “bad” after delving into the world of plastic surgery. And while some might look okay with their enhancements and changes, if you ask us, they looked perfectly fine, if not fabulous, before they decided to mess with the knife, Botox and other things that changed their features dramatically. Sometimes it’s just good to work with what God gave you, even if you have the money to morph yourself.

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Tamar Braxton

It’s clear almost every woman in the Braxton clan has had a little somethin’ somethin’ done, but aside from Tamar, every other sister kind of knew when to quit. She doesn’t look bad per se (though some, like K. Michelle for instance, like to say she looks like a Muppet), but baby girl didn’t need the cheekbone changes and other work. And all the make up that her make up artist piles on, along with the big lacefronts, don’t do her true beauty justice.


Tameka “Tiny” Cottle

It actually took me a good minute to realize that Tiny had changed herself. After Xscape ended their run, I wasn’t really keeping up with her whereabouts, even as she maintained a relationship with T.I. But with more exposure of her thanks to her family’s show, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, it was pointed out to me that she’s had her lips plumped up and had work done on her cheekbones. As this slideshow goes on, you’ll notice that the cheek/cheekbone augmentation is VERY popular. Her previous look definitely made her look soft, but this new one is a bit exaggerated. Oh Tiny, so cute! Why did you have to mess with a good thing??


Lindsay Lohan

Girl, at this point, everything Lindsay Lohan does pretty much pisses me off, but I was very heated when I realized that this chick, who is ONLY 26, went ahead and changed her lips and cheeks. Seriously, I was too through. Just a few years back, before Lohan started dyeing her hair blonde and getting in trouble with the law consistently, she was a fresh-faced starlet with a different but beautiful look. Nowadays, it’s like she tried to vamp up her look, but at 26? Now she knows she should have left her face alone and spent more time trying to “augment” her career.


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La Toya Jackson

So, clearly the Jackson family wasn’t too fond of their noses, because damn near every family member that’s ever been photographed in public went ahead and had their schnoz slimmed down greatly. LaToya might have needed to get rid of that atrocious baby hair, but all the other changes she made to her face weren’t really all that necessary. You can barely see any resemblance from her old self to her most recent self.

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Jada Pinkett Smith

To me, Jada Pinkett Smith has always been one stunning woman. Her style is impeccable, her smile is gorgeous, and she has a beautiful family. But I was pretty shocked when it became VERY clear as of about two years ago or so, that the actress and mother of two had resorted to cheekbone implants (possibly Malar implants) that have puffed those bad boys up considerably. For a while there, I thought it was just the effects of some interesting make up, but when she wears her hair a certain way, it becomes a lot more noticeable. She’s way too cute for that, and hopefully she’ll lay off of any other cosmetic changes.

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Mickey Rourke

Shoooooot. When Mickey Rourke came to prominence as an actor in the ’80s, he looked pretty darn good. But at some point, Rourke decided to dial back on acting when his career waned a bit, and became more involved in a career in boxing, something he had been doing since he was a young man. But once he finally stepped away from the ring for good, Rourke needed facial reconstructive surgery to make his face something close to what it used to be after obtaining numerous injuries while boxing. Rourke now admits that he went to the wrong guy, and the work that was done on his cheeks, nose and even ears has left him looking much different.


Priscilla Presley

Hey, getting older does a number on most people, and it’s something we’re all going to have to deal with at some point. But Priscilla Presley clearly tried to take matters into her own hands. A few injections here, some Botox there, possibly a facelift to wrap things up (why does her face always look immovable?), and Presley completely changed her look. I remember when she did Dancing With The Stars, the beauty could barely change her facial expressions while dancing or even after when she was receiving critiques. Why Pri? WHY!?

Getty/(Nikki Nelson)WENN

Vivica A. Fox

I can definitely tell that some of the changes we’ve seen in Viv have just been due to her getting older, but there’s no denying the change in the the bridge of her nose, or the cheekbones that are now much bigger. As time passes, it causes the actress to look a lot older than she is, which is just a mere 48. However, I can’t lie. With the right wig on and a fierce dress, Vivica can make you ignore all the surgical changes she’s had over the years. But seriously, no more of that, girl.

Joel Ginsburg/WENN.com

Rose McGowan

Probably one of the saddest changes on this list has to go to Rose McGowan. The starlet I was a fan of in the ’90s definitely nipped and tucked and flipped and injected some things on her face, and she’s only 39 years old. While watching an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, I thought I was looking at a gal who looked a great deal like Rose McGowan, but I was blown away by the end of the episode when I realized it was actually her. The actress was involved in a car accident in 2007, and while she had reconstructive surgery to fix the injury she sustained under her eye, the filler in her lips and cheeks has changed her look considerably. Seriously, there are pictures from 2008 where she looks like her old self even after the accident, so I don’t know what the extra work was for. She doesn’t look bad, but it’s just sad that she does look almost unrecognizable.


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Lil’ Kim

*Sigh* What would a list like this be without Kimberly Jones? While I’ll always be a fan of her music (from back in the day though), I can’t ride with her ever-changing looks. Homegirl is either rocking butt pads or got some work done on her backside, as well as her breasts, her nose has been changed, her cheeks have been filled, her skin is much lighter, and she’s just not anywhere near her old self. Kim, as with everyone on this list, is free to do whatever she wants with her body, but I just wonder if she realizes how fabulous she was before she went under the knife…repeatedly…?

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  • shat

    I don’t see no difference she was ugly an bug eyed back then an she still bug eyed she just don’t have a big nose no more an that wig an that makeup is a complete mess she need a new makeup artist

  • Vonda Conway

    But yet Tiny hasn’t gotten a nose job!

  • MalikaiDragonSlayer

    Yeah, Rose McGowen is truly unrecognizable.

  • shay lanay

    PRISCILLA, Tamar, Jada, and Lil Kim more than anybody, should have left themselves alone

  • D-man

    Tiny resembles MISS PIGGY!! lol. i know i ain’t the only one who thought of it! . CIARA and TAMALA JONES (from “the wood”/other movies) got implants! smh. appearance over “keeping it real” IMHO.

  • Kaori

    I didn’t click through the article, but as far as Tamar – Wouldn’t it have made sense to use a before and after picture of her smiling, because of course one’s cheekbones won’t be as prominent when they are straight faced?

  • jessica

    tiny still looks pretty….bad. she wasn’t a cutie before she isn’t one now. who cares though, TI loves her.

  • Observing

    “Why you wanna go and do that love, huh?”

    Line from a Tribe song. Love it!

  • Tamz

    Why does Priscilla Presley look like Vincent from the original “Beauty and the Beast” with Linda Hamilton though…?

  • pfeiffer87

    Aaargh! Lil Kim looked so much better before! Your looks are part of who you are, they shape and define you so how can these women change theirs so much?! They become different people. Such a shame.

  • pfeiffer87

    Aaargh! Lil Kim looked so much better before! Your looks are part of who you are, they shape and define you so how can these women change theirs so much?! They become different people. Such a shame.

  • Say What?

    I just reread the title of this article and noticed the word “cute” so why is Tiny on here?

    • I was trying to figure out the same damn thing!!!

    • laff’n

      Brahahahahaha. …

  • hollyw

    Some of these I expected, a la Mickey Rourke and Lil Kim, but I think i actually mourned Rose McGowan when she showed up on Law & Order: SVU last season looking a hot @$$ plastic mess. I don’t think Lilo and Jada Pinkett Smith have had any work done, though; just lost some weight in the face.

    • SheBe

      I was thinking the exact same thing especially with Jada P. I think for her it’s also the aging process.

  • Love_Sexy

    All the people listed in the article looked more attractive before the plastic surgery. I do not understand why they felt the need to make changes…..SMH

  • chanela

    SMH @ the jacksons. all of them have noses that look like cat penises now!

    • Tamz

      You need to leave. Lmao

    • Tamz

      You need to leave. Lmao

    • Ms. Kameria

      Cat penises…..wow…..

  • chanela

    so weird to see all the cheek enhancements. my cheeks naturally look like that and i HATE it

    • hollyw

      If you’re a person of color, count your blessings 🙂 The most popular cosmetic surgery enhancements have notoriously been those that come natural to the Black Woman, including high cheekbones. The only thing more tragic is how (many) Black women get brainwashed into ‘de-ethnitizing’ their features w/ opposing procedures…a crazy, crazy cycle lol!

      • Black wifey

        Very true statement. Growing up I use to hate my lips and now so many women get lip injections.

        • hollyw

          I felt the same way! My older brothers used to tease me about my lips constantly, and I went to an (all-white) Catholic school, too, so I had a complex for years…until I started dating. Tore up that misconception real quick!

  • K.Aziz

    Ha…I think it’s kind of poetically tragic how life imitates “art” (vice versa?) with celebrities cutting up their godgiven faces and bodies to be more perfect and camera worthy at the same time that airbrushing is making already gorgeous models and actresses look like genetically engineered pseudo-humans on magazine covers….furthermore the human brain is just not smart enough to register subconsiously that an image it sees isnt’s real. When I see an image of a beautiful, in-shape woman on a magazine cover or on television my mind automatically thinks wow…i need to get myself together…Im doin bad! I have to actually THINK “oh thats not real, many hours were spent slaving in hair and makeup/photoshop to make her look the way she is now….

    • chanela


  • Sagittarius81

    OMG, Rose looks like Kathy Lee Gifford’s twin. Plus I’m still SMH at Lil’ Kim, she was much prettier before all those FAIL of a plastic surgeries.

  • zala

    Did not know people altered their ears as well…

  • IllyPhilly

    So Tiny got plastic surgery to upgrade to ugly? Sorry, I’m ignant.

    • SheBe

      LMAO! I damn near choked on my steak! You’re a mess! Ive seen an old pic of Ms. Minaj and she was also very beautiful before whatever she had done. Those Ne Ne Leakes veneers in her mouth are way too much.

  • Charla

    Tamar was gorgeous in the before photo! And I know this is terribly mean to say but I think Tiny should have gotten more plastic surgeries. Maybe the nose?

    • lol..

    • hollyw

      That’s what I said; “TAMAR, is that you???” Smdh…

      • Charla

        Sweetie, my acct has been registered for a very long time. Try again. Or can no one compliment a celebrity?

        • Yamini

          I don’t think you understood hollyw’s comment. They were saying that’s what they were saying about Tamar to themselves because of the changes seen in the photo.

          • Charla

            Oh, my apologies @hollyw

            • hollyw

              No problem lol.