On To The Next: It Looks Like There’s A New Lady In Nelly’s Life

January 10, 2013  |  

Source: Instagram

Just last month, we reported on the shocking rumor that had been circulating among industry insiders that after 10 years of being an “undercover” couple, Nelly gave Ashanti her walking papers. The word on the street was that Nelly let her go after becoming fed up with the singer’s name being practically dirt among industry insiders due to her alleged “popularity” among industry men. Considering the fact that Nelly never publicly claimed Ashanti and that this wasn’t the first time the two were rumored to have gone their separate ways, we assumed that it was simply a rumor, until today, that is.

It’s looking like the break-up rumors may have been true after all. For weeks word has been circulating that Nelly has been dating video vixen and actress Tae Heckard. You probably recognize her for her role as “Jaz” in BET’s The Game. Of course, rumors about celebrities dating are no strange thing, but after Tae posted the above photo to her Instagram page today, the speculations are seeming more and more believable.

Tae and Nelly are not strangers by any means and according to Necole Bitchie, their friendship began almost ten years ago when they met on a music video set. After meeting on the set, the two remained friends and occasionally dated. She is even reported to have gotten Nelly’s nickname “Mo” tattooed on her lower back.

If you recall, back in 2006 she appeared in the music video for Nelly’s song “Grillz” as well. We can’t say for sure if this all means that their romance will result in a long-term relationship or if Tae is just standing in as the rebound girl while Nelly nurses his broken heart. But, there’s one thing that we do know: There’s a lot of history there.

I suppose we have to wait and see how this all plays out. Hopefully, if they do enter an exclusive relationship, he won’t play the same games he played with Ashanti.

Hit the next page to see Tae in the “Grillz” video. She’s the one in the white sleeveless hoodie. What do you think of Nelly’s new lady?

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  • Rashad! Rashad!!!! ….I know he hear me…

  • Nic

    I thought she was gay?! Saw her wit some butch looking chick the other day.. okkkkk!

  • You know what I gathered from this whole post? Two friends took a photo together…and that’s about it. I’ve taken photos with platonic male friends before. Every time there’s a boy and a girl doesn’t mean they’re kissing in a tree. My gawd. *shaking my head*

  • Kaori

    Ugh. I used to think tae was cool, but she plays too much. She doesn’t like the comments on her pictures (Instagram) about possibly having a relationship with Nelly and then she does and does this.

  • JustSayin

    Eh. Tae is cute. To me? as long as they are happy. If Ashanti didn’t make him happy… well can’t argue with that. At least he keeps his love life private (as much as possible.)

  • IAJS

    Tae and Nelly are not together they are just friends

    • jillian

      Would you put your friends name on your back unless the died?

      • IAJS

        she doesn’t have that ether this whole article is a fool

  • Yvette

    That picture doesn’t mean that they are a couple. They appear to be hanging out having a good time. If Nelly and Ashanti are not seeing each other anymore I would like to think it is more than him being fed up with her for not being truthful about being passed around the industry. I think he knew about that all along. That dude Irv Gotti who owned Murder Inc. and signed her did an interview years ago and this issue came up. When he was asked if he ever had sex with Ashanti he smiled and said he would rather not answer that question because the backlash would not be good for anyone involved. He was married at the time and admitted to having several affairs, but kept dodging questions pertaining to Ashanti. If it were simply a working platonic relationship he would have said that. Sometimes the things we don’t say speaks volumes. Ashanti always had bangin tracks but her voice is okay at best imo. This explains why she rose to the top quickly then crashed. Once Irv Gotti and his record label went under she sort of did too.

  • Trisha_B

    Love me some Tae! I dont get how this 1 pic means they are a couple tho lol. Its not like they are kissing or cuddled up in the pic lol…anyway, as far as Nelly & Ashanti want us to know, they were never a couple & just friends, so how we know they are done?

    • Klarrissaj

      They were really a couple on his behind the music. I do think they are together for the simple fact that she has his nickname tattooed on her lower back.

  • Tae doens’t even like men… next rumor

  • GalaxyEmpress

    Tae is pretty!

  • KIR12

    Always try to pick your husband while you’re in your prime (20’s). Ashanti could of had any black man she wanted when she was at the top of her game. She’s now too old for anything serious with these young athletes and entertainers. Now what?

    A lot of black women wait until their 30’s to start seriously looking for a husband and end up with half the man they could of had in her twenties or no man at all. The flawed logic of waiting is that your Mr. Perfect’s preference is often a younger you.

    • 30s are better than 20s

      The other side of the coin, is that most people do not know who they are in their 20’s male and female. All of the couples I know who married in their mid twenties ended up divoring in their GULP~ LATE 30’s.

      So blanket advice doesn’t work for everyone and men in their 30’s who marry the young 20 something chick- pretty much end up getting P L A Y E D for a few years and then the chick moves on to a man in her age range with 1/2 your old money.

      • KIR12

        This narrative of women waiting is nothing more than the watered down PC black feminist version of “I don’t need a man” which later in life becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. When has anyone ever accomplished something they say they don’t need? You see women do need a man and unfortunately by the time they figure it out it’s often too late for a variety of reasons kids, fewer options, age, appearance, baggage, set in their ways, ect.

        Blacks have been SUCCESSFULLY getting married young, growing and maturing together since the beginning of time.Now, all of a sudden it’s bad? lol Waiting sounds good on paper but in the real world waiting until your 30’s does not work and has never worked out well for the overwhelming majority of BLACK women who want to get married, black kids and the black community. It’s been a complete disaster. Fact! Pre 1950’s black women had a higher marriage rate than white women. Today 31 percent of African American women by their early forties have never married as compared to only 9 percent of White, 11 percent of Asian , and 12 percent of Latino women in the same age group. Those are childbearing years.That means 7 out of 10 black women have never been married by their early 40’s!

        The divorce rate is 50% but the separation rate for black baby mamas and their baby daddies has to be close to 90%. Everyone know black baby daddies don’t stay with) their baby mamas.

        • BrianK

          I do kinda agree with you. I just think that women should be conscious of the fact that once they get into their 30s they are both less attracted to younger men anyway for a serious relationship and they become less attractive to men their own age. Men are judgemental, and a 33 year old woman is not as attractive to a 33 year old man as a 27 year old woman for marriage and having a family. That may not be ‘fair’ but it is the reality. And in the same way that women are entitled to have a preference re a man’s job, status, height, etc., men are entitled to have preferences also whether its age or hair colour or music tastes.

          Its so sad to see beautiful women in their 30s single and having to compromise what they want in a man because they spent all their good years on the wrong type of guy. Ashanti is so beautiful and so talented, I wonder why she allowed herself to become “that girl” with guys in the music industry many of whom are trash.

          • “All their good guys”? You’re killing me right now. People don’t die when they turn 30. Gawd, you MUST be about 16 saying something like that. Check out JET’s married pages. Folks in their 50s and 60s still get married. You don’t suddenly lose out because you got older.

            • Miyako

              Let the folks on here tell it, a woman over the age of 23 is has no purpose in life.

          • Yvette

            While I do agree that Ashanti is a beautiful woman, I don’t agree with the talented part. Yes she can carry a tune and yes she can somewhat act, but let’s be real, she used what she has to get what she wanted. Come to think of it when is the last time you heard any music from any of those former murder inc artists? Don’t worry I’ll wait?…….lol!!!!

          • Yvette

            While I do agree that Ashanti is a beautiful woman, I don’t agree with the talented part. Yes she can carry a tune and yes she can somewhat act, but let’s be real, she used what she has to get what she wanted. Come to think of it when is the last time you heard any music from any of those former murder inc artists? Don’t worry I’ll wait?…….lol!!!!

      • BrianK

        I honestly don’t think that a 28 year old woman sees a 35 year old man as a target to get played. Maybe a 60 year old, but not a 35 year old. Its almost instinctive for a woman to look for the older man. However a 28 year old man who has options, a good career and good values will be less likely to want to marry a 35 year old women and settle down with her. This isn’t to put women down, but to tell you the truth about how men think and so if you want to settle down for life with your dream man then strike when the iron is hot.

        • As much as I hear about men wanting to deal with older women, I find this one hard to believe.

        • Miyako

          It’s not instictive for a woman to look for an older man. It’s something a woman has been socialized to do.

  • i thought Tae Heckard was a lesbian…at least thats what she said when the blogs was trying to say that her and neyo were dating

    • SheBe

      She probably didn’t want anyone to associate her as his beard!

      • KJ23


      • Lmao true

      • guest510

        You ain’t right! LOL

    • Trisha_B

      Shes bi. There are pics of her tonguing down some female & shes often hosting parties at gay clubs. But a lil while ago, she was posting Blue ivy type pics of a man she called her Caveman, who she said was her boo thang

      • Kaori

        Tae is phony. She did that with her last ‘boyfriend’ – Some guy who she called ‘Panda’.

        • Klarrissaj

          Didn’t she call panda mo as well or was that afterwards. I know she has been talking about mo lately

          • Kaori

            I have no clue, because I stopped following her on social networks.

      • Kenedy

        Lmao @ blue ivy type pics….this dude was covering his face in blankets?

        • Trisha_B

          Lls she would post pics of their shadows together, or just half his face, their feet together. Stuff like that lmao

  • JaneDoe

    Tae is so hotttt..