Are You Watching More Cable News These Days? MSNBC Gets 60 Percent Boost In Black Viewers

January 10, 2013  | via AP Images

African Americans are changing their TV viewing habits. As we reported recently, more blacks are tuning in to cable  TV. And that includes cable news channels. Case in point, the newly released ratings for MSNBC. The channel has recently seen a 60.5 percent black audience increase in 2012.

One of the reasons blacks viewers are tuning in is the network’s “progressive leaning approach to the news and wide array of Black hosts and pundits likely helped cause the increase,” writes Ebony. The channel already had a significant number of viewers who were African American, and this only adds to its dominance with black viewers. Compare this with CNN, which saw an increase of  23.7% of black viewers. And Fox News, not surprisingly, had a decrease in its black audience numbers. (Fox News’ Hannity actually shed about half of its viewers after the election some think because the show was so wrong about how the voting was going to go.)

Andrew Toth/ USA (Sipa via AP Images)

MSNBC has an array of black hosts and pundits, including Toure, Melissa Harris-Perry, Tamron Hall, Joy-Ann Reid, Karen Finney, Michael Steele, Rev. Al Sharpton, Eugene Robinson, Jonathan Capehart, and Goldie Taylor.

“I think we made a commitment, we decided, that in order for this channel to succeed, that we had to reflect the country. This meant that we had to be part of the country in ways that the other channels weren’t,” remarked MSNBC president Phil Griffith recently, as reported by Ebony.

“We have a diverse on-air group of people, because that matters, and people want to know that we reflect their world. And it’s not just a single show – it’s across the board. You look at the guests every hour and we make sure that we have women, African Americans, everything, and I think to spend a day watching MSNBC is to see America as we have seen it.”


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  • Kenedy

    I don’t like watching any American news networks because they are all either extremely right or extremely left(even though they claim not to be). So i prefer watching news from international news channels like BBC or Al Jazeera or even the french channel because they could care less about american politics when reporting the news

  • Sagittarius81

    I watch MSNBC in the afternoons at work and hopefully I hope to see TJ Holmes on MSNBC, away from that EBT, oops, I mean BET network again.

  • Joyce

    I watch it everyday and I was glad to see TJ Holmes on there recently, I hope he’ll be permanent.

  • Tamar

    I do watch and I like that they have a broad spectrum of black people not just tokens, they have the loud uncle ( Al sharpton), the really smart girl who is natural (Melissa Harris Perry), the cool laid back guy (Toure), not to mention pundints such as Michael Steele ( the black guy who was the chairman of the Republican National Party) and countless other black people, the other day TJ Holmes was on it and its not just black people they have Martin Bashir, Alex (I forgot her last name) who has to be mixed with asian or something …meanwhile CNN has Soledad and Don Lemon, and lets not get into Fox…Also MSNBC is just better because instead of straight news they also give you facts and conversation and views from both sides

  • RealitySuxx

    Melissa Harris Perry, Joy Reid, Tamron Hall … as well as Laurence O Donnel and the rest of the evening line-up. They cover a lot of issues…most of which is NEVER discussed in the mainsteam media.

  • Now you should go after the hispanic audience by hiring Geraldo Rivera and other hispanic hosts and pundits…then you would wipe out fox news and cnn in the ratings game.

    • Rayjulian85

      Geraldo Rivera Fox can keep

  • Patrica

    I am so glad that MSNBC finally stepped in increasing the number of blacks. I stopped watching CNN a long time ago. To me it has gotten to the point that they are not very accurate in some of the stories. Fox News, I wish black would stop watching them. It seems like either Hannity or somebody is saying something ignorant or stupid.

    • guest

      you should never get your news from one news source, or from the same viewpoint.