Boobs & Booty Or Bust: Are We Really Out Here Dying To Meet Superficial Beauty Standards?

January 10, 2013  |  

I was reading the rather tragic circumstances surrounding Natasha Stewart, best known as Pebbelz Da Model, who was arrested and charged with taking part in an illegal butt shot procedure (that included injecting cement), which resulted in the death of a 37-year-old woman.

According to published reports, the victim, Karima Gordon of Atlanta, died after having the butt-shot procedure done at the Mississippi home of an illegal practitioner. In April of last year, Morris Garner was charged with depraved heart-murder after the autopsy revealed that Gordon had injected her with a silicone-like substance. The substance created blood clots in her lungs, which eventually killed her. After his arrest, Garner named Stewart, along with another woman, as his accomplices, with Stewart being pegged as the broker. According to published reports, Stewart has already been indicted on charges of murder, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and is currently being held without bond.

Just hours before reading this story, I was sweating and hip shaking my way through Zumba class. Although I wasn’t feeling very much like working out, I still made sure to pay extra attention to the squats. I “gots” to remember those squats. How else am I going to get a shapely backside? Genetics already robbed me of what should have been my birthright: a big black girl’s booty. Although the reality is that I will never have a donk, that doesn’t stop me from trying. All that is left for me is squats, which I will likely have to do for the rest of my life. That is, unless I come into some serious money and can afford an extra plump rear end. Actually…Nope, I wouldn’t do that, I say to myself as I grunt through the umpteenth rotation of wide legged squats – or at least I think I wouldn’t.

Needless to say that this story really struck a nerve. The same nerve was touched after reading the story from last year about the 20-year-old student from London, who too died after getting silicone injections in her buttocks. Is being that conscious about one’s backside really worth the risk of dying?

Of course, the tragic extremes to which some women go to “fix” their bodies is no way exclusive to the a** community. Since the days that Victorian women were sipping down arsenic as a way to improve the complexion of their skins, women of all colors and body shapes have been doing some pretty stupid and dangerous stuff in the name of beauty. October of last year brought us news reports of women in Hong Kong undergoing a risky “facial revitalization treatment,” which involves a blood transfusion procedure that is usually administered to almost terminal patients with metastatic cancer. Four women ended up being hospitalized for septic shock from the procedure, which is said to cost $6,500 a shot. And one woman eventually died.

Yet despite the stories we’ve read about women dying from botched cosmetic procedures (legal or otherwise), there will always be women knowingly willing to risk pain, permanent disfigurement and possible death to fit an idealized body image. And according to a report, published by the YWCA (the largest woman’s organization in the entire country), entitled Beauty At Any Cost, women are not only obsessed with the pursuit of beauty, but it has become such a burden that it has taken pretty serious tolls on our mental and physical health. According to the report, 80 percent of women surveyed reported being very unhappy with the way they look. This body consciousness has appeared to manifest themselves in a new form of discrimination, known as lookism, which is a major contributing reason to why women with less than average looks earn nine percent less than their more prettier counterparts. With that much at stake, you can certainly understand the pressure some women feel to do whatever they can to basically compete.

Not to mention that there are entire financial industries dedicated to creating crisis of beauty and making women feel insecure. I bet prior to the introduction of personal deodorant, nobody – man, woman or child – was thinking about feminine odor. Heck, I’m willing to bet that there were a bunch of people who liked the way a woman’s private parts smelled naturally. But after many years of having hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising drilled into your head (or plugged up the yoo-hoo – whatever you prefer), you eventually begin to internalize the message that your body’s natural smells and scents are repugnant, thus in need of being sprayed down with some sickly sweet-smelling stuff that I’m pretty sure is the same stuff used on plastic flowers to give a more realistic feel. Now on top of worrying about paying bills; figuring out what’s for dinner; that term paper you have to do for Sociology 201; taking the kids to soccer practice along with the gazillion other errands you have to do today, you are also worrying if your Aunt Vag is smelling less than a meadow of lavender and daffodils.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday morning while out walking the dog and listening to FM radio, I heard a commercial for a promotion in which the station would be giving away free breast implants. All you have to do is submit a “tasteful” picture of your “tiny ta-tas,” which in turn will be posted on the website and voted on by all of Philadelphia. If big-chested lady luck happens to be on your side, you might be given the “breast new year ever!” Imagine a radio station giving away a junk enlargement by having men take pictures, albeit tastefully, of their jawns and posting it on the website for all of Philly to decided who should be “swinging down low in 2013!”

Of course, the easy, most given advice is to ignore the marketing and learn to accept your body and beauty on your own terms. But honestly, who among us is really immune? And before you answer that, you might want to take inventory of all the unnecessary, costly, and yes, even dangerous cosmetics, hair and other beauty care products we have littering our medicine cabinet. And this is why I can not find anything amusing in Stewart’s situation. There is nothing funny about the emotional and physical pain that harbors beneath why we are willing to die for our vanity.

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  • Masterpieced

    She looks like a centaur! Half human and half horse IN A WEAVE!

  • Dan the Man

    She look good to me!

  • unless you edited your comment you directly used the word ‘ho’. before that you suggested that the best such women could hope for is getting knocked up by a baller.

    best? i said local. based on what where they’ve chosen to situate themselves. not based on a social hierarchy. i’m mean what makes a senator necessarily better than a ‘baller’? most of them have mistresses all over and dirty secrets. john edwards was having an affair while his wife battled cancer. real good guy. anyway, their wives get different types of surgery as they are appealing to a different cultural aesthetic, but they certainly are MORE likely to get plastic surgery.

    it is so sad that ‘lower-middle’ black folks have to find any little thing to look down on poorer black folks. you think it creates a separation but really it makes you look mean and trifling.

    • I did say the “it” video ho’. Isn’t that what they are referred to? Difference between being a senator’s WIFE and some rappers 10th baby momma really needs to be explained to you? Being the first lady of the US and calling lil Bowwow out on twitter about ditching your pregnant azz for some “video ho'” really needs to be explained to you why one would be a better position to be in than the other? *looking at you sideways*

      And as far as ‘lower-middle’ honey you are far from my pocketbook or any perceived diss you think you are sliding in there about what my husband and I make yearly but let’s just say ‘lower’ is no where near our tax bracket.

      The only thing ‘trifling’ is your debate skills. Mark of either poor education or lack of intelligence if one must resort to slipping in snide remarks instead of debating the actual topic.

      *Gone With the Wind twirls out of this conversation*

      • so you did say it. after you said you didn’t. well done. lol.

        that’s what some people call them. but you – being so concerned about their low-esteem – reinforced the linguistic violence that would negatively affect self-esteem.

        yeah well i didn’t create those scenarios. you didn’t likely to highly the supposed shame of the women you care so much about that you can’t help but put down.

        lol. sure. everyone’s rich on the internet. anyhow if not you, then other folks. it is a way of talking that ‘creates’ class. funny though. you have all these resources and the best you can do is look at your sister and understand her only in ways that let’s you degrade her.

        gone with the wind, or hoisted on your own pitard? lol.


        • lol. I see why most people ignore your responses. Figures you would expect bitchazz remarks such as yours from punks who haunt WOMEN websites. Boy bye and go play with some MEN. You are neither qualified or intelligent enough to give an opinion on why these WOMEN do what the hell they do.

          I’m not rich but I’m for damn sure ain’t broke. I like you momma’s basement dwelling ‘intellectuals’ spouting off advice and opinions on what women do, why they do it, and how they should be doing it. If you couldn’t tell by the pink all over this da*mn website this is a site for and about women. Surely you can find some website for failure to launch, never been in a relationship, Best Buy employed late 20’s black men, who still live at home with mom and discuss whatever the he*ll y’all find interesting. Yes deuces lol!

          • lol. i thought you said you were leaving? yet here you are.

            why the hell would i want to play with men? i’m into women? what you want them all to yourself?! you GREEDY wench you!! lol.

            i don’t live in the basement. i share the den. and it is very cost effective. jealous?!

            what’s funny is you going on and on about this site being for women and not knowing that the company that owns madame noire was founded and is run by a MAN. lol.

            what is said is that devoid of actual information all your mother ruckus, man-hating prejudices are coming out. you don’t know my gender, race or anything about me. you are just hurling random things that you think might be hurtful and not bothering to engage with counter evidence or arguments what i actually said. it is about how some women adjust their sterotypes to try to devalue others and give themselves advantages – which was what i took issue with in the first place. you feeling so sorry for low-self esteem women that you’d call them ‘ho’.

            and the very hilarious thing is that you started with ‘i actually agree with you’. with friends like these who needs enemies.

            ** tupac voice**

            • LOL. If you’re not a man you are very idiotic woman. LIKE I SAID BEFORE I agreed with part of your ORIGINAL stance. I offered you a different angle on your stance and for some odd reason instead debating that you went off on some personal tangent. Brush up on your debate skills or concede when you are CLEARLY out of your league. AGAIN this is a woman’s site dedicated to women issues. WHY in the flying blue hell you would be on here unless you are a woman or wish you were is beyond reason.

              • babes, your still trying to dance though the music’s done. you got exposed as liar and hypocrite in the first round, i addressed to hollowness of your alternate view, you started spouting off about how much money you make said you were gone with the wind like 3 posts ago, now you’re back to counsel me on debating skills? i’d take singing lessons from rihanna first. go home cheekee baby, you’re drunk! lol.

                • Huh? I’m a liar? your debate skills are a lie! Honey first rule of debate is not to make that ish personal. You did an EPIC FAIL on that point. Admit you diverged from the topic and threw in personal slights because the soundness of your argument was called into question. I know you are insecure and probably too b*tchazz to talk to women in your life the way you get to perpetrate over the net. Its all good I feel sorry for you and your momma she had hoped to turn that room you staying in to her art studio.

                  I wish my husband would sit on the internet all day arguing with women on a woman’s site.

  • malik_marvel

    to all the women out there who have chest implants, butt injections and anything else they have to pay for and SWEAR THEY SAY THEY KEEP IT/ARE ALL REAL AND THEIR BODY IS ALL REAL?? = WRONG!!!! – just own to what you got worked done; be & love yourself; if getting surgery will keep/make you happy is s’all good. yeah there are so many bad as$ chicks with implants & or butt injections (i can tell fakes lol), but it’s JUST PHYSICAL-SEXUAL APPEAL to me. NO NEED TO IMPRESS US FELLAS WITH ALL FAKENESS B/C BEAUTY ONLY LASTS SO LONG IN LIFE. but do u. ijs.

  • LiiSH

    Why chase an impossible standard? Simple… Women have always been taught that their most valuable asset is beauty. No matter how smart the girl, a beautiful dummy will be admired, even if its just from afar. No one can see your intelligence from the outside and potential mates have to be attracted. There have been so many scientific studies done that show that perceived pretty people fair way better in social situations and assumed to be smarter and nicer. (If you don’t want to sleep with her you might just want to be her.)

  • Mille

    A male co-worker and I talked about having a big butt a couple of weeks ago, and he said he told his “chic” that her butt wasn’t big enough and she needed to check into getting a butt like Maliah, or Nikki Minaj. I said and what did she say, he said she has a consultation at the end of January. I was disturbed for 2 reasons, one because he believes that in order for a woman to be attractive she needs to look like a caricature, and 2 because her self esteem is low enough to let a man convince her she isnt as beautiful as any other woman on tv, or the streets. When the Jessica Rabbit look goes away what will these women do then. It’s one thing to let some fake cosmetic surgeon inject you with canola oil, industrial silicone, and rubber cement, but to allow them to do back alley lipo, I’m afraid that will be the next rash of unnecessary deaths.

  • I am 5’6 and 135 lbs. I have dark caramel skin, a wide nose, full lips, and beautiful tightly coiled hair (I have dread locs). I consider myself average size; not skinny. I don’t have an obvious hour glass shape because of my small hip to waist ratio. I am “top heavy” and disappointingly Victoria Secret doesn’t carry my bra size (laughing) and quite frankly I don’t have what black culture “considers” to be every black woman’s birthright—a big butt. But do I care? Of course not! So what??! The definition of beauty varies from culture to culture and everyone’s DNA consists of approximately 30,000 genes (yes, only 30,000) that can be expressed in a huge number of ways. Imagine the uncountable number of possible phenotypes (physical traits) that a person could inherit. So, if we are all unique, then why is there such a narrow standard of beauty? Despite what society says, I know that I am beautiful…no…gorgeous! Most importantly, I have a caring heart, I’m artistic, I have a good sense of humor, I’m intelligent, sensual, career minded, compassionate, spiritual, eclectic, and I obviously love rambling. I will NEVER get a butt injection, breast implant or reduction, bleach my skin, etc. And if a man asked me to alter my body, I would leave. Period. The only cosmetic I wear is lip gloss (nothing against make-up though) and I don’t even wear THAT everyday. Bottom line, the essence of what makes me who I am is my soul, not my body. I will always take care of my body, but I would do so the healthy way. I’m not artificially changing a thing because I’m already PERFECT.

  • BlackwomanPhD.

    Personally anything bigger that a Nikki,Lahlah or Kim (on similar body frames) for example begins to look morbidly disproportional and deformed which looses any resemblance of appeal….but on the other hand i get that it is something sexual more that it is about beauty..just look at how 10000000% of these photos are depicted. What is troubling to me,is when it all boils down..we as women go to all these lengths ( not just this extreme example but almost every ridiculous thing we call beautiful that strays very far away from naturally enhanced and healthy) to be seen as sexual vehicles? What does that say about our self worth as a society.

  • Pivyque

    “Of course, the easy, most given advice is to ignore the marketing and learn to accept your body and beauty on your own terms. But honestly, who among us is really immune? And before you answer that, you might want to take inventory of all the unnecessary, costly, and yes, even dangerous cosmetics, hair and other beauty care products we have littering our medicine cabinet.”
    I looked. Nothing is dangerous. Unnecessary? Sure. Anything outside of medicine (for some people), food, water, shelter and clothing is unnecessary. Even clothing is debatable. Costly? No. So, I will stick with my advice to ignore marketing and learn to accept your body and beauty on your own terms 🙂

  • FullTimeStudent


  • Senait Ashenafi

    Her rear end looks unnatural and disgusting. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to get injected with something that makes them look deformed. It’s not that serious.

  • yawn. it seems some women can’t process anything about them unless it is wrapped in a victimization narrative; and black women a ‘racialized’ one. this and other cosmetic surgeries are all about women seeking socio-sexual advantage over other women so as to have more choice and leverage over partners. not just ‘low-self-esteem’, it is an arms – or in this case – buttocks race. men do similar things but in different ways.

    • I actually agree. Albeit I wouldn’t have put it in those words. Surely you would agree to some degree there has to be self esteem issues at work. If your greatest aspiration is to be some rap thug or athlete’s baby momma. Or the new “it” video ho.

      • sure that sets the direction and not necessarily the speed.

        ‘stable’ middle class people and corporate types get far more plastic surgery than poor people. it is all about competition for what ever ‘alpha’ male she has access to. why ignore those obvious facts to dump on ‘ratchet’ women is what i don’t understand. have high school mean girls grown into mean women?

        • I see where you are going with it but it comes to the level of low self esteem when you are willing to go to such extremes as to put your life in jeopardy. Same as the white girls who literally starve themselves to death to fit their ideal standard of beauty. There’s a pathology at work here. A little body dis morphia going on. To dismiss that makes your argument unsound.

          • i didn’t dismiss it. just wondered why it is always only low self-esteem when when know appearance mostly is about competition and social opportunity. the extremeness of the action doesn’t necessarily reflect the intensity of the psychological condition. also most narcissists have ‘low-self esteem’. it is an excuse to be self-absorbed. lastly your read comes of as insincere or cruel because you argue that such women don’t feel good about themselves yet you basically call them hopeful ‘rent a wombs’ and ‘hoes’. how’s that for sound thinking?

  • afroveda

    OMG. I am about to roll on the floor in laughter at “I ‘gots’ to remember those squats” and “big chested lady luck”. The most painful thing I’ve ever done in the name of beauty/aesthetics is to get my vajayjay waxed. I will NEVER do that again.

  • pickneychile

    Yeah this has gotten out of control! When I was younger I remember feeling sort of self concious that I didn’t have a big ol butt when I knew it was the celebrated body type in the black community. I got over it and came to love my smaller frame. And I realized the guys who came at me genuinely thought I was pretty and not just interested in my body. I wish people would be happy with the body they have and just own it!

    • BEAUTY85

      Oh so the men just wanted you for your face and not your butt, Oh Ok! That’s so much better than just wanting you for your butt! Don’t fool yourself, its all the same!

  • Now that is what you call dying for a**.

  • Wow

    Evidently there are more than enough men out here who are finding these donkey booties attractive that more and more women are willing to put anything in their rears to make them gargantuan. Back in the early centuries when black folks were depicted in art to have animal features such as black womens behinds being freakishly huge like rhinos or horses and now for some segments of the diaspora that is now what is desirable and I really can’t figure out why. SMH

    • Dolo

      Look at the type of women who are getting those behinds though. You don’t see corporate women walking around looking like some character from a comic book. These are the same KINDS of women. Women who are strippers, who don’t want to work, and expect to gain from just their looks.. And the men they attract well they are not men with their heads on straight. Those men will be broke and these women with be deformed and permanently scarred.. Shameful

  • In general, I believe this is probably what white women went through when breast implants began gaining popularity-plastic surgeons definitely did not have it all figured out when they started but the few who did survive the silicone were put on a sexual pedestal by white men and those who did not fit that mode were left feeling insecure and intimidated…

    I believe soon they will “perfect” this surgery so that women who cannot work it out or really cannot live with the bodies God gave them will be able to get these procedures done safely-it is obvious that there is a market for this, so I hope medical professionals are working on a legal way to make it available so that women will not risk their lives and go to these back alley “fix-a-flat” witch doctors…

    • GirlSixx

      There is a legal and safe way already in place to get booty enhancements, ask Kim K plus their are butt lift surgeries BUUUUT it’s hellah expensive, and that is why women are going the back door right because they want to save money, not because it’s illegal.

      • A butt lift won’t give you a Donkey Booty “Phaedra Parks Voice* lol and the only LEGAL way to enhance is through implants i.e. that chick whose video still plays on B0SSIP with the implants Evil Kineval-ing under her skin

    • SunshineBlossom

      Jenny Jones comes to mind when you mentioned that. I read her memoir and her dad expressed how big breasts are better. She went back for three surgeries and one ruptured so now they are two lumps of hard rock (literally-to the feel).

  • Good article…I think that it is a good idea to define “lookism” as a new form of discrimination because while not looking like a pop superstar or video vixen is an annoyance to us adult women, it can be crushing for these teen girls who are already going through these physical and hormonal changes while simultaneously feeling the pressure of society’s ideal of beauty, not to mention teasing and bullying because they aren’t the prettiest girl in class-I could not imagine being a teen girl going through puberty at a time when airbrushing and extreme plastic surgery is at an all time high..

  • MissRae

    This is why I appreciate my lil round booty. It may not be big, but It still has a nice shape.

  • Yay!

    To me, these butt implants/injections are just another form of minstriling. It’s one terrible thing to obsess about attracting men, but to go to dangerous lengths to appeal to a fetish of men is pure insanity. The fake behinds on the women make them look like horses. They want to attract men who like horse behind? This is sooooo disturbing on many levels. I just can’t with this topic…

  • BEAUTY85

    Women on here need to stop acting more holier than thou, since we are talking about things as such, black women need to stop relaxing their hair, its no different than butt implants. No one really knows the long term effects, why are so many black women getting cancer, all of a sudden or thyroids! LADIES WHO GET RELAXERS ARE NO DIFFERENT, AT LEAST THESE WOMEN ASPIRE TO HAVE WHAT IS APART OF OUR DNA AND NOT ANOTHER RACE DNA!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sevyn

      While I see the point you’re trying to make, I have to say that your comment that Black women relax their hair because they aspire to have ‘another race DNA’ is ignorant and incorrect. Did it ever occur to you that Black women straighten they’re hair simply because they want to straighten it? Just because we (Black women) were blessed with our BEAUTIFUL, thick, coarse hair doesn’t mean we can’t straighten it without having motives to be another race. Yes, relaxers are risky, and straightening with a hot comb or flat iron is more preferable, but its hardly compared to butt implants. What woman (regardless of race) hasn’t experimented with a chemical at some point? Women of other races get perms to achieve a curly look, and lets not even talk about the chemicals in dyes and highlights that goes into their hair. It’s just as chemically infused as relaxers.I’m not trying to lecture, but it always pinches a nerve when someone relates relaxing our hair to wanting to be another race. Believe me when I say relaxers doesn’t make us want to be another race just as much as make-up doesn’t make us want to be barbies. Well most of us anyway.

      • BEAUTY85

        Do you understand what your saying, black American women hair is either curly, kinky, or wavy, so for. black women to never show their hairand always wear it straight says that they are insecure about their hair. There’s nothing wrong with wearing straight hair every now and then, but if that is all you wear, then that says I want any other race of women’s hair but my african hair!

    • I’m natural, but i have to disagree with your comment. Sure, I want every woman to understand that getting a relaxer is harmful, but when a person is raised a certain way to hate their hair their entire life, then it’s much more than “stop relaxing”. That realization will have to come from within. I think there is a difference from women who relax (b/c it has most likely been the norm their whole life) than women who get butt implants. I don’t think women relax to “find a man based on their looks” but rather, it’s been their way of life.

      • BEAUTY85

        Hello are you black, it also is.the norm for black women to have big butts.

      • BEAUTY85

        yes hating our hair has been the norm, since our ancestors stepped on North American soil!

    • MLS2698

      Please tell me you have a youtube channel where I can learn things about how to style my natural hair, keeps my ends from getting dry. I would love to hear.

    • MLS2698

      #FAIL! I tried looking to see if you have a youtube channel before getting a response……..AW, hell naw! I know that ain’t you.

    • White woman should stop bleaching their hair blonde too. Every white woman I know colors their hair. We don’t know what that stuff does to their bodies.

  • Meyaka

    I’m one of those women who don’t care what men think. I dress the way I like to,I wear my hair the way I want to,my butt is not “hood” big and I don’t care,my breast are small and I never wear acrylic nails. I simply don’t care,and my hubby knows this,even if I’m wearing something he doesn’t like my answer is always “oh well I like it”.
    It’s a sad sad day to see women shaking their bumps to songs degrading them,inject unnatural matter into their body or behave a certain way sexually to please n!gg@s that can’t even spell respect. I feel so sorry for generations to come….

    • Meyaka,
      I agree I am just like you. Like it or not. I’m not doing nothing for no one but myself.

      • Meyaka

        It makes for a happy life

    • Pivyque

      More women need to be like that. That is how I have always been and I encourage other women to fid someone that wants to be with them because of who they are and not who they are pretending to be. Like you said, it makes for a happy life.

    • LiiSH

      Pause… You hit the nail on the head around the 3rd line. You have a hubby! That is a beautiful thing. I can speak though from the point of view of those invisible girls that men have completely ignored or literally scoffed at the thought of dating. When people point at you and laugh at how you look, you begin to care.Self-esteem starts at home and sometimes people just don’t realize that they have neglected to teach their girls til its too late. No girl stays invisible forever if only for the fact that cooch doesn’t have a face. If you are used to being unseen you will take any kind of attention. A compliment, no matter how ill-intended, is still a compliment.

      • Meyaka

        Very good point,so when these rappers say pop that … b!tch,to them its a term of endearment,and if they can pop it well enough they might get “wifed” up… Deep.

  • Say What?

    Low self-esteem and attempting to cater to men. People need to learn to be happy with themselves.

  • Sagittarius81

    Why go through lengths to make yourself look like a cartoon joke? There’s nothing s3xy about having a big a** cartoon looking booty, just to impress men who really don’t give a s**t about you! Whatever happened to squats, do them, you can even do it at home for free. May not change overnight but it’s worth it than spending lots of money on implants and waaaaaaay more safer than going to CoCo’s house and getting foreign objects put inside of you. Best of all, LOVE YOURSELF! There are men who aren’t booty men.

    • Meyaka

      I love u! Spoken like a real woman!

  • SheBe

    I have a naturally big booty (donk-a-licious) and small waistline and for the life of me can NOT understand why people want it! The type of attention received is less than desirable. I wear mostly longer, loose fitting shirts that go below my hips and my pants ALWAYS have that weird gap at the waist. I tailor my workouts to mostly yoga because I dont want to enhance whats already there. I appreciate my curves but this whole thing of people going to folks back bedroom for booty shots is lost on me.

    • IllyPhilly

      Amen! Since 12 and it’s not just clothes, you gotta get into a special position to sleep on your back, squeezing by people or knocking stuff over is inevitable. I had to get measured twice to join the army because of my butt size.

      • JaneDoe

        Damn, all of that.. I never would have thought

        • SheBe

          Yes. Laying on your back is the worst! There’s no support for your lower back so there is strain there and it hurts.

          • pretty1908

            exactly ! having to scoot down ….i have to get in the perfect positions to for my ab workouts

      • SheBe

        COSIGN! Especially the laying/working out on your back. You have to scoot your booty down to get your lower back right! I had a room mate in college who had the same issue for the Army Reserve. She said a black woman had re-measured the black girls an gave them a pass because they were in shape and most were petite. She had a big ol butt too but was smaller then me.

        • IllyPhilly

          LOL. so true.

      • dc

        Question- Do men really even care?? I mean if the intent is to have s3x then when that is accomplished its a rap….lil wayne raps about it, but you see Dhea…she is not thik….so do men really care??

        • Guest

          Dhea just got butt implants..

        • SMH_shameonitall

          You raise another valid point: women have to know the difference between a compliment and a comment made out of pure shock and/or lust. Does a man say something CRAZY about a woman’s body part because he is truly fascinated and interested…or because he’s a DOG who wants to exploit her??Clearly the chick pictured above makes money by allowing herself to be exploited. She must like it–because she’s exploiting HERSELF too (with those GROSS pics). We have to love ourselves and not believe everything we hear.

      • SMH_shameonitall

        You & Shebe are speaking the SHONUFF truth! I have a naturally big booty and a small waist. Not as DISASTROUS and ridiculous as the one in the pic, but still big for my size. People don’t realize how INSANELY STUPID men act in public–and I dress conservatively. Nothing cheap, too tight, too short, etc. Add the fact that I can’t sleep or sit in certain positions because my azz is HEAVY. Its no different than a big-busted woman who gets a reduction because of back pain. I too am considering a reduction so no–I have NO idea who would PURPOSELY want this kind of drama in their lives. Lucky for me my overall shape is nice–my butt is the biggest thing on me, but it doesn’t define me. There is something MENTALLY wrong with people who want ASTRONOMICALLY large busts and butts.

        • IllyPhilly

          Yes, both those pics are terrible. That’s looks real uncomfortable.

        • beauty85

          Yeah, and their is also something wrong with women who get relaxers!

  • chanela

    yes women are REALLY dying for this crap. it’s so sad. the even sadder part is other women encouraging them by saying “if you don’t like it, then fix it”. these women need to learn self acceptance, that we are not all meant to look the same,and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. some of these women have children and are going under the knife for stupid stuff.(licensed doctor or not, there is a huge risk of death/permanent damage with plastic surgery). not only are these women completely disregarding the fact that they might not wake up and that they might leave their child motherless over some bigger breasts,how are their kids supposed to feel? especially if they have little girls? if you get your nose “fixed” and whatever else, guess what? your daughter has the same nose as you…how are you supposed to tell her that she’s beautiful, when you went to go get something that was working perfectly fine “fixed”? i can’t get with the plastic surgery thing. yes i know it’s their body and choice blah blah blah but i’m sorry, i can’t respect that person for being so stupid. if i were a man it would be a HUGE red flag if i found out she had plastic surgery.

    • chanela

      btw i am NOT immune. i actually hate my body. it still isn’t that damn serious though! i realize that usually dislike one thing, dwell on it,then find something else that i don’t like and dwell on that too. instead i’m taking steps to learn how to love myself for who i am and to ignore the media and their ridiculous standards. there will only ever be one me in this whole wide world, why not love me for me, flaws and all? getting liposuction or a breast lift probably would only make me happy for a month or two. i’d probably end up getting a full body “makeover” like that heidi montag chick and that is NOT healthy or sane.

      • littleoleme

        I am happy that you’re learning to love you. Know that you’re beautiful and perfectly crafted by God. You got it girl. Exactly as you are I’m sure you’re the ish!

        • chanela

          i’m trying : ) lol

  • JaneDoe

    My question is how can someone look at that azz and desire to have one just like that? Big behinds on a small frame is disproportionate.. It doesn’t look good. I blame the music industry for glamorizing strippers with fat behinds. Gross

    • IllyPhilly

      So true. I never understood that either. It’s not appealing at all.

    • Sagittarius81

      Thank you! My 16 year old niece told me that she wishes she would spend her college money my brother (her father) have save up for her and she wants butt implants so she can get a boyfriend. She has a athletic type because she plays basketball and softball at her high school. I literally slap the dookie out of her for that and yell at her that she don’t need a big butt to land a man, those men want one thing and not a relationship at all. She learned to love herself now.

    • Charla

      Yup! And what are all of these women gonna do with these huge butts are out of style in a year or so?

      • SheBe

        Lol! As long as there are thirsty men and women with low self esteem to cater to them, big butts will never go out of style. The method of getting them may lose favor, but not the actual bootay.

      • push them on a skateboard or a pair of roller skates

      • dc

        or better yet what are they going to do when they get older or financial circumstances change, when u may need a lil extra something done to it to maintain it…Cars get worked on right they dont run forever…Also, just like breast implants after so many years they have to be taken out and redone…do ppl think about the maintenance or getting older when they do these proceedures…Even if they do don’t have any problems now they may in the future and who knows what will happen down the line…

        • Faith

          My concerns exactly. She do need to think about when she gets old and I know she not thinking that far. With a butt that large, her clothes will cost a lot of money and she will have to have them custom made. It does not look right. You are correct. She does have to go back every numbers of years to have them redone and that can be expensive.

      • GirlSixx

        I guess put them on Ebay. *lmbo*

    • Tudbee

      OMG that was the exact thing I thought when I saw that photo….before even scrolling down to comment. How is that butt even remotely attractive? I honestly don’t know how some people think or if they’re thinking at all.