‘I See I Gotta Take It Back To The Days When I Used To Slap A B***h!’ Keyshia Cole Goes In On Her Sister’s New Book

January 10, 2013  |  

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Keyshia Cole wasn’t playing when she told Z HipHop Cleveland that Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant are about the only people who could possibly fix what seems to be her irrevocably broken relationship with her sister, Neffe.

As you know, Neffe just penned a memoir titled, “The Price I Paid,” which is said to be a story about her struggles, sacrifices, and poor choices — like the reality show she had with her mother, Frankie. But it would appear there’s also quite a bit in the book about her troubled relationship with Keyshia because the singer went all the way off on Twitter, calling her sister nothing but a leach and a couple b-words too.

How many of y’all have leaches in your own family? I need to know I’m not alone!

B***h talk about me in ya book and wearing the shoes I gave u on the cover? F**king Bogus!

If it wasn’t for my name, people making money off that alone. They would have the courage to say they just don’t like me

I’m convinced

I see I gotta take it bak to the days when I used to slap a b***h tho!

Remember guys, Fakes b***hes come a dime a dozen! Real ones are hard to find. Hold on to good ones when ya get em. Time is the only informer

Well damn. As much as this may not have been a forum for disgruntled family relations, it is sort of messed up to be dogging the person who sort of made the book possible in the first place — as well as her fashionable cover. But then again, does giving your family money mean they can never speak ill of you?

Meanwhile on the other side of the Twitter pond, Neffe kept it classy once she saw her sister’s tweets, responding with:

I am very great full to have wore a pair of shoes for my book cover that was given to me what a blessing:) God is so amazing

I am also grateful for my supporters and fans family and peers who have bought my book and made sure I know about it:) thank u# u rock

I.e. I’m letting my haters be my motivators.

Without knowing what Neffe wrote in the book, it’s hard to pick a side here, but these are the shoes of contention on Neffe’s book cover. Thoughts on all this?

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  • applesauce585

    We don’t get to pick our family….we have to accept them “AS IS” and love them anyways sometimes from a distance……Keyshia needs to just relax…it aint like Neffe book gonna be on NY Times Best Sellers List…..lol

  • Maldrie

    No matter if she gave her the shoes or not, it was supposed to be a gift given from the heart but apparently Keyshia didn’t give from the heart or of free will because you don’t talk about things you do for others especially your family. & you don’t constantly remind them of it either.

  • It’s obvious Keyshia isn’t happy at all in her personal life. I’m praying her and her sister will SIT DOWN and have an honest and open discussion about all of the issues that are plaguing their lives and why they feel so disconnected. Me and my sister are ten years apart, but I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. These sisters need to work it out, blood is always thicker than water!

  • Everyone on here is judging before they even know what was really said. Maybe Neffe didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, maybe she said some lies, maybe Keyshia felt some things just shouldn’t had been put in the book because they were private. Either way, don’t go automatically bashing Neffe when no one on here has read or heard what she had to say. I’m pretty sure if I wrote some things about my family in the book they wouldn’t like it either but it would be all truth.

  • stillJUICYbaby!

    Man since key key got married and had a child everyone seems like they been trying to bring that girl down. the only thing neffee should have been saying was thank you to her.

    and I agree with keyshia. if it wasn’t for her, she would be a nobody.

    we know controversy sales…and keyshia just boosted an interest in the book. but I will cop my copy at the .99 cent store…LOL

  • bullheadedtaurus

    Why is this news? They are both products of the pipe and it’s showing. Harsh I know. *next topic please*


    When Neffe was on the breakfast club she mentioned no schism between ane and keyshia; she actually gave the impression they were cordial and at peace. NOW we don’t know what was in the book that could’ve caused this, or why Keyshia is Just Now reading it :-/ ..but could this all be a PUBLICITY stunt so KC can help her sister make a few more coins? I mean how many were really interested in reading anything Neffe has penned before KC spazzed out on Twitter?

  • ModelType

    Seems like Keyshia’s career is dwindling

  • Shay

    yOU’LL get over it sooner or latter….

  • Shay

    keyshia taking that s*** to serious and too far. Dame girl com down…

  • o_0


  • Yeah I said It.

    Keisha’s family has always seemed like not matter what she did for them it would never be enough..and People talk about you, especially when you’ve help their ratchet behinds, if it wasn’t for Keisha none of us would have known who any of them were to begin with,, when you help people as much as you can and then they hold you accountable for the turmoil in their lives before they hold themselves, it hurts and some times you need to vent. Something to think about: Are people only buying the book to see what she had to say about Keisha?? Once again is Keisha still making this here relevant? Hating on her,, doubtful, sick of the BS..uh yeah. Now that Keisha has vented she should drop it where it belongs in the ” No one gives a uh” BIN.

  • chanela

    that’s not even how you spell it…..it’s leech keyshia! lol

  • CB3

    I’m all the way over Keyshia Cole. She need to go sit down. Don’t want to attend Black Girls Rock but has no problem taking black womens money. News flash chick: It’s black women who’ve been supporting you!!! Get a clue

    • mzkittii

      What? She didn’t want to attend BGR??? What was this on

      • CB3

        Apparantly she didn’t know if she should attend because she’s “mixed”. Lamest of the lame. You can look it up right here on Madame Noire.

    • mzkittii

      What? She didn’t want to attend BGR??? What was this on

  • Kitty

    Neffie made a name for herself in reality tv, and created her own fan base.she should be able to write a book if she chooses. Keyshia’s whole family made that show what it was… Not just Keyshia.There are ungrateful leaches in most families, but you just distance yourself and wish them well. Don’t stoop to their level.

  • NeaJ

    I’m mad that her name sounds too close to ‘cafeteria’. Smh! Anyway, social networks are no place to air family business/drama. A mess!!

  • Neffe has “fans”???….lmao.

    • IAJS

      right! for what?

  • MonicaT

    Is Keyshia trying to draw attention to her to get sells cd or for her reality show! Ok you helped you’re family and with out you the reality show would not have come about, but your family helped that ratchett show be what it was! If you help and give back let it be from the heart not so you can go on twitter and say what you did for someone. Neffi is entitled to write a book about her life as she saw it. Next thing Keyshia will be on Fit my life with Iyanla Vanzant.

  • IllyPhilly

    What they do? They smile in your face all the while they wanna take your place…

    • qui8tstorm83

      (singing) The back stabbers (back stabbers!)

      • IAJS

        Did you really have to type the 2nd part lmao that made my day

  • TeahMonae

    I’m not too fond of twitter….or those shoes.

    • IllyPhilly

      LMAO. Plus one on both

  • mzkittii

    Keyshia should’ve just left it alone or address outside of a social media site. Smh. even celebs who gt attention crave even more!! She knows how her sister is but the fact that she made herself look like a monster she gave Neffe a little more publicity.

  • D Boner

    I’m sorry, but this whole trend of using Twitter to bash and trash people needs to stop. It’s not a good look, highly immature, and usually makes the person that’s doing it look way worse than the person they’re talking. I’m sure Keyshia is hurt by Neffe’s actions, but why couldn’t either of them have CALLED each other at some point to discuss what happened? Don’t publicize your personal business for the whole world to see!!!

  • qui8tstorm83

    It seems like Keyshia has reached her boiling point with Neffe. I’m sure Keyshia is not innocent in this mess but it appears as though Keyshia has done alot to help and support her family not only when it comes to $$ but providing them with opportunities to better their lives. I’m sure Keyshia wishes now that she didn’t give her family the platform of reality t.v. but i can understand why she did as she was telling her story and trying to get help for her mother and better things for Neffe. People are too selfish and ungreatful when they are just given things and don’t have to work for it!

    No, just b/c someone does those things for you doesn’t mean you can’t speak ill of them but it also means you shouldn’t go out airing their personal business or representing them in a bad way. She’s doing ALL of this off of Keyshia’s name! Did Neffe ever think how the things she and Frankie does affects Keyshia’s business? Some companies and sponsors may not be willing to do business with celebs who have tons of issues as it reflects bad on their compnay…that’s taking away potentional money from Keyshia! I’m sure she hasn’t thought about it as it’s all about…me…me….me. Keyshia could’ve came out and talked bad and had hatered toward her mom but she continues to try to help her no matter what she has done..and Frankie has done plenty.
    If i were Keyshia…i would take Neffe to court and put a gag order on her butt and stop her from using Keyshia’s name and likeness to promote herself. Maybe after she can’t make money off Keyshia’s name and forced to get a REAL job and support all those kids and that BOY she is married to..then she may come to her senses.

    • kierah

      Keyshia can’t do a thing about it. She opened Pandora’s box when she opened her life for reality TV and included Neffe and Frankie. Now Keyshia wants them to stay in their lane because it doesn’t suit her?! So no, Keyshia isn’t innocent in this. She knew they were a mess and that’s why she had them on the show. Everyone is using each other.

      How is Keyshia’s image going to really be hurt? Is Luster’s Pink Lotion going to drop her because Neffe strung two sentences together and made it a book. Keyshia needs to just leave this whole thing alone and it will fade away. She only fans the flames.

      • qui8tstorm83

        Actually she can legally do something about it. She can easily go to court and demand…1) Neffe stop using her name or 2) She has to give Keyshia a cut of the profits so yes…Keyshia CAN do something about it if she wishes.

        & yes…Luster’s Pink Lotion could drop her if they wish. Remember Tiger Woods? She’s no Tiger Woods but money is money. They not paying her bill..she’s paying THEIR bills. Easier said than done to just leave it alone as it’s not happing to us. I wish someone would bad mouth me and I have and still am helping put $$ in their families pocket! It’s easy to say let it go but if the person that’s doing all the work and just giving it away to ppl doing nothing…that gets old real quick!

        • kierah

          Keyshia’s the one who introduced Neffe and Frankie to our lives. She reaped the benefits of their antics when they were on her show.
          Keyshia’s behavior on Twitter lets you know that she is just as low class as they are. It’s not like her brand is so established and pristine that her sister sullies it.
          Clearly Keyshia doesn’t wish to do anything about it other than have Twitter tantrums.
          If I were Keyshia, I’d be pissed too. However, I’d have to check myself for the role I played in this and act accordingly.

          • qui8tstorm83

            Like i said…i certainly think she is not innocent in this mess. Things get the best of us sometimes. No she may not have a pristine music career but bottom line is that’s her job and that’s how she makes money for what she does; that is how she pays her bills. We have no idea on what other things have occured btw them and stuff Keyshia could’ve responded to. I’m just saying although it may not have been appropriate…I can understand why she did as well.

            As somone who works in HR…i’ve had to fire a couple people that didn’t do anything wrong but someone in their immidate family did something to the point where the company execs considered it would highly affect how we do business. They were not willing to let a person affect their $$. Sometimes what others do can reflect on you in a bad way and you’re just trying to help them.

  • Pet

    That’s the cover of her book? Anywho, that’s pretty low down for her to make a profit at her sisters expense. But is keyshia really surprised?

    • LOL

      LMAO! That cover looks like an old Master P CD!

      • Tamz

        Get out. Lmao!!!!!!

      • pretty1908

        make em saaay uhnnnn naa naah

    • IllyPhilly

      Right? Why is she surprised, that seems like something that they would do.

  • hollyw

    I was raised Old Skool, and that is to say, you don’t ever publicly air dirty laundry of the family, let alone attempt to make money off of it. I can’t find one solid reason to do so (if someone has one, please share), other than if you were a victim of long-term physical/sexual abuse, and your only purpose is to bring light to the matter to prevent future abuse for future victims…but then again, if that were truly the case, those people would be simply satisfied just teaming up w/ an advocacy group and speaking at events =| Com’on son, you can’t both try to get sympathy AND get paid, imo.

  • kierah

    Keyshia should have ignored this mess. I had forgotten Neffe had written a book. In 2 weeks it would have been 1/2 off at Family Dollar, but now it might take a full month to make it to the bargain shelf.

    • hollyw

      You’re right, TMZ prob wouldn’t have even picked the story up.

  • Hmmm….

    She didn’t take the high road, she was simply slick and kept it moving. I would usually say I admire that, but that IS pretty messed up. She’s that special kind of vindictive. Now, I’m not giving props to Keyshia either. Celebrity Twitter rants always end up in a bad light, on a blog, and the talkers will talk. It’s not like she’s Jane Everywoman, and the rants will go un-noticed.