FOX Don’t Play Dat: Is The “In Living” Color Reboot Getting Canceled Before It Sees The Light Of Day?

January 10, 2013  |  

DANG! Just when I was getting excited about the possibility of an In Living Color reboot, it looks like it’s not happening. Oh wait. I wasn’t ever excited about it? Oh yeah, I forgot…

Truth is, when I heard that the only original cast member who would be making a return was Keenan Ivory Wayans, and that was just to be an executive producer and possible host (according to early reports), I realized that I would probably prefer to watch old episodes and leave the show as a sketch comedy classic. Well, I guess I don’t have to worry about a reboot ruining all of that anymore, because according to reports, the hopeful redo, which was announced by FOX in 2011, might not see the light of day at all. Which makes sense since it is 2013 and nothing had changed in the show’s status as far as a launch date.

According to Vulture, an hour worth of test footage was made in the hopes of doing a special for the network’s 25th anniversary in 2011, but Fox clearly wasn’t feeling it because they shelved it. Last July, even the network’s chief executive admitted that the footage they shot wasn’t going to air any time soon. Vulture says their sources have confirmed that the show is kaput as of now on the FOX network, but that doesn’t mean another network might not be willing to pick up the show and give it life. But until then, you’ll have to cling onto your In Living Color DVDs and say “Hated it!” on your own time. But let’s be serious, while I’m all for seeing talented folks get work (they had already cast the show and brought in a new batch of Fly Girls), it would be nice if people would stop remaking everything, as well as going the reality route, and instead, look to create some fresh new show ideas and stories. Just saying…

Were you looking forward to the reboot, or did you never want to see it in the first place?

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  • IllyPhilly

    Where’s the talent? Bring something fresh, everything hasn’t been done.

  • Lateshia

    Wow you are so right in that last statement. I’m tired of reality shows to be honest and its like writers are running out of ideas. I know somebody have some great decent funny sitcoms waiting to show on TV. I have to agree about remakes its seem like every movie that was coming out last year or the year before was a remake of something from the 70’s and 80’s.

  • honest

    actually if you watch SNL they dont have any women of color on there this updated version of In Living Color most likely wouldve had a variety of ethnic backgrounds which is something tv is missin today…i always thought MadTV was better then SNL because it reminded me of In Living Color…Fox is disrespectful but thats what happens CBS did the samething to Martin Lawrence he had a new project as well…maybe TVOne can pick it up

    • lateshia

      Wasn’t it called “Love That Girl”. With Tatiyana Ali I think it was created by Martin Lawrence and singer Raphael Saadiq.

  • Cinnamon71

    Sometimes it’s just best to leave a classic alone. It was a breakthrough hit with great up and coming comedians and hilarious skits. Keenan won’t be able to conjure up that magic again.

    • Love_Sexy

      I agree with you. Some things should not be rebooted, having sequels, prequels etc…. When you strike goal the first time its best to just leave it alone and “In Living Colors” fall into that category.