“I’m Melancholy, I Can’t Do Anything Right”: Willow Smith Drops Emotional New “Sugar & Spice” Track (Pass Or Play?)

January 9, 2013  |  

Gone are the days where Willow Smith was a young girl who liked to wear funky clothes and sing about whipping hair and being a 21st century girl. Somewhere along the line (maybe it was the pressures of turning 12…?), baby girl left the dance tracks behind for more introspective songs that speak on why people do and don’t understand her, and the struggles of just being Willow. First was “I Am Me,” and now, that’s exactly what this new song, “Sugar & Spice” tries to do. Sampling Radiohead’s “Codex,” Willow goes for a more moody sound where she sings about the want for silence from “the monsters” under her bed, and probably those who always have something to say about who she is and how she lives her young life. Seeing as how critics question her mother’s parenting skills on the daily because she lives so freely, and because people talk crazy about her like they do adults, I can see why she would write material like this. And honestly, the song is not bad at all.

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, Willow can actually sing very well. She doesn’t have a heavy powerhouse voice, but the girl can hold a note better than some of the people calling themselves singers in the game right now. For future success in the industry though, I think she might just need better songs, ones that aren’t so cliche and doing their hardest to follow in the footsteps of “Whip Your Hair” success. And while I hope her future tracks aren’t this emotional (I mean dang, she IS just 12, and if she thinks ish is hard now, she hasn’t seen anything until she becomes a full blown teenager), “Sugar and Spice” is actually good to me. In fact, I’ve played it multiple times today just because. But give the song a chance and let us know what you think below.

What do you think? Pass or play?

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  • DrStatus

    I think her feelings are validated. People will always criticize what they don’t understand. If you really listen to the song, she is talking about the all the criticism that she receives. Like you guys are saying, she is only 12 years old. She isn’t yet trained or probably able to not take all the hideous things people say about her to heart. She is very mature for her age… yes… but she isn’t an ordinary child. She has grown up in fame and under a microscope her whole life… That’s just my thoughts on it all. I do love the song…very smooth.

  • Kacey

    If I had a depressed 12 year old she needs meds and a therapist. You don’t just let stuff like this go. This child is not normal. She said she “can’t do anything right”? What has she been through at twelve unless she’s been molested or abused in another way. Maybe she has. Sampling Radiohead is scary enough. People committed suicide to their songs so much, one of which was band from the UK. This song sounds suicidal and scary. This child needs intervention.

    • Live_in_LDN

      When i was 12 (i’m 23 now) I used to listen to Pearl Jam and Nirvana and I used to really connect with angst with me and write a lot of dark, neo-gothic poetry. It was just a phase and a way to be creative and express myself. My life was fine, it was just being creative and tapping into my inner corners. I think you’re being a tad bit overreactive.

  • Zettai

    The little boy needs to get out of Daddy’s studio and into the psychiatrist’s office. “I hate me. PS, listen to my new album while I dye my hair with Koolaid. Ohh YEAH!”

  • CB3

    Kind of mature for a girl her age. But at the end of the day it’s expression and we all has our little emo moments when we were that age and harmones were running crazy. I just wish she dressed for her age and had a little more guidance at home (WILL AND JADA) but thats a parenting problem.

    • MonicaT

      I understand expressing yourself in different ways, but this song speaks about what is going on in her life even if she didn’t write it something drew her to the lyrics. Her expressing herself comes off like she desperately needs attention. Celebraties want the attention that cames with the fame and fortune, but when they allow it to get into their head they lose themselfs. HOLLYWEIRD!!!!! They really need to watch her because all the fame and money can’t bring happiness or peace. She’s seems so lost and uncomfortable with herself. We have to stop saying a child or adult is expressing themselfs when the expression is sad disturbing or insinuate the things she’s talking about in this song. She is a result of a young person not ready for the HOLLYWEIRD LIFE. HOLLYWOOD WILL BUILD YOU UP WHEN YOU ARE ON TOP AND TEAR YOU DOWN AT THE SAME TIME! FAME CAN BE A B_TCH!!!!!

      • CB3

        You make a good point but like I said it’s Will and Jada who need to be looking out for her best intrest. To me she is WAY too young for that hollywood life. Wether she wrote these lyrics or were just attracted to them it means she was in a darker head space, so it’s the parents who need to check up on her. But i’m thinking Skylar hit it right on the nose.

  • DTJ

    ….wasnt MJ around this age when he sang (the hayell out of) “who’s loving you”? Her voice isnt the same but sheesh let her live. At 12 I went through a tough time but as time goes on it got better. Anyways bc that was a sidebar i like the song, i like Willow so #Play

  • Kitsy

    I wish Willow would go read a book.

    • Live_in_LDN

      What make you assume that she doesn’t?

  • jujube21

    Pass – I love her voice but this song is too serious for a 12 yo kid. Really really emo, too emo! Just wait until she starts dating and has “taylor swift” moments writing about her relationships…sinead o’connor much

  • LiiSH

    12 is a pretty hard age because you are just feeling certain things for the first time I guess. Shoot there was stuff going on in my life back then that I still don’t wanna talk about. I remember mostly feeling like the world would end all the time, but it didn’t. Beautiful song Willow.

  • DeliATL

    I am so OVER this kid and her f**ing whining. I volunteer with mothers who are on welfare, coming out of jail or who are in halfway houses that can’t give their kids 1/8 of what she has. Trying to find herself? SPOILED Child PUHLEASE. NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Treacle234

    A cry for help.

  • York

    OMG, that brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful!

  • Udou

    Pass Love It!!!

    • “Take my heart and go market it.” Can’t lie, thats a cool line from a 12 yo

      • MLS2698

        But she asked for it when she decided to sing. Or at least when her parents decided to LET her sing.

  • JaneDoe

    Play.. Willow is a gem

  • Kaori

    Seriously, her and her brother seem to have a knack for being a little unordinary and liking the attention that comes with people being intrigued by mysteriousness.

  • shame on you

    I HAVE HEARD IT SO MANY TIMES BEFORE…she sounds good WILLOW if its for you i well happen but not unil you find you…keep trying this not it its to ”DARK” just be you….

    • Skylar

      she’s 12…she probably just started her period

      • Pivyque

        LOL Omg!! Too much!

      • autumn


      • ashley

        lmao i can’t!

      • MLS2698

        Howling!!!! Lol! But really, if she wants people to be quiet, then maybe she should be too. I think her voice is nice though.

  • DS