What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Pic Of Baddie Bey And Her Underboob On The Cover Of GQ

January 9, 2013  |  

Yesterday, leaked pics of this cover hit the net and girls went wild — red leopard print panties with zippers on the side also went out of stock.

We haven’t seen Bey this nakey in a long time so some people weren’t sure if this cover was official, but now that GQ has put the image on their website, word is officially out — Baddie Bey is back.

Looking better than she did pre-pregnancy — and not like anybody’s mama by the way — Beyonce is showing off a lot on the February issue of the mag which is counting down its “100 Sexiest Women of the 21st Century.” Bey is definitely showing off why the countdown is starting with her and though we can think of about a million things to say about this shot, we’re sure you can too. So have at it — caption this pic of Beyonce’s super swexy GQ cover.


Oh —- and look at a few more pics of the inside images on the next two pages.

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  • Ya and Kenya M. From The Real House Wife’s of Atlanta, Really thinks she looks like Beyonce Ya OK uuum think again Kenya you can’t even get close to her on your good day, Pleazzzzzzze give it up. Breyonce is way out of league, Kenya said that everyone come up to her an said that you LOOK LIKE “Beyonce” she is just crazy.

  • Dani

    She looks good, but she would look just as nice with her clothes on. I think she would have had the same sizzling effect with a nice form-fitting dress on. It’s Beyonce after all, but instead she dresses in some coochie cutters with peekaboo tatas, something that is reminiscent of what Rihanna would do. And if this picture is your motivation to get up off your butt and workout, you should be fit, tight and right by now because there are many skimpy dressed, t&a all out.. photos of plenty women like this out there on the internet. Her picture is no exception.


    SEX Sells

  • Amarossa

    These pics were either taken before she got pregnant, or were air-brushed. There. I said it.

  • I dont get why all of you all are so angry because she has a child and is posing in underwear. she is not naked, she is not spread wide open, none of that stuff. who cares if she is a mother what does that have to do with anything? how is she not being a role model? is she using drugs in these pictures? is she posing with a bunch of men with their stuff hanging out?

    • Ms. Kameria

      My thoughts exactly. I bet if some women who have had kids looked like this after they had them, they would probably want to show their bodies off as well. Whether in pictures or even a bathing suit at the beach or pool.

  • Beyonce is looking good.

  • “Stretch marks? What are these strange things of which you speak?”

  • 7) Beyonce’s physical trainer is A.J. Johnson (y’all may know her from “House Party”) and she’s fit, too. It boggles my mind that sistas really believe it’s impossible to be fit like Beyonce if you can see what her trainer looks like. Basic nutrition, some weight lifting and steady exercise can keep a helluva lot of us in better shape but we’d rather make excuses from our couches. How about we be more like Beyonce and FLOTUS Michelle Obama (who is also a “fit” mother) and let’s move!

    • CB3

      I hear you, I do think it’s important as women we keep ourselves healthy but! I don’t think I need to be more like Beyonce. On top of the fact that Beyonce and Michelle Obama are worlds apart. FLOTUS is the wife of the commander and cheif of the United States of America. Who is fighting childhood obesity and rasing two beautiful girls under the eye of the literal world to be classy smart women who will hopefully contribute something meaningful to the world. Beyonce speaks of class and elegance then strips down to panties and t-shirt bussin’ wide open on a mens mag which is not the best example for little girs her daughter included.Beyonce looks good and if I had a couple of muti-million contracts and endorements at stake I’d be in the gym on the daily as well. So I’ll pass on being more like Beyonce and just be fit and healthy for my own sake.

      • Jay

        Thank you…

      • In order to “bust it wide open” your legs have to be open. Her legs are not wide open on any of these pics. She took some model shots. This is no different than any shot someone like Tyra Banks would’ve taken for a Victoria’s Secret shoot. As far as needing multi-millions to be in shape, knock it off. You can get $100 annual membership to L.A. Fitness and buy more fruits and vegetables to be in shape.that’s a pitiful excuse to be lazy to blame it on someone else’s money instead of lack of motivation. When I said be more like Beyonce, I meant not cut other sistas down, work together, eat healthy and work out. I can’t believe I had to break that down. Hell, even being a wife BEFORE having kids is applauded, in my opinion. I still say there are parts of her that can be admirable for Sasha and Malia. It’s a model pose. Knock it off. We never saw Beyonce out there sleeping with everybody. Only people she appeared to be connected to was Marques Houston (maybe?) And Jay-Z. I respect that in her. Most of the folks dogging her sound slightly jealous and some just extra petty. That’s something I can’t help women work on. It has to be fixed on the inside. Good luck withthat. In the meantime though I applaud Beyonce for doing her thing.

        • CB3

          To be all the way honest I don’t know anything about Beyonce or her vagina and who she has shared it with other then when she puts on a cut up leotard and bust it wide open or when she decides to forgo the pants/panties all together. And for someone who is speaking about sisters not cuttling each other down you seem to be quite intent that all we do is sit around with our “hair did” and eating cheetos. Maybe you should take some of that gusto for solidarity and apply it to yourself.

      • And you can clearly see that my comment was about being more like them with “let’s move” program to fight obesity. FLOTUS would’ve been eating healthy and staying fit regardless of her position or her husband. Beyonce has always been in shape even before she hit it big. That’s a mindset, not a status or a salary rate. Lamest excuse ever to not try to be healthy is to start talking about everybody’s salaries. Sistas spend millions on hair products but are the first ones to throw around accusations and excuses why someone can’t be in shape. It’s grown VERY old. *rolling my eyes*

  • YouHeardMe!

    I just don’t feel Bey, never had, and trust and believe a hater I’m not. She’s just not what I call talent, and she’s ghetto as hell. She’s man entertainment, that’s what keeps her on the map. Looks like she’s trying to act and look like someone else. HMMM you know who. We all know that her and camel have an open marriage on the down low. Shoot she and Jay both had RiRi. I guess she’s doing what she has to do to keep things jumping in the marriage. But this GQ look isobvious of whom she is trying to emullate. EWWWWW! You have all that money have your own look.

    • $60 for a basic relaxer and style + 2 times per month for styling at a shop = $120 for the year that’s $1,440. Basic annual gym memberships are $100 to $120. Hell, even Flirty Girl Fitness is maximum is like 1,000. Basic math, folks. We will spend money on what we think is a priority and you don’t have to be a millionaire or on Forbes list to do that.

    • Ghetto as hell? When did having a child AFTER marriage, not having a reality show, not being negative in the press, going back to school, wearing coutoure clothing and hanging out with the FLOTUS become ghetto? We don’ all know they have an open marriage because none of us on this board know them personally. You’re extra petty to call him “camel,” too? Do you spend all your days sounding miserable AF or save it for Madame’s site only? SMH

  • Nicolet_75

    “Look at me! Look at me! Don’t be distracted by kimye’s baby… Continue to feed my attention starved soul…my body is my only talent :-(“

  • maggie

    I think she looks really good but Rihanna seems to have more personality and unique sass–that is what Beyonce has never had. That is why Rihanna’s ‘nekkid’ pics will always have more umph.

    • Amber

      Rihanna’s nekkid pics have no umph. She’s shaped like a boy. Give me the curves of Bey anyday.

      • Jay

        Rihanna has major sex appeal. And oozes sex appeal. Which I might add is more effortless than Bey but thats your opinion..

  • bullheadedtaurus

    Not really a Bey fan but she looks great! Almost makes me wanna work out, but I won’t since I won’t be photoshopped…*grabs a soda and some chips*

  • Tudbee

    The caption at the top right corner says it all….”Put your pants back on”

  • TK

    I wasn’t sure who that photo shopped tan bed blonde chick was at first.. She lost me way back when she decided to be “African American French and Indian” Nothing classy or relatable about her-she is just doing ish to attempt to stay relevant. As a mother of both a girl and boy, I wouldn’t pose for mess like that…

  • she looks good. wonder what the First Lady thinks, lol!

    • Solo

      I wonder what the president thinks.. All I’m trying to say is Beyonce is not on a Rihanna level she breaks bread with the President then on the flip side she pops it and drop it for the world. I can imagine the thoughts when she is actually standing in front of him. And please he Mr President is still a man. Way to pimp your wife Mr Carter

      • i agree with you all the way! i only wonder what the first lady thinks because you know she came out and said Bey was a “role model” for her daughters.

  • honest

    she looks like Kate Hudson in the black crop top photo…that is not natural….but you black women will continue to worship and defend her when she clearly is striving to look nothing like you….smh

    • Jess

      I have to agree. I love Beyonce, but I always hate when she strives to look so much like a white women. On her 4 album cover she looked so much like a white women that if you didn’t know it was her you could mistake her for one. But i guess this is what sells… so sad. I chose not to support any of this nonsense anymore.

    • Solo

      I agree 100%. I applaud her for allegedly just giving birth but the above picture looks weird

  • Kitsy

    Caption: “Desperate To Stay Relevant”

    • Amber

      Caption: Beyonce will always be relevant.

  • D

    ewwww, airbrushed and still gross

    • Solo

      I am sure Rihanna is somewhere laughing her azz off

      • Amber

        Rihanna get’s airbrushed herself.

  • Sagittarius81

    Totally photo shopped, NEXT!!!

  • I’m fly, stop hating!! *in my beyonce voice*

  • honest

    they say Rhianna has no class and she is always nekkid…but when Beyonce does it she gets a pass?…like i said when she needs to sell records Beyonce will take it off also and she is worse in my book she is a wife mother and in her 30s leave that to the young chicks….

    • Ms. Kameria

      Rihanna is almost always naked, rather it’s on a cover (to sell records) or in pictures in general. It’s very rare that Beyonce is on a cover naked, that’s why it’s a shock, and probably why the magazine sold out so quickly. She looks good tho.

      • Pivyque

        True, but Beyoncé has always carried herself with so much class to me. It’s sad to see, that in reality, she does have a price. She does look good, tho lol

        • Solo

          The queen has to stay on top…

          • honest

            this doesn’t make her a queen this makes her a follower….and you all need to stop with this “queen” none sense..the last queen i paid attention too was Princess Diana and she was known for doing alot for Africa and orphans unlike Beyonce who is black like us (isnt that sad)….you stans are delusional…Rhianna comes off more real and honest then this chick

            • Solo

              I was being sarcastic

            • Amber

              You Rihanna stans are delusional. What’s “real” about Rihanna? That she’s always nekkid? Beyonce a follower? That’s funny because she’s been on magazine covers way before Rih had a record deal.

              • lala

                on magazine covers before rih had a record deal? ok shes older and?

            • Jessica

              I wish commentors can push a person like button a million times, because I’ll push your like button constantly. You hit everything right on the dot.

      • Rihanna has one naked album cover ppl act like all her covers are sexual they are not only the last one

    • Amber

      You just answered your own question. Rih is ALWAYS nekkid.

  • beauty85

    she should be past that stage, leave that rihanna. This is one of the things that a mother should not do.

    • JaneDoe

      Girl your such a hater.. I kid I kid.. She looks good and I’m a leave it at that before I get Checked

    • Pivyque

      I agree with you. When I saw these pics, I immediately thought that it was something that Rihanna would do. Although, I do think it is inappropriate for a mother (especially one with a daughter) to be dressed this way so publicly, I understand that Beyoncé is her own woman and not just a wife and mother. If this is what she wants to do and her husband is ok with it…my opinion doesn’t really matter lol

      • lalatarea

        Her husband is ok with it??? OK

        • Pivyque

          I don’t know! I hope he is. I can’t imagine why she would do it if he wasn’t.

    • Sagittarius81

      What about moms who are p0rn stars? What about moms who pose for Playboy? Bey is not the first mom to pose for swexy pics.

      • Steph brown

        Those moms don’t claim to be classy and elegant.

        • JaneDoe

          Lol, and those moms aren’t role models to the Presidents daughters or sing at the inauguration ball for the President

  • beauty85

    Too much liposuction

  • Marguerite

    Wow, she’s smoking!!

  • SheBe


  • thatonegirl

    Was just about to skip out on my workout today until I saw these pic( logs off grabs gym shoes).