“I Thought She Rapped…Or Whatever”: Mariah Talks Nicki Minaj With Barbara Walters

January 9, 2013  |  

Source: ABC News

When you’ve achieved Diva status, like Mariah Carey has, the public is bound to believe you when things get a little hairy between you, the diva, and a newcomer. This time that newcomer just so happened to be Nicki Minaj. While I’m willing to bet money that Mariah started or instigated whatever argument that was caught on camera, Nicki Minaj was the one who came off looking crazy, as she was the only one heard screaming.

And then, in the aftermath, when the media tried to get both sides of the story, Nicki responded in smaller media outlets while Mariah talked to Barbara Walters, telling her that she hired extra security after Nicki threatened her. She even pulled the mama bear card, saying that now that she has two twins to protect, she can’t take those type of threats lightly. Well played, indeed. You can imagine whose words traveled the fastest.

And recently, in another exclusive with Barbara Walters, Mariah threw some serious shade when she responded to the lyrics of Nicki’s new song, “Hell Yeah,” which is an obvious jab at her fellow American Idol judge.

Check out the utter dismissal in the video below. You can watch the full six minute interview or skip to the 3 minute mark where it gets juicy.

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  • Live_in_LDN

    I’m not a Nicki fan in the slightest but all I read into this whole spectacle is that Mariah is threatened that she has to share her spotlight with a younger and more popular woman.

  • Chassie

    funny mariah, pretty sure she rapped on your track……

  • honest

    when lil kim tried to warn everybody about Nicki they called her a washed up hater…karma is a B now we see what Kim was talking about…Nicki is not humble at all and she is really ghetto

  • yeppers

    OOOOHHHH this bish is SHAKIN THE TABLE!!!!

  • WhichWayisGO

    “Can’t we all just get along” – From an outsider looking in, though, Nicki may want to tone it down…she is coming off as a little on the edge…idc who is right or wrong…they should be out to protect their brand….and why is Mariah responding to every question about Nicki??? She should just let her 200 million+ albums and a million accolades do the talking….

  • sasha

    Seriously if I was a contestant on american idol in no way could Nikki tell me I had no talent..lmao…I would be like you got your nerve…Nikki is in no way even qualified to be a judge of anything musically …this adult immature lil wayne puppet barbie clown truly needs to go somewhere and sit down

  • Trisha_B

    Move on!!! Geeze its so old. Mariah can’t think shes so above Nicki if she had her on her song (which was a major hit b/c Nicki was the new face on the scene tbh). I don’t think its fair that Mariah is throwing this “pity party” on a larger base. I always thought it was fishy how the tape only starts w/ Nicki yelling. The cameras are always rolling on AI, which means the tape was edited. I think it was done by Mariahs peoples in hopes that AI would be embarrassed by Nicki’s mouth & fire her. Even Nick Cannon said the situation wasn’t that serious, so why is his wife trying to blow it up? Its not gonna bring in more ratings to that wack show.

    • sasha

      lol ummm Nikki ghetto so its not a large stretch to see her acting out on tape…I dont think it is a pity party I think its truth NOW mariah’s reaction is a little over the top but nikki did threaten mariah ..I can see that all day long…nikki is known to go off on people so even if mariah did over react that is her right…when someone threatens your life your life you have the right to do what you have to do to feel protected

      • Trisha_B

        Mariahs own husband said no one was threatened. Mariah dramatized the whole thing. Do you honestly think Fox would keep someone around that threatened to cause bodily harm to someone on their show? Why doesn’t Mariah tell what she said to begin the rant from Nicki? Yes nicki is mouthy, but at a place of business getting 12 milli, she has enough sense then to have an episode for no reason. She was constantly pushed until she got to the edge. The tape was edited to cut mariahs part out & show nicki cursing.nicki can even be heard telling the producers she tired of it, meaning mariah been messing w/ her from the beginning. Status doesnt mean anything, you can’t talk to someone a certain way just b/c of your name & you want all the attention, end of the day yall got the same job.

        • sasha

          ..so Nikki had a reason we did not see on tape because the tape was edited lol..Nikki is a ghetto I dont care how much you dress her up like a rag doll..I am no big fan of mariahs either but it is what it is…OKAY mariah said something to piss nikki off an Nikki being Ignorant reacted in THAT way ..(Overly Aggressive) that is what we see on tape and some people are intimidated by this behavior and react with fear…so again Mariah had the right to REACT in the manner she did considering that Nikki reacted in the manner she did…keep in mind mariahs husband may not have the level of fear maiah does so he may as well thought of it as no big deal and even you and I may not have the same level of fear but some people DONT like to be threatened with words and react to protect themselves and I have to respect that…and you are right about the fact its a high paying job so everyone in that environment deserves to be in a curse free, calm atmosphere ,if it were a average job nikki would of been fired because perception dictates that people can communicate effectively without cursing and screaming and ALSO get their point across

      • Live_in_LDN

        Nicki isn’t ghetto. She went to stage school. The hood thing she does occasionally is an act to play up to that section of her fan base.

        • sasha

          newsflash you dont have to come from the HOOD to be GHETTO an Nikki is ghetto acting or not she got the role down pat…perception is what matters

  • mac

    “Rapped or whatever” is correct. Matter of fact it’s quite generous.

  • Rhondayes

    Always trying to remain relevant. Mariah’s days are numbered and Barbara’s are just wrong. She needs to sit her tail down some where.
    She had better be still and quiet, because she has hit the tipping point interviewing Honey Booboob…was she serious?

    • sasha

      lol Mariah is relevant she has sold over 200 million records worldwide only 3 other artists have sold more and I seriously doubt Nikki will be one of the ones who will come close lol

      • Live_in_LDN

        Mariah’s been in the industry for like 30 years. She was in her peak before the rise f illegal internet downloads so records sales for everyone where sky high in the 90s and early 20s. It’s unfair to use record sales as a mark of comparisson for Mariah and artists of the present day as the music industry has been competely turned on its head. Mariah WAS amazing but her voice and creativity has lost its edge. Nothing she has released in the last 5 years has been anything to write home about.I agree with Rhonda, Mariah has peaked and it gripping onto her crumbling throne.

        • sasha

          LMAO …its unfair to use record sales as a mark of comparisson…Are you serious ??? lol…young people are so funny

          • Live_in_LDN

            Ah…bless it seems with age your brain has turned it mush and dementia is setting in. I will explain it in laymen’s terms for the benefit of your fragile mind. If Mariah Carey released ‘Emotions’ or ‘Music Box’ today, it wouldn’t sell 1/10 of what it sold in the 90s because most people would just download it illegally off the net. Musicians today do not use record sales as a measure of success because of illegal downloading, even the present day Mariah Carey doesn’t because of that FACT. That is why Mariah Carey (and all the other musicians) have to do endorsements and tv shows to make the money they lost from illegal downloading, which they didn’t have to do in the 90s. Okay, I tried to simplfy this explanation for your elderly brain, so I hope you can digest it. Just reread it a couple of times, and take your time over the big words.

  • They need to cut it out! Now, I’m by no means a Nicki fan, but why are Mariah and Barbara still drudging up this old mess? Nicki released that song how long ago? And who else besides the “Barbs” heard it, being that none of the major retailers stocked or sold the rerelease of her CD?

    • kierah

      They ain’t cutting out a thing! This is all publicity for American Idol. Good luck to them because when the only reason to watch a talent show is the judges, I’m out!

      • sasha

        you right because it not about talent

  • IllyPhilly

    The diss song or whatever didn’t come up on my computer, but I’m sure it was something annoying and trivial.