‘You’re Too Incompetent To Take Care Of Yourself, Much Less Our Daughter’: Mimi Faust Blasts Stevie J Over Custody Drama

January 9, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter.com/mimifaust

Eyebrows across the “Twittersphere” raised as one of reality television’s most erratic personalities, Stevie J claimed via his Twitter page that a judge granted him custody of his 3-year-old daughter, whom he shares with Mimi Faust. Almost everyone knew that something wasn’t right with that claim, so no one was surprised when Mimi went at him. “You’re too incompetent to take care of yourself much less our daughter,” she tweeted before participating in an all out tit-for-tat Twitter war with the producer, accusing him of only playing the “father role” for television purposes. Since their word exchange, Mimi has put Stevie on blast at multiple media outlets, expressing the real reason why Stevie has chosen to pick a fight with her. Check out some of the highlights from her interview with The Jasmine Brand.

On what initiated the tension regarding custody of Eva: 

“This just started after I just did not want to deal with him anymore. That’s when it really got ugly. It happened when he decided to be w/ Joseline, honestly. You can’t have the both of us. If you want to be with Joseline, then by all means, go do that. You’re not gonna be with me and Joseline. That’s not going down. When he made his decision to do that, I decided to exit stage left. Eva was with me from the beginning of her life, up until honestly, about just three months ago, when I really started to get busy, when we stopped shooting. She was with me. Day in and day out.”

On the amount of time he spends with their daughter and whether or not he has custody:

“He’s always with Joseline. Anytime he’s out, he’s there…he’s never here. Not very much time at all.”

“If he has custody, I would like for him to put the paperwork up. Matter of fact, I will give him and anyone else, $5,000 to show custody papers. I have not been to court one time, about my daughter. It’s b*llsh**, a complete lie. There’s no custody issue–that’s it. The man is a liar. We sat in that therapy office and he admitted he’s a compulsive liar.”

Mimi also visited radio station V-103 Atlanta with her new man and shared with Egypt that this entire thing started as a result of Stevie being salty over the fact that she has a new guy, whom she seems to be quite serious with. She also revealed details behind Stevie threatening to take away their daughter.

“We’ve never been to court. I dropped Eva off Saturday [to see her grandfather]. When he sent this tweet out, it was Saturday and he texted me and said that he was on his way to Supreme Court. Yes, Supreme Court to take Eva from me. I said ‘You mean family court? And, it’s Saturday, really?’

Stevie is a character.

Listen to Egypt’s interview with Mimi on the next page.  What do you make of this hot mess?

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  • Nisa

    I want both of them to lose custody. Geez!

    • dddooonnnttt


  • renee

    lmao this man is a complete dum azz he just doesnt know how stupid he sounds ,,

  • hollyw

    DEAD! “…yes, Supreme Court. I said, ‘You mean family court? And it’s Saturday, really?'” I can’t with these three. Too bad she realized how dumb he as AFTER birthing his child, but better late than never, I suppose…

  • SunshineBlossom

    I’m quite over her playing a victim. In reality she really don’t mind him doing her dirty and letting her daughter be exposed to trifling behavior, or else she wouldn’t be crawling back. Save those tears. If you want your daughter shut up and do what you gotta do as a mother. If that means being single, then it is what it is.

  • Jamie

    When did Mimi finally come to grips about this man is a loser? Wow, it took her that long to figure it out? And why do people keep putting their business out on the internet? These people still refused to be educated on not putting their business out on the internet.

  • OLiv

    Can’t listen to the interview but I’m pretty sure the voice I was hearing while reading this was accurate. Down to the pauses in each statement, even the visuals with the hand movements, smh. I’m pretty much done with them. Praying that the baby was endowed with some sense.

  • kb

    lol @ the pic! She clowned him fa’ real.

  • TeahMonae

    So many innocent children are caught up in the middle of grown folks mess. Please dont complain that he’s “…too imcompetent to take care of yourself much less our daughter.” He didnt just get that way, I’m sure Stebie has been Stebie since you got with him. You knew what kind of man he was before you chose him to father your child. So in esssence, YOU are imcompetent because you CHOSE him! You love your child so much and are such a good mother, yet because of the father you picked for her, you set her up for a lifetime of confusion, heartache and disappoint before she even got out the womb. Women, let’s pick better fathers for our children please!

    • JH

      So true! The problem these days is that people don’t “choose” who to have children with. They just lay up with whoever and next thing you know an innocent child is here. PSA: Please “know” the person you choose to have a child with.

    • You are under the assumption that she’s any better than him. To choose better you have to be better. Water seeks its own level. Yadda, yadda, in other words if you a dumb azz hood chick you probably only checking for dumb azz hood dudes.

  • IllyPhilly

    These grown children need help.