Oh You Finally Got It? Kenya Moore Is ‘Excited To Be Single Again’

January 8, 2013  |  

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Sorry, I probably shouldn’t be so sarcastic. This is actually a good thing — a great thing really — although it doesn’t do much for people who are still going to have to watch Kenya Moore humiliate herself on the remaining episodes of season 5. But still, the fact that Kenya is reclaiming her singleness and proclaiming that she will not be running after Walter anymore is cause for celebration.

In a blog post, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member whose romantic cluelessness has left us all confused, started talking in her Nina Simone “Feeling Good” voice when she got to thinking about being done with Walter for good. Finally acknowledging that “his nonchalant and often cold tone, and his lack of affection toward me said loud and clear: I DON’T WANT TO MARRY YOU,” Kenya wrote:

I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to encourage me to move on and find genuine love. I’m actually excited to be single again, because I’d rather be alone than be with someone who treats me poorly. I just need to make better choices with whom I allow in my life. Even though the relationship didn’t work out, it was a blessing in disguise. God has a better plan for me, one that I could never have seen for myself. I have faith and trust in Him that the right man will find me.

I thank you all for your kind words and gentle encouragement to move on and past this relationship misstep. You have shown me kindness by not laughing at my pain, and I truly appreciate you all.

Please don’t feel sorry for me, because I am resilient and I am not easily broken. I will move on and love like I’ve never been hurt before and dance like no one is watching! Why? Because I’m still and will always be Gone With the Wind Fabulous!

I swear Kenya always has you right in her corner (or maybe caddy-corner) up until the end, then she busts our some cliche mess that just leaves you rolling your eyes and thinking, this is why you can’t get your life together.

I really hope there’s a Rhett Butler out there for her because I cannot sit through another season of baby, baby please by the banks of the river.

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  • kandikane7150

    Kenya isn’t single AGAIN, she’s ALWAYS been single. Kenya and Walter created a farce for television. He hasn’t looked like he was into her on not one episode. She’s always more eager than he is. The sad part is, he has said he wasn’t going to marry her on several occasions and even said in front of her aunt that he isn’t rushing. Kenya can’t save face on this one
    . Put away the broom and dustpan Boo because you can’t clean this up.

  • Melomane

    Not surprised….like @ all

  • MeohMy

    Hasn’t she always been single? Is it moi or did her and Walter’s “relationship” occur in a parallel universe?

  • Lana

    If this was not a ‘fake’ relationship and she indeed thought she was in a serious one with Walter why is everyone calling her delisional and dumb? I mean its easy for people on the outside to see her poor choices but there are lots of women who fortunately are not on tv who have been in the same position probably some who are calling this woman dumb! It’s ok to have an opinion but make sure you’re house is not made of glass before you go throwing stones.

  • Guest

    I don’t understand the purpose of the blog post. If she did ‘hire’ him as her onscreen boyfriend as is rumored, why is she still carrying on with the whole ” i’m moving on because he doesnt want to marry me”? Werent they just acting out or did she hope he’d actually become her real boyfriend and is hurt he didn’t? Maybe i’m the dumb one but i’m seriously confused.

    • Ms. Kameria

      I was confused as well. It was apparent that he didn’t want anything serious with her (marriage) from the beginning, and now she is acting like she let him go…..

  • realadulttalk

    So she’s finally happy to be what she’s been??? Oh Miss Kenya I cannot with you pretending like the whole Walter story isn’t a sham!!! SN: I REALLY hate the way she whines his name

  • realadulttalk

    Brande it’s Rhett Butler.

    • Lola

      Lol, I was thinking the same thing.

    • bvictorian


  • AnonyChick

    I would be very surprised if she’s on the next season of the show. Sure, she served as a source of drama, but I can’t imagine that the folks at Bravo (especially, Andy) are happy about her antics (namely, the acting + fake boyfriend). I think if the fakeness was kept under wraps and no one knew about it, she might have earned herself a definite spot on the next season, but I’m not so sure. She’s also not the most likeable person. Think about it–Marlo was also a source of drama last season and everybody knows she desperately wanted to join the cast. However, I think the lack of likeability is what did her in and ultimately why she’s not on the cast or even making any appearances this season. Many on the cast have been unlikeable at some point, but Kenya is on another level.

    • h.bellz

      What I’m confused about is that the show is supposed to be the HouseWIVES of Atlanta. Nene, Porscha, Phaedra & Cynthia are the only ones who are wives. Candy gets a pass because she’s a boss financially and hopefully will be getting married soon. Marlo was not a wife and didn’t have her own coin. She was a socialite/call-girl. Same with Kenya, she is not a wife, not even a girlfriend, so WTD? I thought about this back on the reunion of BBWLA, when people asked, why is Bambi and Brooke even on the show?

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