Where Are They Now? Some Of The Former Movers & Shakers From RHOA

January 17, 2013 ‐ By Kendra Koger
Source: Bravo

Source: Bravo

Hey Readers, as this season of RHOA is gaining more momentum, we started thinking about cast members from seasons past.  Thinking back on it, it’s crazy to remember that after all these seasons, we’ve seen so many different levels of drama, produced by so many different people.  But, what happened to some of those past participants, drama starters, or just topics of conversations?  Well…

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  • NodAtsam

    Big Poppa lost most of his assets (like Union Station Mall in Union City, GA) shortly after his wife realized he was sleeping with a paying for a mistress. This is what led to him no longer having an affiliation with the show. How stupid can a person be… if you are creeping, don’t let your dirt find light. Its that simple.

  • helo how are you

  • thedoggonetruth

    Reality shows and marriage don’t mix, that’s for sure!

  • mischka34

    They really should have kept Marlo!! She would have been better addition than “dumb dumb”…lol…I can’t even think of the woman’s name, but yall know who I’m talking about.

    • FLYw/oWings

      PORSHA……… LOL

  • D Boner

    Hate to say it, but I know Bravo is mad they didn’t keep Deshawn after the big, messy, cheating/pregnancy scandal with her husband. Glad that she didn’t have to go through that mess on camera, though.

    Sorry, but I’m glad Lisa Sweat is gone. Can’t stand people who continually stir up drama, then step away and watch everything explode. And poor Ed Hartwell. I’m not surprised that they divorced. Don’t forget that Lisa’s tagline on the show was: “If it doesn’t make me money, I don’t do it.” Seems that concept applied to her husband as well.

  • Glad Marlo isn’t on this current season. Ugh how ratchet! However I would have liked more info on why Lisa and Ed divorced. Guess I’ll do some Google-ing. And thanks for exposing Big Poppa’s identity. This is the first I’ve ever seen anything about him.

    • Really? I like Marlo-her personality is meant for reality TV. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bravo tried to cast her but she wanted too much money lol, if anything I loved to see her dress! Big Poppa’s daughter is actually lil Romeo’s ex girlfriend…RANDOM

      • Ms. Kameria

        Marlo could try to get on Love and Hip Hop. I heard Mona Scott and VH1 are handing out million dollar checks for acting a fool.

    • mischka34

      Big Poppa, his wife, and his kids were on a segment of Teen Cribs on MTV. Verrrry nice house….I think they have a hooka bar outside.

    • mischka34

      Big Poppa, his wife, and his kids were on a segment of Teen Cribs on MTV. Verrrry nice house….I think they have a hooka bar outside.

  • Sharon

    I thought that “Dr” that Sheree dated wasn’t a real doctor. Maybe I missed it. It is ashame that DeShawn and Lisa are now divorced. I hope it wasn’t the reality show foolishness. It does have a tendancy to ruin marriages and families.

    • KJ23

      The writer did say that Dr. Pepper was more of a Dr than he was.

  • Ms_Mara

    Wow! That nose changed NeNe’s whole face. She needs to go find her old nose.

    • Grey

      OMG, I did not notice that was NeNe – she had a nice face.

  • marlo is hilarious..

  • Ms. Kameria

    I miss the whole first season. It wasn’ t as much foolishness.

  • Meyaka

    I miss Lisa and deshawn…