Where Are They Now? Some Of The Former Movers & Shakers From RHOA

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Hey Readers, as this season of RHOA is gaining more momentum, we started thinking about cast members from seasons past.  Thinking back on it, it’s crazy to remember that after all these seasons, we’ve seen so many different levels of drama, produced by so many different people.  But, what happened to some of those past participants, drama starters, or just topics of conversations?  Well…


DeShawn Snow

First season we were introduced to the drama-free DaShawn Snow.  Instead of being in the middle of the drama, she tried to make a difference with her charity:  “The DeShawn Snow Foundation,”  and tried to help mend the broken friendships with her sunset bar-b-que  that was conveniently skipped by Kim and Sheree.

After the first season,and losing 30 pounds, DeShawn and her husband divorced and have joint custody of their three boys.  DeShawn has continued to provide an uplifting platform for women with her foundation, she has a series of books out targeted to young girls named “Lil Shawnee,” and she’s working on a series for teen girls, a book for women, a cartoon series for “Lil Shawnee,” merchandising, and other television programs.  She also is an ordained minister and it seemed as if she used to work at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (Bishop Eddie Long’s church). But it would appear that she’s no longer on their employment roster.  She hopes to be back on television soon.



Eric Snow

On the first season, Eric seemed very dedicated to helping his wife achieve her goals with her foundation.  He, like many of the former and current husbands, tried to stay out of the drama.

He filed for divorce from DeShawn in 2010.  There are different allegations of why that is.  Like his ex-wife, he has his own charity foundation to encourage young people with (particularly young men) to “Shoot for the Moon.”    After a knee injury, he became an assistant coach, and then ventured into sports broadcasting, which resulted in one incident where he allegedly fell asleep at a game, but we’ve all had those moments, right?


Lisa Wu-Hartwell

Lisa was like the energizer bunny of success.  She was a real estate agent, and had many other successful ventures.  On the show we watched her launch her own jewelry and clothing line and she didn’t seem like she was gonna stop…

Which she hasn’t.  Though she recently ended her marriage with her husband Ed Hartwell she hasn’t let that slow her down.  She has launched her own lipstick line through the Lip Addyct company, she also co-wrote the book “When the Cake is Made,” with author Miasha.  She continues to work, has a plan to make a part two to her book, while also using her production company to help make the first book into a movie, and she recently did an interview with our sister site Mommy Noire about how to juggle being a successful mother and a successful business woman.



Ed Hartwell

Edgerton was the supportive husband to Lisa who helped her in their joint business ventures while also trying to get back on the football field after experiencing an injury.

After the show, he and Lisa amicably divorced, and Ed found a slight footing in acting by appearing in a few episodes of Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne” and on a few episodes of “Meet the Browns,” along with Lisa.



Sheree Whitfield

Sheree always provided a platform for drama, even when she was trying to avoid it.  From her birthday party first season, trying to plan her independence party on second season, her acting career on third season, and trying to get her deserved child support from her ex-husband Bob Whitfield.

Since the beginning of the show, she was fighting for her ex-husband to pay for back child support, and according to TMZ she won her suit and he was charged to pay over $75,000.  However, right when we finally think that Sheree is “winning,” (she has started to turn her “She by Sheree line into a fitness line) TMZ also reported ten days ago that her divorce lawyers sued her to the tune of $100k.  I hope things work out well and she can get back on her feet financially, because a lot of people are still awaiting the reveal to Chateau Sheree, and I know it’s gonna happen.  I’m rooting for you, Sheree!!



Anthony Shorter

While Sheree was trying to find a way to celebrate her new fabulous life, without Bob and drama, the drama fell right on the table when she was crossed party planner Anthony Shorter.  Once the conversation turned from business to threats, he uttered:  “You better be careful who you’re talking to before you get checked.”  Which lead Sheree to say:  “Who gon’ check me, Boo?”  Best. Line. Ever.

Anthony, capitalizing on his new found fame went on the media circuit, talking to people like Wendy Williams, and other interviewers.  Claiming that his depiction on the Bravo series was spot on he decided to pursue the direction of his own reality show, where he planned parties for high end clients from LA to Atlanta.  He shot the pilot and recorded the theme song and shopped the show around.  however, it was never picked up.


“Dr.” Tiy-E Muhammad

Sheree just has a parade of randoms following her, doesn’t she?  “Dr.” Tiy-E Muhammad was introduced to the viewers as a relationship expert, and Sheree’s potential boo.  As the two (kinda awkwardly) dated, everything came to a head when she invited him to a game night at her house and everyone alleged that Dr. Pepper was more of a doctor than he was.  After a final confrontation with Sheree he strutted off into the sunset.

After RHOA he continues to deliver relationship advice.  he wrote a few relationship books, and he also continued to pursue acting in stage plays.  Something he had been doing for multiple years before the show.


Marlo Hampton

Oh Marlo, Marlo, Marlo… Marlo started off seeming pretty cool, but when angered she became a polarizing character.  With her threats and yells she offended people and prodded them to “check [her] police record.”  However, even after having a checkered past (no one’s past is perfect) she was still able to foster positive relationships with Atlanta’s elite.

After appearing on last season, she graced the covers of magazines and opened up about her abusive past with an absent father and an abusive, drug addicted mother in a few interviews.  She is trying to give back to the community with her “Glam it Up” Foundation which is built to help build up the self-esteem of young girls, but also help them to achieve their goals.


Lee Najjar “Big Poppa”

Though we never saw him on television, Big Poppa was a star on the show on his own.  The viewers only had a connection with him as the Kim Zolciak’s infamously married boo.  His presence was evident though, through her jewelry, her talking on the phone, and his Bentley.  It wasn’t until after the 1st season that it was confirmed that he was the “Big Poppa” that Kim and the other ladies talked about.

From what I could find (because I couldn’t confirm it) it seems as though he is still married.  He was arrested for failing to appear in court, but was released.  His home was featured in an episode of “Teen Cribs,” but it’s now up for sale.  He’s been relatively quiet outside of the Atlanta front.


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  • NodAtsam

    Big Poppa lost most of his assets (like Union Station Mall in Union City, GA) shortly after his wife realized he was sleeping with a paying for a mistress. This is what led to him no longer having an affiliation with the show. How stupid can a person be… if you are creeping, don’t let your dirt find light. Its that simple.

  • helo how are you

  • thedoggonetruth

    Reality shows and marriage don’t mix, that’s for sure!

  • mischka34

    They really should have kept Marlo!! She would have been better addition than “dumb dumb”…lol…I can’t even think of the woman’s name, but yall know who I’m talking about.

    • FLYw/oWings

      PORSHA……… LOL

  • D Boner

    Hate to say it, but I know Bravo is mad they didn’t keep Deshawn after the big, messy, cheating/pregnancy scandal with her husband. Glad that she didn’t have to go through that mess on camera, though.

    Sorry, but I’m glad Lisa Sweat is gone. Can’t stand people who continually stir up drama, then step away and watch everything explode. And poor Ed Hartwell. I’m not surprised that they divorced. Don’t forget that Lisa’s tagline on the show was: “If it doesn’t make me money, I don’t do it.” Seems that concept applied to her husband as well.

  • Glad Marlo isn’t on this current season. Ugh how ratchet! However I would have liked more info on why Lisa and Ed divorced. Guess I’ll do some Google-ing. And thanks for exposing Big Poppa’s identity. This is the first I’ve ever seen anything about him.

    • Really? I like Marlo-her personality is meant for reality TV. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bravo tried to cast her but she wanted too much money lol, if anything I loved to see her dress! Big Poppa’s daughter is actually lil Romeo’s ex girlfriend…RANDOM

      • Ms. Kameria

        Marlo could try to get on Love and Hip Hop. I heard Mona Scott and VH1 are handing out million dollar checks for acting a fool.

    • mischka34

      Big Poppa, his wife, and his kids were on a segment of Teen Cribs on MTV. Verrrry nice house….I think they have a hooka bar outside.

    • mischka34

      Big Poppa, his wife, and his kids were on a segment of Teen Cribs on MTV. Verrrry nice house….I think they have a hooka bar outside.

  • Sharon

    I thought that “Dr” that Sheree dated wasn’t a real doctor. Maybe I missed it. It is ashame that DeShawn and Lisa are now divorced. I hope it wasn’t the reality show foolishness. It does have a tendancy to ruin marriages and families.

    • KJ23

      The writer did say that Dr. Pepper was more of a Dr than he was.

  • Ms_Mara

    Wow! That nose changed NeNe’s whole face. She needs to go find her old nose.

    • Grey

      OMG, I did not notice that was NeNe – she had a nice face.

  • marlo is hilarious..

  • Ms. Kameria

    I miss the whole first season. It wasn’ t as much foolishness.

  • Meyaka

    I miss Lisa and deshawn…