What You Doin’ On The Market? 15 Celebrities We’re Shocked Are Still Single

January 10, 2013 ‐ By M A
Brian To/WENN.com

Brian To/WENN.com

Celebrity couples checker the gossip pages and are constant fixtures in blogs, and while their relationship ups and downs are chronicled for the world to see, we got to thinking about those A-listers who don’t have that special someone. They’re gorgeous, they’re talented, and they’re hopelessly single at the moment … and we’re genuinely surprised. It should be noted that we don’t think anything less of our single brothers and sisters who may be single by choice. This list is more to spotlight some truly wonderful Hollywood folk that we’re shocked haven’t been snatched up yet.

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  • MLW

    Is it just me or does Madame Noire have way too many ads? I LOVE the articles that are written but I can never get through them with the amount of pop up ads, side bar videos, and mid- article ads. MN, please kill some of these ads. This is overload!

  • scandalous7

    Zoe will be boooed up with some white man again soon enough, no worries for her.

  • catherine james

    I though Evans was dating Minka Kelly, no? If only Zoe/Kerry/Sandra liked girls in addition to/instead of boys; I have crushes on all three. 🙂 And Idris is a modern Renaissance hottie!

  • Nevets Nonnacs

    I know sites like this, BOSSIP and others try to monetize your sites by littering your pages with ads and forcing clicks through articles… It’s too bad because I’ll never click-through or visit busy-assed browswer slugging sites like this a second time.
    USABILITY and ease of navigation are CRITICAL. Get help or get better. Damn.

    • 305MovesLikeDagger

      True, I am not clicking through 15 damn pages, aint nobody got time for that.

    • scandalous7

      every time you click, the site makes money, thats why they do it. This site even explained it because of the constant complaining

  • Kaori

    Is there something about these people that would make one belief that them being single isn’t normal?

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  • TeamMe

    Laz you know you my boo. Quit tripping!!!

  • Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    Idris Elba… Single??? Wow! Who new? Laz also ? Didn’t know he was Cuban, doesn’t look like it. Of course Trey is single!!!

  • thebaby_gurl

    Trey Songz is single…too bad I’m too young

  • Shan

    I will take Laz on a silver platter ANTYDAY!!! Comida Cubano all day!!!

  • Jomiya

    Na, dont be giving false hope now, I doubt idris is single he gone pull a Michael Ealy on is and announce he been married for a year to some long time girlfriend and break hearts across the nation.

  • customcalendars4u2

    Idris Elba should hook up with Sandra Bullock and help her raise little Louis!

    • Tamika


  • Black


    • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

      Idris was previously married (now divorced) and also even has a daughter.

  • sabrina

    Isn’t Kerry in a relationship? Last time I heard, she was dating an athlete dude?

  • Meyaka

    Teahmonae please!!!! (Puts hair in bun) I will fight you over Idris. (Pull sneakers on).

    • TeahMonae

      LMBO!!! Girl, he is just simply gorgeous…. And that s ex y British accent is enough to make me melt! (sorry hubby!) Have you ever listened to his music? He actually has a nice lil flow. He has a song called Lover with Music Soulchild. Check it out, but warning you it’s gonna make you love him even more!

      • Meyaka

        Oh my God he sings?!!!!!!! I’m on my way to listen to it now.

        • TeahMonae

          He raps. He uses the name 7 Wallace for his music…

          • Meyaka

            I heard “lover” … Ahhh let me go find my hubby hihi

        • KalifaWilliams

          listen to “sex-in-your-dreams” on youtube….

          idris is the real deal hunny

          • Meyaka

            Damn! I want to sex him in my dream!

    • Ru4real

      I’m happily married but I might have to jump in this fight! Lol!!!

      • Meyaka

        Lol maybe we can arrange something with him.

  • am

    I really thought that Idris and Jill Scott would make a good looking couple after her performance a couple of years back on one of the award shows. He needs a real woman.

    • Kaori

      Are the women he dated before not real?

  • Sad day

    Unfortunately Chris Evans isnt single….hes supposed to be dating Minka Kelly *darn*

  • TeahMonae

    Idris Elba is not single! We just decided it would be best not to discuss our relationship publicly.

  • maggie

    I am suspicious that some of these men are single by choice b/c they want to take advantage of any pu-tang that they are interested in without having to answer to anybody,

    • TeahMonae

      I wish more men would remain single if they weren’t willing or ready to be monogamous.