Parents Of Both Jovan Belcher And Kasandra Perkins Stuck In Custody Battle Over The Late Couple’s Daughter

January 8, 2013  |  

At four months old, the familial life of baby Zoey seems to be in turmoil. Her father, Jovan Belcher, shot and killed her mother after a very ugly argument in December, but now her grandparents are at odds over who should take custody of her.  After the tragedy occurred that took the lives of both of her parents, according to the Daily Mail, authorities handed little Zoe over to Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd, who was actually present at the time when Belcher shot and killed Kasandra Perkins. But when Shepherd let Perkins’ family take the little girl to Texas so that she could attend her mother’s funeral, they decided NOT to bring her back. They’ve also stopped communicating with Shepherd, and it’s been drama ever since.

Shepherd is now seeking full custody of Zoe, and with that responsibility, she would also get to be conservator of the child’s estate, while Zoe’s maternal grandparents and other family members are also filing suit, asking to care for the girl, that her residence be in Texas, and that a guardian ad litem would be appointed by the courts to handle her benefits. As we told you before, as part of the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, under the new Surviving Child benefit, Zoe will be able to collect $108,000 each year from now until she is 5, and after that she will receive $48,000, and then $52,000 until she is 18 or 23 years old, depending on whether or not she goes to college. But we’re going to just assume the intentions of both of these families are good, that they just want to have this child around because they love her, and that the battle between them has nothing to do with the money she will receive at all.

The couple had many issues while together, and reports say that Belcher was seeing another woman, Brittni Glass, who claimed that Belcher made threats of violence about Perkins before the murder-suicide. But according to the New York Post, it is alleged that the argument that took place between Belcher and Perkins on that fateful night had less to do with Glass, and had a lot to do with whether or not Zoe was his daughter at all, which was confirmed as an issue between the two by a Kansas city police officer. Because of all this, some have asked why Shepherd would try and seek custody of a child that might not be her son’s. But I’m sure all the confusion with that will be cleared up soon enough, because according to the Daily Mail, hearings are scheduled to take place on the subject of who Zoe will go with, as well as specifics regarding her Surviving Child Benefits, starting later this month.

I know this is a very terrible and touchy time for both families. I’m sure Shepherd has a bond with the child after helping take care of her while her son and Perkins were alive and after their deaths, and at the same time, after losing Kasandra, I’m sure her family, who lives all the way in Texas would like to hold on to a little piece of their daughter through their grandbaby. I’m sure they both have good reasons to take full custody of Zoey, but for the child’s sake, it would be nice if they could just share custody in a civil manner. How that would be done with everyone living far away from one another, I’m not sure, but it would be nice. However, it’s up to a judge to figure out what’s not “nice,” but what’s best for this little girl.


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  • Trisha_B

    His mother moved in to help take care of the baby. I’m sure she wouldn’t hurt that child. She allowed the other grandparents to take the child to another state for the funeral. She wasn’t being difficult or anything. Why did the maternal grandparents cut off communication if the other grandmother was compromising? Makes me just think about money. If the paternal grandmother had temporary custody, wouldnt this be kidnapping? Why can’t they share custody? Every other holiday, a couple weeks out of the month they switch. That baby deserves to have both families in her life. Jovan was a grown man who made a bad decision. Unless his mother filled that gun w/ bullets & handed it to him, she is not responsible. I honestly believe its football to be blamed. Getting knocked in the head so much on the field does damage. do a CAT scan on these men & you will see the root of the problem

  • Sharon

    Sadly I am not suprised. This guy was stupid enough to kill the girl and himself. He should have somehow ask for a DNA test if they were aurguing over there was a possibility that child may not been his. Now this baby has to suffer.

  • LD

    You can always have an opinion when you are not wearing their shoes! The courts will decide and they will take inconsideration the history of both parents. I’m interested in knowing where is Jovan’s father?

  • Nik

    I hope Kasandra’ s family will be able to keep the baby in Texas, because I’ m just assuming but I have a feeling that the only reason that boy’ smother want to have custody of her is because the baby is coming into all that money and since her son is not around anymore to keep giving her her weekly or monthly allowance or whatever she was getting out of him she figure she will get it out of the Some settlement money. like I said an assumption , but I believe the little girl is better off with Kasandra’ s parents because little Zoe is all that they would have left of their daughter. Ijs

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    So where was the baby mama’s family before the drama? When we first speculated this mess would happen when the money came into play, the family was nowhere to be found before, during, and after the pregnancy. Now that this baby is a cash cow, all of a sudden they don’t want to give the baby back? Stop the madness people and let that woman have her grandchild back. . .

  • LisaL

    I’m the mother of two daughters and I’m certain that if a woman’s son killed my daughter, I’d be fighting for custody of my child’s daughter—heck that paternal grandma already raised one murderer.

  • Guest

    First, a Dna needs to be done asap. Now even if she’s his does the guy’s family really expect the mother’s family to give her back to them or want to share custody? For pete’s sake your son killed their daughter and now you want to take their grandchild? (Albeit theirs too) Really? How are they justifying this? They should let the mother’s family raise her just to console them. I’m sorry but I find it hard to reason any other way.
    There’s no way your son kills my daughter then want custody of her daughter too.

    • guest

      ”his family”

  • Ok…It’s 12 months in a a year…divide…~~~

  • Purplelilac

    I am quite sure his mother didn’t know he was going to kill the mother of his child, so miss me with that bs. As parents you can raise your child the right way, teaching him/or her values, morals, right and wrong. When they grow up to be adults, they might veer from the path that you taught them. To blame his mom for raising murderer is wrong. She did not tell him to kill her. Jovan decided to do that all on his own.

    And I hate to say this, but a paternity test needs to be done. If this child isn’t his, will the nfl still give money to the child? And if they do not it will be very interesting to see who wants this child. I think it is more about controlling the money than taking care of that poor little girl.

    • i agree it may very well be about the cash. or it could be that the mother’s family thinks all of the jovan’s ppl are crazy and want to keep her safe from them. u r totally right about needing a paternity test and then we’ll really see what is in folks’ heart with regard to such a beautiful little girl.

  • JaneDoe

    Of course they are. Sad situation but I wish the best for this child

  • realadulttalk

    Deja vu for me–when we dealt with this–our attorney pointed out that the father’s mother raised a murderer and therefore might not be the best suited parental unit. My family won the case–I wish them all the best.


    Also babies come from the breath of angels….and you can tell from this pic she knew he was up to no good….God bless her!!


    Also babies come from the breath of angels….and you can tell from this pic she knew he was up to no good….God bless her!!


    Also babies come from the breath of angels….and you can tell from this pic she knew he was up to no good….God bless her!!


    Also babies come from the breath of angels….and you can tell from this pic she knew he was up to no good….God bless her!!


    I hope these people genuinely care for this little girl and not the money she is entitled to. I really do believe her maternal grandparents should have custody. He shortened this little girls mother’s life. No one deserves that. His mother raised a coward!!!


    I hope these people genuinely care for this little girl and not the money she is entitled to. I really do believe her maternal grandparents should have custody. He shortened this little girls mother’s life. No one deserves that. His mother raised a coward!!!

    • childPLEASE!

      that`s not for you to say about his mother. he was a grown man and clearly had a problem at some point with some kind of emotional or mental issue. nevertheless he was an adult that made an adult decision. his mom would not have been able to do anything. show some respect. she lost too. how about show some class, say a prayer for the baby, and hope the remaining family does right by her…………

      • TRUTH IS

        This is totally my opinion ok. Show me someone who hasn’t gone through dark times?!? You go to therapy, talk it out (he had $ and can access help than regular folks). Shucks, if you want to off yourself go ahead but to kill the mother and leaving this child motherless is a selfish act. Parents these days raise a set of wuss. Of course I am praying for her and is sad she is motherless. It shows I care that much. In my other post I said God bless her

    • her son’s actions should have no bearing on whether or not she gets to be part of her grandbaby’s life. i too hope the battle has nothing to with money, and it’s possible that the zoe’s family is afraid that belcher’s family is crazy like he was and want to protect the baby. BUT, they don’t have the right to take the only thing left of her son away. if they’re not trying to be shady then why cut off communication with the woman after she so freely gave little zoe to them for the funeral several states away. they are dead wrong and i hope a court is able to resolve things soon for the baby’s sake. grown ppl need to stop being childish.

    • Ann

      You know I hope the same thing that they are not fighting over that baby for the sake of the money. Greedy and money driven people are now, I would not even be surprised.