According To The “Experts:” Why Men Cheat & How To Prevent It From Happening To You

January 7, 2013  |  

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There’s nothing more effective at keeping a man from cheating than a good relationship. The simple element of guilt if he so much as contemplates infidelity is more powerful than the fear of a breakup, ostracism by friends and family or contracting an incurable disease.

Still, there is no surefire way to keep him from ever having a moment of weakness or a severe case of dumbass syndrome. So, let’s begin by looking at the reasons men cheat and then try to find some possible solutions.

  1. The main reason why men cheat is that they have psychologically checked out of the relationship, or at least the sexual aspect of it. They may have lost interest altogether, or simply become bored with the repetitive “Groundhog Day” sex. It’s his fault as much as yours that the thrill has diminished, the variety is non-existent and things have fallen into a rut. He’s bored and his libido demands more.
  2. Another cause is opportunity. It may be a co-worker, an old classmate who found him on Facebook or a chance meeting with a stranger at happy hour with the guys. The thrill of something new makes him feel like a desirable man again. Maybe he gets lost in the moment and goes along with it “once, for old time’s sake.” Perhaps a few cocktails have tied and gagged his moral compass, so he screws up.


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  • I’m Cool

    This is why I don’t do relationships.. If you are going to leave me then lets just get it over with, because as long as you are not in a relationship then it is not cheating.. Don’t worry I can pay my own bills..

  • Patricia

    You have to make a decision that you will not cheat. I know for some people it it hard for some when the temptation comes, when it does, you have to make the decision of what is going to cost you to make a decision to cheat. So it all boils down to a decision.

    • jjac401

      Right, because no one is holding a gun to a man’s head making him cheat. He simply decided to do so.

  • Why Men Cheat:

    1. they want to
    2. They think they won’t get caught
    3. They have so little respect left for their woman they don’t care if they do get caught.

    • Miss Anonymous

      dont forget: 4) He knows there will be no consequences and she is gonna stay.

  • Stanley Dada

    Loving a man should be enough to stop him from cheating. If not, nothing can!

    • That makes no sense. HIS love for you should stop him from cheating. I’ve known more than a few women who loved the stank off his azz but still got cheated on.

  • ziggy

    You can prevent being cheated on by finding someone with integrity. Sounds difficult I know, but men like that exist. Before I got married. I told my ex husband there are two things that are unforgivable, physical abuse and cheating. Well he never hit me and despite never saying no to sex. He cheated before the ink was dry on our marriage license. Now he’s my ex, but not before crawling on his knees begging for me to take him back.

    As a man you gotta decide, is that easy lay worth losing your woman? Some men think it is.

  • Pet

    I feel like I’ve read this before. Nobody is exempt from cheating. But aye if he cheats move your feet. Keep it moving.

  • JF

    How about he is just a cheater?

    • dc

      Can cheating really be prevented? I really dont think it can be, i mean if they want to do they will doesn’t have to do w/ self control and knowing right from wrong? I mean really I feel it is a reflection on who the man is and his moral compass. Women are always made to feel like is their fault for a mans poor choices/infedelity….even if men do leave to be w/ someone else really is going to last? probably not…when the honey moon period is over and that new isn’t new anymore its on to the next…ask @tyneka sparrow in oxon hill maryland…she loves being a side piece and getting her debit card taken…wow what some women will do…lol