Our New Series “I Always Wanted To Ask…” Things We’ve Wondered About White Women

January 7, 2013  |  


Veronica Wells has been the associate editor at Madame Noire for two years after interning with the site once she graduated from the University of Missouri. A Libra from Indianapolis, Veronica enjoys singing loudly, watching [bootleg] movies on her computer and analyzing twerk team videos on YouTube. She’s also striving to become the best version of herself, meaning she rationalizes her love for the above mentioned twerk videos and bootleg movies.







Julie Gerstein is the style editor of The Frisky, and has previously worked for TMZ, Us Weekly and Lemondrop (R.I.P.) Originally from the Philadelphia area, she enjoys traveling, dancing, eating and used to DJ. In her spare time, she ponders stuff like, “What will Kimye name their baby”? She lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and cat, Colonel Mustard.

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  • Way cool. Love when we’re able to learn stuff like this.

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  • And please stop thinking that just because we’re passionate about something doesn’t mean we’re over aggressive.

  • kierah

    I wouldn’t appreciate anyone asking me questions like I’m on exhibit at the zoo.

  • Sharon

    I wish I could ask them how can be gold diggers and be sneaky about it? Black men don’t have one problem calling black women gold diggers but for some twisted reason they don’t have a problem when white women marry for money and become gold diggers and some of these men don’t have one problem giving them money. I also would like to know how they can look like something that the cat drug in, don’t have any education, be dumb and ignorant and can snag a brother with some money, not only that how some of them can be liars and cheaters and some black men accepts it. I. E ice tee and coco for example. I also want to be educated how they can get away with so much stuff that black women can’t get away with and we as black women get stero typed for doing some of the same thing.

    • Janae

      Well let’s not forget that Iced T was a pimp at one time so he is used to her type.

  • Question: Do white women believe the hype that self-hating Black men & media like to expel into the universe that they are mentally and physically better than Black women?

  • Marisa

    Only thing I want to know is why the heck do some white women complain about the Black Girls Rock show, every year like clock work the show comes on and its always some white chick on twitter whining about but white girls rock too. Some chick said that to Keri Washington even though Keri was getting honored that night, what ticked me off was Keri agreeing with her to appease the chick and some others. Its and organization that encourages young black girls but, the they see hashtag Black Girls Rock and its like OMG how dare other women think of themselves in that term. They cant wait to announce how they rock too freaking annoying, how quite a few white women must have the spotlight on them ALL the time.

  • Janae

    Also, please explain to white women that not all black women want all black men and that some black men we are happy to see you with. Some black men we are happy to get rid of. For example, Kanye. No black woman that I know thinks that that is a loss. His money is a loss but it was his to begin with and does not have to share that with a black woman. What most black women think of Kanye is that he is mentally unstable and personally, I hope that Kim and her mother dont piss him off. They may be marrying a wealthy man but you are still dealing with a ghetto mentality.

    Please tell this below average looking white girl who asked if black women are jealous that no sane black girl would be jealous of her and that also we know that relationships are not all peaches and cream with black men like they try to gloss over and make us think t is but we know better. A lot of them actually end badly….Seal and Heidi of which she said that he was a maniac and he verbally abused her for years, Terrance Howard said his wife was a racist, Michael Strahan’s wife just totally tried to trash him and said that he was gay, Tiger Woods and his wife, OJ and Nicole, Kim and Reggie – he actually dumped her but the Kardashian machine spun it, Ray J is ghetto and dispected Kim in all kinds of ways, Don Cornelius who died hated his exwife although she got his money but he did not want her to. Kobe and his wife, just to name a few.

    Also, there is this perception that black men only leave black women with babies ask Barack Obama where his African Phd of a father was all of his life. He left his precious white mother. As did Hallie Berry, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey. In all of Europe there are soooo many out of wedlock biracial children who have no father as well as in America but Europe has us beat. I find it hilarious that white women think that black men wont do the same to them that they hae been doing to black women when they have been doing the same thing to white women all along. Why is it that white women think that their white skin protects them from disrespect with black men. Why are they so obsesssed with how we feel?

    When it comes to Kimye, just sit back, and watch the show….lol

    • Elle

      you telll em’ OMG Kanye West if Fugly and his mom is turning over in her grave. No one is jealous of them, if anything they are jealous of us because black men, real black men love us. They love a woman who they can have a conversation with someone who they have things in common with. I could never be jealous of any woman because it’s not worth my time

  • Janae

    Why is it that when a white woman is out with a black man and a black woman is not paying them any attention, they go out of their way to make sure that you see them and in some cases will try to bump into you by accident When that happens you are dealing with low brow white girls and black guys and then it becomes too Jerry Springerish if I decide to bump her back and I am a professional woman.

    • I want that answer too. I was coming out of H&M and an interracial couple wanted to make sure that I see them. Please, I don’t have time for losers.

  • race baiting is all fun and games until someone strikes a nerve! some idiot on another page actually asks why white women don’t use washcloths. yep, just a matter of time.

  • IllyPhilly

    What kind of question would one ask a white woman that doesn’t pertain to all women?

    • Pivyque

      I have to agree with you. And another thing…I don’t remember having a vote on which black woman could accurately represent me lol

      • IllyPhilly


    • MLS2698

      Why would I want to ask white women anything? We know all about them, even had their babies suckle milk from our breasts to become healthier. Seriously, it’s whites who are curious about us, not the other way around. And truth be told, they haven’t changed much over the years; and most white women only want a black man if he is RICH. #SORRYYOUHURTYOURKNEERGlll

  • sabrina


  • Stasia

    Here’s a question: How do white women seem to always snag a guy and get it locked up in marriage by the average age of 26? Like it happens to most.

    • qui8tstorm83

      IMO..they value marriage more than any other group. They see marriage as a good thing rather than it’s the end of the world. Not saying they all have perfect marriages by far but they are more likely to grow up in two parent homes and see those images….so they want the same. They see the value that marriage and kids; a family unit adds to their life. I grew up around and associated with one white family a lot; we are just like family. If you’re un-married with no kids around the age of 26…particularly the girls…they think something is wrong with you. lol. I’m 29 and they ask my mom all the time when i’m going to get married! I tell them..I’m trying! lol.

      • Vandellish

        I agree and I’ll add to it…it seems that typical white culture believes that they age faster and place value on their youth more than black culture. They (usually the women) want to get married before their looks begin to fade or their families start to get harsh with them.

      • Kaori

        I don’t think White people value marriage more than any other group. If anything, Black people value it the least.

    • MLS2698

      Yeah, they get married early, but their men are dogs too. Just ask Hilary. White women put up with way more cheating than most for the sake of careers, etc. Don’t believe the hype, because to them, it looks good career wise to be tethered. But trust…..some are married and miserable.

  • KJ23

    I’m really excited about watching this!! Also, the bios were HILARIOUS!!

  • Alexa

    Sounds really interesting! I’ll definitely be checking this out.