Maybe You Should Hire People Who Actually Understand R&B: Solange Goes In On Music Blogs Over Brandy Disses

January 7, 2013  |  

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Well if you didn’t know Solange was a Brandy fan, now you do. This weekend, Beyonce’s little sister had her fellow (wo)man’s back like no other when she sent out a slew of tweets defending Brandy’s latest album, “Two Eleven,” against poor reviews by what Solange sees as unqualified critics. From her messages, it’s clear she must have come across a critique that gave the LP a poor rating and that’s when she took to Twitter to do a little grading — or perhaps reading — of her own. Here’s what she said:

“Some of these music blogs could actually benefit from hiring people who REALLY understand the culture of R&B to write about R&B.

Some of these music blogs could actually benefit from hiring people who REALLY understand the culture of hip hop to write about hip hop.

Like you really should know about deep Brandy album cuts before you are giving a “grade” or a “score” to any R&B artist.

And ivy league credentials don’t give you any insight on “grading” a rappers body of work…when you’ve had no access to the REAL culture.

There are SO many gifted writers who truly understand. Who didn’t get hip to R&B & Hip-Hop via the crossover artist of their childhood.

Just hire them please ,so you can stop insulting peeps knowledge.

So you can stop acting like it just popped off last year for R&B. Like it just got interesting and experimental.

So you can stop praising every rapper who raps over a trap beat, but can’t form literate sentences & then you market it as some hip s**t.

And that wasn’t a rant. It was an observation and a request.

CC: every music blogger in the world.

When one follower responded to Solange’s “observation and request” saying, “Wonder if Solange could give us profound insight into REAL hip hop culture,” she replied:

“Nope,that’s why Im not a hip hop music journalist”

All in all, I’d say this was a rather rousing proclamation for people to stay in their lane — and perhaps a major push for folks to go get Brandy’s album if they’ve been sleeping on it. By the way, I wonder what the latest reviews on Solange’s EP “True” was. Bloggers beware.

What do you think about Solange’s Twitter request? Is she right?

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  • IllyPhilly

    I thought Brandy’s album was number one on the charts.

  • What critic always writes about what they know? And who cares! They don’t sway me.

  • RaVeon

    It is refreshing to see people in the industry stand up/by others in the industry. I wish more would do so.

  • Tess

    I would not purchase any of their records, but I will get it bootleg from my sister

  • Just saying!!

    I love Solange! Don’t sleep on her. She has been her own girl for as long as I can remember…WAY more than Beyonce’s little sister (and actually preferable in many cases).

  • Ebby

    Team Solange and Brandy all the way!

  • wow

    Not a fan of hers, but she right! She just tore someone a new a*# hole. Go Solange!!

  • Amber

    I love when Solange shares her opinion. I think people sometimes expect her to be so chill that she doesn’t get passionate about anything, but clearly that’s quite the opposite. Question: Y’all couldn’t find a better pic for this article?

    • brooklynarcher

      I think it’s obvious that the person who penned this is not a fan of Solange. They chose an unflattering pic and titled her Beyonce’s little sister as if we’re not aware of that. I love Solange’s opinionated self!

  • Me, Myself & I

    I’ve always liked Brandy’s style & I’m proud that Solange stood up & stands up for so many black women who are in the industry….do your research first music critics before you try & impose your opinions on others!

  • I agree 100% they are always trying to tell our stories and have no clue of what our lives have been about or are about. You go Solange!

  • For_The_Masses

    I thought Brandy’s album was good, and Solange is right in a way. Everyone wants to be a blogger nowadays and give an opinion, but been in the game critiquing music for a good year. I rather hear the opinions of music journalist, who been in the game for years. Some of these music bloggers write like they are fans, instead of writing like actual journalist. They are too busy writing off the artist, because they aren’t currently hot – and that’s a shame.

  • Well, I love both Brandy’s “Two Eleven” & Solange’s “True” EP, they both get knocked daily on my phone’s music player!! & that’s out of the 1700+ songs I got to choose from!

    • kierah

      When you know your own mind and are confident of spirit and thought, you too will be made to look like “an angry black woman.”

      • “When you know your own mind and are confident of spirit and thought” I very much like that description.

      • LOVE it!! So true!! 🙂

    • Rai-Marie

      I think she does that on her own.

      • NowImaBigG

        Don’t buy into the stereotype, and if the stereotype fits, don’t believe it’s always a bad thing.

  • ieshapatterson

    She does make a valid point.they have people who like indie or mainstream pop,review music that is outside of that zone and rate it.sorry,but if you don’t like a particular type if music,then you shouldn’t talk about it.they need more people who like r&b,hip hop and under ground rap,to review artist like brandy.

  • SunshineBlossom

    I personally love Solange when she came into her own on “Sol-Angel”, and she is definitely right. R&B has been on a dramatic decline due to swag (read: gay hip hop) and crossover. The legitimate R&B artists are not exposed because of people glorifying fads that don’t contribute to society at all. Brandy has been in the game for a long time (almost 20 years), and she really doesn’t get the accolades she should. She has performed with Whitney Houston and had platinum albums, so she should have every right to receive praise from people that know the genre.

  • kierah

    I’m glad that Solange has her own opinions. Unlike other artists that seem to just regurgitate a PR rep’s script, Solange speaks her mind.

    I don’t mind reading other’s opinions as long as they keep it informed and respectful. Even when I disagree with Solange, I find she expresses herself well.


    Solange has quite the anger issue….this girl keep going off on everything and everyone, its ok to have an opinion but she seems to want to create a rebel attitude. Solange dear, worry about your own struggling non singing career that has not evolved after a decade. Have a seat and enjoy being Bey’s baby sister…. Enough.

    • I don’t think she sounded angry at all…passionate..yes…when its the business that you are in…of course you will be passionate.. and obviously she’s a fan of Brandy.. Just like you would defend the music of an artist that u are a fan of… And have you listened to Solange’s album.. most llikely not cause if you had you would know that she has definitely evolved and grown up in her music… And she is far more than just Bey’s little sister…she is a very talented artist in her own right… Thank you that is all… Don’t take it personal.. I love music…