‘If Kenya Thinks She Looks So Much Like Beyonce, Why Can’t She Get Her Man To Put A Ring On It?’ RHOA Episode 10 Recap

January 7, 2013  |  
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Last night, the Atlanta girls were back to business as somewhat usual after returning from their Anguilla trip, but unfortunately some cast members didn’t leave their antics on the island. Kenya is still living in a fantasy on every front imaginable, but Walter brought her down to reality after one too many questions on Sunday night’s episode. And even though there was no “sip and see,” there was definitely a little kissing and telling. Click to see what went down.

Nene shows off her surprise glambaby

Though we found out about this news at the end of the summer, it was still cute to see Nene with her adorable glambaby, Bri’Asia, on last night’s episode. It was also a little scary to think of Bryson as a father, considering the way he was laid up on that couch looking like a straight convict. The jury’s still out on whether Nene’s son has gotten his act together, but it’s abundantly clear she loves her little granddaughter and at least that means if Bryce can’t get his ish together, that little doll will still be taken care of.

Riley don’t play that

Kandi’s daughter put her and her relationships all the way on blast last night. In the past few years, Kandi has had a few notable relationships and it seems Riley isn’t too fond of the swinging door of men coming up in her space and cutting into her time with her mom. Though she made it clear that even after Kandi’ latest beau, Todd, came into the picture and moved in with them, she still wasn’t completely on his team, but she seems to be making peace with her mama’s love life.

Nene don’t play that mama’s baby daddy’s maybe stuff

As much as Nene loves that little glambaby of hers, she ain’t no fool. While bringing Bri’Asia to meet Cynthia, Nene didn’t pause when she told Cynthia she made Bryson get an immediate paternity test after his girlfriend Ashley gave birth. Now that she knows the baby is without a shadow of scientific doubt a Leakes, she can get on with the spoiling, and searching for a pair of baby Louboutins.

Kandi ain’t about that no pre-nup life

Not to Todd: This is the reaction you will receive should you ask Kandi to marry you without a pre-nup. I think Kandi nearly had an out of body experience last night when Porsha told her that she and Kordell don’t have a pre-nup. Porsha talked a pretty good game, saying that should her marriage fall apart all she would want is her name, but Kandi was like “eff that” and rightly so. Miss Kandi has been building her empire for 20 years now and like she said, you just never know. It’s one thing to lose your heart in a relationship, it’s another to lose your money too. Kandi’s isn’t falling for that, no matter how sweet the loving is.

Nene moves to LA — with Gregg

This news isn’t so shocking considering Nene and Gregg are officially engaged again but it is funny that while Gregg was begging for a key to Nene’s Atlanta home, he got one to her new spot in LA. Nene was clear that moving to Hollywood for her show, “The New Normal,” was a new beginning for her family and we see that her family is now clearly a happy party of three, with Nene and Gregg raising their youngest son together as partners. Aww.

Kenya confuses herself with Beyonce and still can’t her man to put a ring on it

I’m sure we’ve all been confused for someone we look nothing alike and told our friends that story and went on about our day. Kenya however wanted it to be known that people confuse her with Beyonce, not just randomly, but everyday. Like, 365 times each year someone thinks she’s Bey Bey. Who knew her delusions ran so deep?

Porsha’s face is saying a lot in that pic, but it got so much better when she said if Kenya’s Beyonce, then she’s Solange. That’s just about as accurate. For someone so full of herself, I don’t understand why Kenya can’t just be gone with the wind fabulous for her own looks not an ain’t no way in hayell Beyonce lookalike.

Peter kisses and tells too much

I’m curious to know whether it’s an Atlanta thing to dart your tongue all the way into someone else’s mouth and call that kissing because I can’t believe Cynthia pulled this move on Peter a week after Apollo slobbed Phaedra down in public. I mean Cynthia isn’t even engaged in a liplock, she’s essentially licking Peter’s teeth. But that’s not the real kissy news, last night after one too many Patron shots, Peter got to talking too much and spilled the beans that he used to date Nia long when she was the “it girl” back in the day. Guess he’s always liked his ladies a little younger.

Walter Uses His Words –He Don’t Want None

As much as Kenya irks me, Walter made me want to snatch him up outa those Gucci shoes by the banks of the river last night. I’m sure he was annoyed with Kenya singing the same old song, but what I don’t get is why he couldn’t plainly say, “I don’t love you, hell I don’t even like you, I don’t want to be around you, and we’re not together?” Instead he tried to drop all sorts of rude subtleties, saying things like, “I gotta tell you to do something, I gotta tell you, Kenya it’s time to eff me,” when she talked about him seeming to not be interested in her. I would’ve popped that little sinister smirk off his face if he was talking to me like that and helped him fish for some big catches with his bare hands. And though there’s essentially no logical reason for Kenya to still be confused about anything between them, I do want to know why Walter would say if he didn’t want to deal with her anymore, he wouldn’t be there. He must be getting a hefty little check for his random appearances and lies.

Cynthia has a book for Kenya: He’s Just Not That Into You

Cynthia is usually a little more subtle with her shade, but she did not hesitate to go in on Kenya in her latest Bravo blog post. Cynthia seemed to be wrapping up some unfinished business with her co-star when she wrote about her reaction to getting that Vanessa Williams book. She said plainly:

BTW “Beyonce,” had I known that you were going to gift me a book on the trip, I would have returned the favor. Have you ever read He’s Just Not That into You?

Well damn.

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  • Ultraworld

    Kenya looks like a man in drag. She wants a sugar daddy and she’s not pretty enough or even nice enough to attract one.

  • Next Sunday’s episode Walter is going to TELL ALL on how his relationship to Kenya was a very FAKE ONE an Kenya paid Walter to come on The Real House Wive’s of Atlanta as her make pretend man and That’s the Truth. Kenya is a bag of nuts she needs to go bye bye from Bravo ,Kenya had No Class or morals whats so ever….

  • Suga

    Riley is a bit much and shouldnt be in grown people business…She is a kid and need to stay in a kid place.Kenya turned Walter off, after the way she kept push the subject of marriage while is Anguilla…..Which you couldnt blame him, then she tried to make it seems as if it was Walters ideal to elope, as if they really discussed this. Kenya made it seems as if he was getting to loud with her, mental abusing her when that wasnt the case….She was a nutcase.,

  • oj9561


  • Babydoll 70

    Probably because getting a proposal has more to do with more important things than looks.

  • Any woman dumb enough to ask a man if he’s still into her is a fool. I wish I woulda LET some man decide if I’m worthy enough to be claimed. You lay out your terms and your conditions if he doesn’t comply send his azz packing.

  • I guess Porsha’s not as dumb as we think, but Kordell is if he thought it would be a good idea to marry a former video girl without signing a pre-nup…no wonder she wants them twins so badly

  • Treacle234

    Cynthia, is funny but she needs to shut it. Seriously! Halle Berry is attractive but she can’t kept a man to save her life. Keeping a man or getting him to ‘put a ring on it’ has nothing to do with beauty, or how attractive you are.

  • Treacle234

    It amazes me how much Cynthia has to say behinds peoples back but she rarely says anything to their face…….Oh please, for how long ago, did people say Beyonce was using Jay-Z to elevate her career.

  • Meyaka

    I wish people will quit with that “put a ring on it” hoodrat anthem bullcrap. Her and Walter “relationship” just started,even the “queen” beyonce was single/a girlfriend for how long? Come on with that foolishness. Kenya needs to get herself together.

    I like nene.

    • GuestfromHarlem

      You make an excellent point Meyaka. Suddenly ‘put a ring on it” is the ghetto anthem and women are spewing it out without the least regard for what that really entails. Relationships take time and the people involved really need to take the time to get to know each other and see if putting a ring on it will indeed work for them. Marriage although taken lightly today by so many is a serious commitment that is supposed to be undertaken for life and more importantly a promise made before God. I wish more people would understand that and climb out of the ghetto mentality they seemed to be trapped in reciting words from a damn pop song as a mandate for a future!!!!

  • thatonegirl

    As crazy as Kenya is she is somewhat right about the Walter situation. Walter needs to tell her if he’s in the relationship or not straight up. However, Kenya should be grown enough to know that Walter is not into her. I’m actually loving NeNe this season she seems to be really coming into her own. I hope Todd and Kandi make it through they seem like a good pair.

    • kierah

      Usually I think Steve Harvey has his head up his butt, but he was right about one thing. If you want to know if a man is feeling you, look at his actions – not his words.

      A man will take as a much advantage as you allow. He is hedging his bet (especially when dealing with an emotionally unstable woman).

      When he tried talking to her in Anguilla, Kenya accused him of yelling at her. All he did was speak firmly and directly and Kenya couldn’t take it.

  • realadulttalk

    The Kenya/Porsha dynamic on this show is too much!! I love how Cynthia is throwing shade this season. I wanted someone to ask Kenya who thinks that? Asian tourists? I can’t see anyone thinking that–I don’t see any resembling features. Nene is making me remember why she was my fave in the past–she’s back to herself. I really think her issues with Greg affected her behavior. And yes, Riley was very much on point.

  • JaneDoe

    I can’t believe she belives the comparisons enough to actually say it out loud… She is certified unstable

    • JaneDoe


  • Wow! While my momma would’ve surely knocked my head off for not staying in a child’s place, Riley does have a point! You can’t be letting your children see that revolving door of men parading in/out your house! Hopefully, her and Todd’s relationship will stand the test of time!

    • kierah

      It is such a sticky situation. You don’t want to introduce EVERYONE into your child’s life so you wait. By the time the intros are made, you are so excited for everyone to get along that you plan a lot of events that include the child. The poor kid thinks this person came out of nowhere and mom feels like she’s waited FOR-EVAH to make the introduction.
      Yes ma’am, Miss Riley did try it on her momma but shoot, that’s what you get for asking a kid’s opinion. Truth!

      • LOL you right!! And I think Riley really loved Kandi’s former fiance’ AJ, so I’m sure his death was hard on her too…

    • TRUE, I am always dumbfounded when I see kids in grown folks conversations! Those were tier one violations in my grandma’s household, resulting in a minimum pop in the mouth!

      • Babydoll 70

        LOL. Tier one but oh so true.

  • kierah

    Kenya is a beautiful woman. She doesn’t look like Beyonce at all. I don’t think Beyonce is prettier than Kenya, but clearly Kenya thinks the comparison is some kind of upgrade.
    This poor woman’s self-image is shot to hell and back.

  • pretty1908

    while riley was completely out of place, she told her mother the truth which isn’t what the adults seem to be doing. i enjoyed watching ayden in the tub, and phaedra finally looked decent for a chance at nene’s going away party. kenya is so out of if…i barely pay any attention to her. Porscha is sweet but dingy what thee hell kind of dress she had on at that funitiure store. Nene is my fav, so im proud of her loving me some ms leakes. cynthia is always so peaceful and graceful

  • silkynaps

    I like Kenya. I think she’s uniquely beautiful with her hair, eyes, and figure. She’s also quite entertaining with her flair for dramatics. Beyond that, I can’t understand why people throw so much shade her way. Other than steal the spotlight, she hasn’t done anything to anyone; so, that fact that certain people are always riding her so hard just makes them appear jealous.

    • kierah

      Aside from:

      1. flirt with other ladies’ husbands

      2. refuse to accept someone’s apology for a simple mistake

      3. try to shame someone for not knowing a simple historical fact
      4. attempt to embarass the auditioners at the agency when she was an invited guest

      5. make dayum fool of herself over a man who doesn’t want her,

      I can’t see why people throw so much shade Kenya’s way either 😉
      Yes those married ladies are very jealous of Kenya…

      • LOL!!! Like Latrice Royal says “The shade of it all honey” lol

      • JaneDoe

        Thank you .. Besides from that??? Her attitude alone makes her ugly. I am surprised she has friends

      • realadulttalk

        Lmao…well said.

      • silkynaps

        She’s a dramatic person. It’s funny. Besides, didn’t she apologize for her wrong doing? Why hold on to so much animosity?

        If married women are so well-adjusted and secure, what’s the problem with letting it go and moving on? If she’s over it, they (and the viewers) need to get over it, too. Nah…you’re right. No one’s jealous…

        • nick

          looks like the only one riding her is you!

          If tons of people feel she’s delusional to some extent then something must be up. We all cant be lying about what we see every sunday night.

        • realadulttalk

          What did she apologize for? My main recollection is her stating “…I have no time to make nice with dumb dumb…” I must have missed an apology–did she mean it??

    • jjac401

      I like Kenya too! I bet she gets allot of hate from women because her looks intimidate them. It is okay for Kenya to want someone to be in a relationship with at this time in her life. But because of her beauty everything she does is analyzed and criticized to death.

  • Na Na

    For some reason I looove this season! Its so good, maybe because Kim is gone.

  • Bless Kenya crazy lil heart

    • LOL…but Walter ain’t ish! I’m starting to wonder if she really knew this relationship was fake-maybe he did because he is just a sleaze ball in Gucci shoes