Loose Lips: Is Your Man Worth Bragging About?

January 5, 2013  |  

1. He’s Consistent/Reliable

Nothing is as refreshing as a man who calls when he says he will. Some men will have you waiting by the phone for days or weeks when he says he’ll call you tomorrow, or in an hour. What about when he says he’ll pick you up from work, only to have you sitting there looking homeless before you finally decide to take a taxi or the subway home? Most men will put their best foot forward in the beginning stages of a relationship, so he’ll be on time and do everything he says he’ll do…for a little while. But after they get comfortable, they no longer think that consistency is a big deal. Wrong. If he continues to be reliable, that’s a noteworthy trait…one worth bragging about.

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  • kierah

    My brags have nothing to do with making other women jealous and everything to do with uplifting my mate and my marriage. It is relationship affirming!
    Sometimes we overshare about the negative aspects of our relationship. When you go to your friends about a problem, you have the girlfriend chorus yelling “You don’t need him! You need to leave!” And they aren’t wrong because all you’ve shared are the negatives.

    When you share the positives, the good friends will slow your roll and remind you of why you are with this man.


    Why BRAG about anything?! I cannot gut braggers. It’s as if you are better!!!

  • Pivyque

    I don’t brag anyway. Whether it’s my man or my hairdresser, I will give them a general compliment, but I don’t give details or talk about it very long. My main reason is because when we get together, we don’t bring men up unless someone wants advice. I’m not worried about anyone trying to “take him” because he is grown. If he chooses to make himself available to another woman, be it a friend of mine or not, the blame will be on him.

  • Meyaka

    I never talk about my husband, aside from small anecdotes because he is hilarious,i keep most things to myself,not that i distrust anyone but its none of their business,My husband and i live in a bubble where only the two of us reside. No one else is allowed,invited nor needed.

    • Melody

      Ain’t that the truth!!! Couldn’t agree more.

  • Kaori

    I find no human being worthy of being bragged about.

  • i have no problem bragging about my man. I don’t have back stabbing trifling friends that’s why..

  • littleoleme

    It’s cool to make it known that you love and appreciate your man, but telling your friends how wonderful he is will only make him look like a tall drink of water for your thirsty (and trifling) friends. In the words of Jerry Lavinge Jr., “Have your top lip marry your bottom lip and STAY!”

    • littleoleme


    • auto correct is a b!tch ain’t it? lol

  • Stanley Dada

    Everyone wants the best for themselves.
    You can brag about a man as much as you want, but please don’t do it to a point that your man appears to be the only good one around town. If you do, your friends who will want to get someone like him. They’ll fall in love with someone like him they’ve never met. All of those things are good things until it become clear that your man is the only one like that, then they will try your man and tell you they couldn’t stop when they’ve got caught.

  • Mille

    It’s one thing to tell your friends that your man is a keeper, but to tell them reasons 1-10 (or whatever) why he is the bomb might find your one of your frenemies trying to take your man. The only people tell that my husband is awesome is his parents when I tell them thank you for raising a good man.

    • hiswomanandlovingit

      EXACTLY!! I refuse to tell other women about why my husband is the greatest (well to me, any way). The same “friend” that listens to your problems and applauds when your man does right, is the same one who may try to come between the two of you.

      • pretty1908

        i concur! I keep my comments short and sweet. I’ve learned to share everything with my friends. Some stuff is private and shouldn’t be broadcasted. Some women are messy and love to be nosy. I have no problem in saying I am not discussing it.