Who’s Having The Worst Week Ever?…Fantasia Barrino

January 5, 2013  |  

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Poor Fanny. Lord knows I root for her but this past week it’s become increasingly difficult to stand by and watch her sink deeper and deeper into that hole she’s hellbent on digging for herself. In case you missed it, in her original rant, she whined explained the unfairness (?) in the fact that people were judging her life when gay marriage and marijuana are legal in some places in the U.S.

Fantasia was further outraged when she noticed that the media ran with and misinterpreted her words. She released another error-laden message about how her words were incorrectly being used against her. I’m not exactly sure how those words could not be interpreted as homophobic; but Fantasia justified them by playing the same cliche card a whole lot of bigoted people play: “I have gay friends.”  In Fantasia’s case it was gay fans and a predominately gay management team.


What can we say that we haven’t already?

What we do know is that this has not been Fantasia’s week. While, I would bet she doesn’t have a problem with homosexuality as a practice, she maybe, probably definitely has a problem with them being able to legally marry…and smoke that ooo-wee.

I would bet that she’s probably pissed off a few of those gay fans she was claiming.

I’m not sure if Kid Fury was ever a fan of Fantasia but he definitely had a few choice words for the songstress. Though I won’t endorse his particular word choice, I will say that the sentiment behind his words is something I can agree with and it is certainly enough reason for Fantasia Barrino to be having the worst week ever.

We’re hoping she pulls it together by Sunday.


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  • TeahMonae

    I think it’s funny the way people feel they can pick and choose which “Christian” values they are going to follow and uphold. Homosexuality and marijuana are sooooo bad but sleeping with someone else’s husband and having children out of wedlock gets a pass. And lets not forget she attempted suicide and I always thought suicide was the most unforgivable sin. Ok Fantasia. No sin is greater than the other.

  • IDK about Fantasia but that video was hilarious!!!!!!!!

  • ijs

    I wouldn’t have back track, it’s how she felt! That’s part of the problem “EVERYONE” has to agree with that gay mess, NOT me

    • Annette


      • BoooooooooooooooYouSuck

        Y’all would do better using your online energies to petition for tax money accountability and this war on Civilian Muslims overseas. Who a tax-paying adult has consentual intimate relations with ain’t none-o-yo-business……anymore than it is Mine. #GetALife#

        • Sheena

          but you can’t force every one who doesn’t agree with what you just said to have the worst eek ever. Now really gtfoh with that.

  • Reese

    Fantasia isn’t the brightest, we all know that. But at the end of the day she did something that all of us have done at one point or another and that was stick her foot in her mouth.

  • Reese

    Fantasia isn’t the brightest, we all know that. But at the end of the day she did something that all of us have done at one point or another and that was stick her foot in her mouth.

    • IfYallDontStop

      And neither the-heck are you! Your grammar and sentence formatting bespeaks a pre-junior-high-school drop-out. At the end of the day, it’s time for ALL Nay-Sayers (including the overweight author of this Farticle) to admit the TRUTH: You’re J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Fantasia is a single mom who was determined to utilize her ethreal talent via American Idol. She didn’t allow her limited education to hinder her ambition, and has sinced cashed in quite nicely. “So What!?!?!” how her 2nd child got here. Most of y’all Jealousies would quickly bump your booties on a taken man’s crotch too. (Have a Seat, Homewreckers). And then proceed to the nearest a bor tionist to cover your misdeed. When I meet Fanny, I’m going to hand her over a song about Unconditional Love and God-Given talent. I pray to the heavens that she doesn’t read this $#!t. For All to know that she once felt Down enough to attempt suicide, SHAME ON EVERYONE defecating on her image and likeness!

      • bluekissess

        Since when did MN have grammar police? Wow!

    • ForShame

      And neither the heck are you. Your grammar and sentence formatting bespeaks a pre-junior-high-school dropout. At the end of the day, My (future BFF) Fanny is a single mom who overcame the odds and made it via the virtues of her indisputable talent. Stop hatin on her already! Admit your j-e-a-l-o-u-s-y (and I’m talkin to Bootleg Author Lady too!) and quit actin like your poop don’t stink too! For ALL to know that Ms. Barrino once felt so down that she attempted Suicide…..you should be ASHAMED of yourselves for defecating on her image and likeness in such a spiteful way! WWJD?

  • McChesney Simon

    She should have shut up in the first place.

  • bluekissess

    I think the homeless man/women living downtown in the cold are having the worst week ever.

    • Sheena

      Exactly! Fantasia ain’t having no worst week ever. There are people who disagree with her, and even if it is the gays, the gay community or whatever they’re not shutting anybody down and making them have the worst week ever. gtfoh.