I Like My Men With Good Sense: 9 Signs That Your Man Might Be Crazy

January 16, 2013 ‐ By Cecily Michelle

"crazy black man"

In the early stages of dating, people tend to put up a front. A lot of times, you don’t get to know who they really are until months, sometimes years later. Yeah, it sucks, but we live in a world where those same people playing characters are the ones who are missing a few screws. Therefore, dating can be a dangerous game, especially for us women. So if you’re getting snuggly with someone new, you may want to take a look at these signs of a crazed man so you can be ready for whatever hot messes might come your way. If any of them sound familiar, then you might want to find a way to let him go gently, and head for the hills.


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  • sarah

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  • Anya

    Pay heed girls! To these clues and the others we get deep down inside but STILL IGNORE! I didn’t and ended up getting attacked by my ex. A nutpunch and skillet later, I’m free. Run girls! Run the wind and never look back!

  • Ppl

    this is hilarious but so true!

  • Babydoll 70

    You left off one; if he calls you every 5 freakin minutes. Geesh, that is annoying.

  • rusticjersey

    I’m on the run from a nut now, he doesn’t understand that “me” time and told me he loves me after the first time talking to him, that was all I needed…peace out!

  • mac

    The timing of this article is impeccable lol, I just cut off one of those.
    He seemed clingy off top. Red Flag #1.
    Hinted that he was in love with me a few months after we met, and two dates later. Red Flag #2. And finally he went into the biggest Chris Brown-esque rage over what I thought was the smallest thing.
    No more flags needed. *runs*

  • Miss D

    I dated a crazy man who wanted to introduce me to his parents on our first date. I thought he was being weird and I said no, but still continued talking to him. After talking for maybe two weeks he asked why we werent official and when I said I wanted to take things slow, he said I was a liar and that I wanted to be with other men. (In my Sweet Brown voice) “I RAN FOR MY LIFE!”

  • I once in my teenage years dated a guy whose nickname was “Crazy”… o_O!!! Don’t judge me, ya’ll!! LMAOOOOOO… I grew up a little since then! 😉

  • I once in my teenage years dated a guy whose nickname was Crazy… oh, how glad I am that I have grown up!! LOL!!! Don’t judge me, ya’ll!!

  • Vandellish

    Cool list but I say #4 is kind of subjective.
    On another note I always get a kick out of this site’s pics. Where do y’all get this stuff? hahaha

    • sabrina

      Shuttershock apparently lol

    • Babydoll 70

      I don’t know. If someone’s eyes are full of rage, I’d say that’s pretty objective.