Some Things Never Change: Karrine Steffans Drops Trailer Announcing New Book About Her Relationship With Lil Wayne

January 4, 2013  |  

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Exactly one month ago we reported on New York Times bestselling author Karrine Steffans openly expressing her undying love for rapper Lil Wayne and how their relationship has been ongoing through two of her marriages, the birth of three of his children, three engagements and a few other major life events.”We are indestructible and I find it fascinating,” she gushed to Vibe Vixen in a November interview. Yeah, she finds their relationship fascinating all right. So fascinating that she’s writing an entire book or what she refers to as an “interpersonal literary project” about their relationship. But catch this, the title of the book is How To Make Love To A Martian.

The former video vixen released a dramatic video trailer that announced she would be starting the writing process for the book via her Vimeo page. What’s even more interesting is that prior to her release of the video, many of her Twitter followers witnessed her have a complete meltdown in the form of a Twitter rant, which came as a result of Wayne mentioning her name in his new song “Kush and Alcohol”. “No makeup she a 10 and she the best with the head, even better then Karrine,” he rhythmically spits at some point in the song. One can’t say for sure which aspect of the quote set her off, the fact that he referenced her giving sexual favors in a song or that he’s saying that there’s someone better at it than her. But, whichever it was, Karrine certainly was not happy as she went into this whole brokenhearted spiel that gave the world a peek into their highly dysfunctional relationship.

“The morning after, where everything you said to each other plays over and over in your head.”

“When you’re trying to get over it and you know you never will and sh*t will never be the same.”

“Knowing someone meant to hurt you back and did it for everyone to see, though the day you hurt them, you did it in private.”

“When he says there’s nothing in the world he wouldn’t do for you, but, still, he couldn’t manage to not hurt you.”

And so on… I can’t say for sure what Karrine is expecting from Lil Wayne, but if these tweets serve as any indication as to what her book is going to be like, something tells me we are in for a ride.

Check out the video trailer for Karrine’s book on the next page. Be honest, are you at least a tiny bit interested in seeing what she has to say in her book? We won’t judge, I promise! 

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  • Miamiprincesses

    Gotta admit ive been waiting for one of his women to write a tell all book. I just don’t know how he does it. It seems like every women that he has been with just keep coming back. Toya, Lauren, Nivea, Trina, Tearria mari, Karrine, Dhea, Skylar, Shanell. I want to know his secret

  • faydee

    I feel sorry for her male child.

  • I don’t think that this woman knows the definition of “decency”.

  • Alana

    In my player’s club voice: “Not with my gottdamn money! “

  • Prissy

    SOOOO. WE clown her yet uplift and praise Kim Kardashian? What kinda nonsense?? They both are gross yet everyone acts as if Kim K is god’s gift to Blacks.

    • Fe

      Who acts like Kim is God’s gift to blacks, besides Ye?

      • Kaori

        Black men.

        • Helpemeundeestand

          Black men or the men she was with?

    • NowWe’reGettinSomewhere

      Two Words: Racist Misogyny. If a black man is know to copulate with a non-black woman; he’s ‘taken advantage of’ or ‘seduced her’. If the woman is black, she’s more-likely-than-not to be pegged some variation of an insatiable nypho wench. Unless you write songs like ‘Girl on Fire’ or somethin. And she’s only 1/2 black. You certainly can tell the difference in her scenario vs. say….Fantasia’s, right? Point Made. Any Rebuttals? Bring Em On. I like debates! 🙂

      • faydee

        Know?known………nypho?nympho………..taken?taking……….somethin?something………Make sense and you might get a debate.

    • Callitlife

      I’m with Fe. Who are you referring to. Also Kim has not written about her sex life. The video was leaked. My take. She turned lemons into lemonade. Super head is another beasts. She talks of her drug and sexed life. I will admit I read the first book. It wasn’t what I expected. I actually felt bad for her until she got exposed on Oprah! Quite sad as she may be mentally ill. Kim K is a hustler and lets just say she is a gold digger. Does she have to mess with a broke ni***. Don’t be mad step ya game up. Trust she doing what a lot of women not in the public eye do.

  • unrequitedlove

    Not interested in reading a book about her getting hot and kinky with a Gremlin.Eww at that visual Lil Wayne looks like he itch.

  • Kay

    Y’all gon learn to leave supahead alone

  • kickash

    well, one thing i can say is that she definitely got the title right…

  • Nikki

    This is woman is off her rocker. I wonder what she’s has to say about Wayne…

  • lina

    Only brain dead scheming groupies would buy that book wtf? The success of the first one was enough but this one? She needs to go back to the drawing board cos no one wants to know how lil gremlin puts it down at least not me

  • gmarie

    so we find this offensive, but we don’t find it offensive when women are degraded daily online by scored and malicious men who get off on sharing unauthorized images of said women in compromising and sexual positions? Is that what’s going on here? oh okay.

  • KJ23

    Maybe it’s all karma. She blasted her husband in a twitter rant some while ago, and now Wayne blasted her in a song.

    • Kaori

      It’s not ‘karma’. It’s called “tit-for-tat”.

  • Meyaka

    I wish her the best.

  • GalaxyEmpress

    Karrine needs a seat, immediately! I don’t even take her seriously anymore….

  • Angel

    She is disturbed.

  • realadulttalk

    Didn’t she admit that her last books contained lies? That was her right? So why would anyone continue to feed into this nonsense?? I also don’t understand this wh*re legacy she’s trying to build for herself. How old is her son now? I’m thinking old enough to now know that mom is a wh*re and be embarrassed by it.

    • ReallyFullOfIt

      If YOU weren’t feeding into ‘the nonsense’, you wouldn’t have taken the time, electricity, or energy to comment. How old are you now? I’m thinking old enough to know you’re username is misstating your true Mentality (full of s#*t).

      • Letsrealizeitsablog

        You may want to really read what the above comment said. They were simply saying because she lied why would anyone continue to entertain her.

        • realadulttalk

          Thank you for your comprehension skills.

      • realadulttalk

        Next time you want to rant–make sure you first comprehended. You are the one who sounded dumb as dirt.

  • Kaori

    What she is doing is no different than what male rappers do. She writes books, and they write rap songs (about their sex life).

  • ieshapatterson

    Yes,this was coming before she said it was.