Don’t They Know Black Is Beautiful? New Report Says 1 In 3 South African Women Are Bleaching Their Skin

January 3, 2013  |  


Source: BBC

From Eurweb


If you thought the skin-lightening thing that was all the rage a few years ago among blacks in the Caribbean was a fad, wait’ll you see what’s happening in Africa. In particular, South Africa.

When we think of South Africa, we can’t help but the think of Nelson Mandela and black people who are proud to be … black! But would you believe that for some black South Africans there is such a thing as being too black.

A recent study by the University of Cape Town hints that one woman in three in South Africa bleaches her skin. The reasons for this are as varied as the cultures in the country but most people say they use skin-lighteners because they want “white skin,” reports the BBC.
Read more on the report on EurWeb.

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    Jesus wept!!!

  • Dawnn

    This really sad how mainstream white media brain wash black people to the point of this excessive skin bleaching. I want to personally thank all the mainstream media for doing such a grand job working overtime trying to destroying my beautiful dark skin black people. It all in the minds. Beauty is in the mind. You have to tell yourself that you are beautiful no matter what is going on and God made you to be beautiful black people. I hope they realize how dangerous these chemicals are and they can do long term damage in the long run. Nobody may not, but I love all my black people. Especially the beautiful dark skin ones

  • psylocke_2001

    They do this in Korea where I’m currently residing. There are bleaching agents in most of the cosmetics here: makeup, lotion, sunscreen, face creams. Plus, the eye surgery is so commonplace, it’s not even seen as major issue anymore. Many Koreans do this to get the round “big eye” effect. Bleaching is popular in India as well. It wasn’t just Apartheid that did a number on people, it was slavery, colonization, and the perpetual images that are pumped out in Western culture of “white beauty” whether it be through magazine ads, movies, tv shows, whatever. Until positive images of all colored people are produced at the same magnitude in which they are of are white counterparts, this self-hate will continue. Love starts at home, but we spent most of our time outside the home which is where we face the barrage of anti-black beauty. The problem is two-fold.

    • psylocke_2001

      *our white counterparts

  • unrequitedlove

    Oh gosh not again.You and raggedy a%$ Bawssip just can’t get enough of these black women hate themselves and down with the swirl articles.Please give it a break for a little while.

  • alli1234

    No matter how much they bleach their skin they will never be white. It doesn’t matter what shade of black you are, you still will be face with some kind of prejudice.I have seen people that can almost past as white been called the n word. I use bleaching cream for my acne marks but only on my marks. I will never use it to be lighter than my natural color. Sad to say European standards of beauty have effect almost everyone of color around the world.

  • JN31

    Skin bleaching happens all over the world. From Africa, India, even China & Japan. It’ll continue to happen as long as their is self-esteem issues. But the focus is always on Black people. I’d like to see the ratio of those who do bleach opposed to those who don’t so we can see how this (while still an issue) is being over sensationalized.

  • Trisha_B

    People w/ low self-esteem are just gonna raise children w/ low self-esteem & its gonna be a never ending cycle. You bleach your skin, but forget your kids are black. How can you tell your kids they’re beautiful the way they are if you can’t even accept yourself & they got half their genes from you!!

  • JaneDoe

    Bleaching is nothing new… Having low self esteem is a terrible thing

  • Ill Effects

    Apartheid truly worked a number on these people.