We Know It’s Hard, But Don’t Go There: Things You Have To Force Yourself Not To Do After A Breakup

January 4, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


Emotionally eat

You don’t have anyone to be naked in front of now, right? And there is nothing else to do because you’re staying away from the bar scene for a few weeks, right? No! Put the spoon down! The physical and mental pain that will come from seeing your bloated face the next morning will far outweigh the fleeting comfort you get from eating all that ice cream/candy/pasta or whatever your vice is. A few moments of taste bud bliss is not worth weeks at the gym.

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  • iHeartMarijuana

    I disagree with most of this. It’s nobody’s place to tell a woman how to grieve, and that’s exactly what you do when a relationship ends. You grieve the loss of the love you had. A lot of this is normal – some people eat, some people whine to their friends for months, some people try to think of all the bad things about him. Thinking of all his faults isn’t immature. It’s immature of the author to say that. Remembering why he isn’t perfect is exactly what you should do when trying to get over someone. Everyone needs to go at their own rate. It’s good to get advice, but this isn’t good advice. And actually, sometimes people do end up getting back together and some people’s situations ARE different. You can’t compare the hurt of a deep thinking girl who is letting go of a decade long relationship with the hurt of a dumb as a bag of nails girl who is getting over her one year relationship. So no, some people are “special” as you say.

  • Jud Jud

    It is hard to get over someone. But once you do, you can be able to open up again. You are still at risk of getting hurt again of course, but you can also find something real too. The experience will also make you a stronger and smarter woman 🙂

  • Mz_M

    Im definitely guilty of a lot of this right now. It’s tough but I’m definitely pulling myself out of it. Only time heals wounds.

  • Cat88L3

    Do I really need to click through 15 pages? Can you at least put 3-4 items on a page? I’m tired…

  • L-Boogie

    Interesting. This explains so much.

  • Me

    Can i be honest? Some of this stuff is normal. While going on and on about an ex’s failure isnt ok sometimes its funny and makes you feel a lil. Bit better, just laughing at it. I died laughing when my rich wanna be thug ex got arrested for possesion.lol i wish him the best…. But it was funny.