Well, Aren’t They Cute! Meagan Good And Devon Franklin Talk Building Love & Passion In Ebony

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Meagan Good Ebony


It’s that time of year again for Ebony’s annual love issue and after having a few suspect characters in their black love list last year — like Chad and Evelyn — this time around the mag has come up with a great pick for their cover: Meagan Good and her husband Devon Franklin.

The newlyweds, who just jumped the broom in June, have become many’s new favorite couple after setting a strong example of a union built on Christian principles and true love, rather than lust, after talking quite openly about remaining celibate before marriage. Now in the February 2013 issue of Ebony, Meagan gives details into just how firm their bond is. She told the mag:

“One of the reasons I think God put us together is that we see the world very much alike, and where we see it differently, we complement each other.”

Now that their relationship has gotten to a deeper level and the two have consecrated their union, Meagan says she and Devon also complement each other quite well in the bedroom.

“What do I do for him that’s romantic?” she said to the mag. “I try to surprise him whenever he comes to town. I wear nice things…Wink!”

Looks like it’s working.

This February issue hits newsstands tomorrow and in addition to Meagan and Devon, also and features other hot couples like Paula and Denzel Washington, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

Are you loving this couple on the cover of Ebony?

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  • jaylove

    My father is fond of saying ‘ Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and its usually full of ish.’ It’s amazing how some ppl can make judgement calls on a couple they have never even seen or spoken to personally and never will based soley on a few pictures. I would hope that my love is never put to such a test.

  • jaylove

    My father is fond of saying ‘ Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one and its usually full of ish.’ It’s amazing how some ppl can make judgement calls on a couple they have never even seen or spoken to personally and never will based soley on a few pictures. I would hope that my love is never put to such a test.

  • sabrina

    I LOVE these two!! Such an inspiration <3

    they WILL last…they have God on their side :)

  • GymJunkie43

    Megan Good is a pretty girl. She should not be walking around with the same drawn on eyebrows as the latina gangbangers in Cali from the 90s. Might as well add the wet look hair. I do hope they make it. Love seeing those two together.

    • Kelsey

      Latina gangbanger lmao.. I just died lol

  • Patricia

    I hope that they stay married. I don’t understand how Ebony magazine picks some of these folks. I guess who is hot at the moment to the public and what they want to see. For example, Wiz Khafia and Amber Rose? I am going to write Ebony magazine and suggest that they need to stop putting some of these couples who are a joke like Khafia and Amber Rose. I wish they would look into real celebrity couple who marriages stood the test of time. Some of the couples that they put in the magazine are a joke.a

    • ieshapatterson

      I agree.amber and wiz should have never made the cover.ebony is suppose to be a serious magazine.couples like magen and her husband are worthy.hope they last.

      • JaneDoe

        Wiz and Amber is hip hop… They are young, black, rich, and in love.. Don’t see why if successful Nene Leakes can get a cover why can’t they

        • JaneDoe


        • ieshapatterson

          Check that.WIZ is rich and amber is only known for being video ho,who is now knocked up by him.and leaks was a waste of time.

    • littleoleme

      What’s so wrong with his and amber? They seem like they’re in love

      • Patricia

        I guess we will find out as time passes won’t we to see if they last. Which I seriously doubt

  • Lela

    Marriage is beautiful and I hope they last.. But IMO they don’t seem like a good match.. IMO

    • Yeppers

      Do you know them??? I cant understand how it’s your opinion but its based on on a personal level… How can I tell by some pictures that someone doesn’t match?? That’s like me sayin my opinion is that you are ignorant by what u just posted…but then u will yell I don’t know u. Same applies here. U don’t know Megan/Devon their lifestyle or their struggle to know who is a good match. Worry about who u matched with. If anybody.

      • Tetee

        Its her personal opinon. Please chill.

        • yeppers

          Why is it always called opinion again to make disparaging comments about people u DONT know personally…personal opinion means u have some sort of PERSONAL ATTACHMENT to that person. You think you knowing the ins and outs of a celebrity from movies or blogs is ignorance and hate. You have never met or know Megan and Devon on a PERSONAL LEVEL to know what their matches are. People need to stop with that foolishness. Watch a movie or TV show and shut the h– up about peoples personal lives. And yall wonder why some of these people go off on people on twitter, etc. and to the person below me…Kels YOU DONT THINK THE PERSON YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ISNT OFFENDED BY THESE COMMENTS….IN MY SCRAPPY VOICE “what if i called yo old lady a b— lol, or yall wasnt matched , would u be offended???? and why dislike her…what did she do….find happiness and marry a man she loves…oh wow, thats odd. sheesh.

          some of yall get on here HATING like these men left yo a.. for these women…get a GRIP.

          • Lela

            You need to relax bc it’s really not that serious… I personally don’t need to know anyone to have an opinion. It’s my God given right and I won’t let a loud mouth (bc that’s what you seem like) feel anyway about expressing how I feel. You sound like you have some real issues. Btw, all caps Is rude. You need to check your social skills before you try to check someone’s opinion.

    • Kels

      Lela, you should have put a disclaimer under your comment: the views and opinions expressed are that of my own personal opinion. It is not intended to offend anyone. Everyone is entitled to express themselves freely on public blogs.
      Some of these folks on here don’t realize that ppl are entitled to like or dislike celebrities if they choose. Sheesh.
      Anyhoo, I agree with you they seem mismatched

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