Ask A Very Smart Brotha: He’s Married Now But He Says He Still Wants Me…

January 3, 2013 ‐ By madamenoire



Kat: Is it smart to put a thriving career and making money over finding a man?

DY: I don’t know which one is “smarter,” but I do know that it’s dumb to think that you can;t have both. I mean, how are you going to have any luck finding a man if you can’t see because you need glasses and you don’t have glasses because you don’t have any money?

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  • Coco black

    I will sound mean however I phrase this but some of these questions are just plain dumb…!! Like ‘some’ women have no sense. People need to trust their instinct…if something doesn’t feel right then it prob isn’t. If you want to know how a man feels about you..just ask!! Never be afraid that you will loose him, if he wants you he will often tell you. If he’s unsure, needs to think, will get back to you, doesn’t want to talk about it right now etc etc and all the other excuses….there’s your answer right there. His heart isn’t in it!

    Women also need to move on quicker…yes it hurts, it’s sad, it’s annoying but hey life is toooo short to be putting energy into someone who isn’t

    • Coco black

      …..showing you the same love and respect. If I was him I’d find it hard to say “woman are you for realllllllllll” lol

    • Kaori

      These questions are ‘dumb’ because this guy makes them up!

    • Frankly if you have to ask how a man feels about you at all you already have problems.A man 100% into you doesn’t miss an opportunity professing and showing you he’s trying to be THAT guy. Anything less than that means he’s chilling with you keeping things casual until he does meet THAT girl.

  • Na Na

    I LOVE the last answer!

  • JaneDoe

    Run… Normally when I guy somes with I am married but.. It means he wants his cake and eat it too. Tell him to try again when he’s divorced. And even then you should still run