What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Pic Of Apollo Slobbing Phaedra Down

January 2, 2013  |  


Look at all that juiciness!

We skipped out on Sunday night’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” but we did not miss this major tonsil wrestling, saliva swapping, lip swallowing kiss between the ultimate southern belle Phaedra Parks and her husband Apollo. We can’t tell you what prompted all the gum bumping in this pic, but we would love to hear your take on what was said to bring this type of tongue about — not to mention what was said after but we bet it was on and popping when they got home. Looking at this pic, I don’t think anyone is confused as to how Miss Phaedra and her honeypott became pregnant. Get it girl!

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  • dawnnkm

    I’m all for black love and slobbing your hubby down, but this right here? No ma’am! Can she even breathe with his whole mouth covering her mouth and her nose?

  • Glenn Coco

    Ew. When Apollo stuck his ole Freddy Krueger tongue down Phaedra’s throat I definitely shuddered a bit. Extreme PDA is just inappropriate, married or not. Ugh!

  • O.K. but Phaedra who prides herself on her class, southern belle persona, education and etiquette did not leave it at home, because if you possess it, all remain with you. In fact, Phaedra showed her true self. Class and etiquette are not like articles of clothing that you simply put on and remove at will. Both Phaedra and her husband were downright inappropriate, the people sitting around them had expressions on their faces that confirmed. In spite of Phaedra’s attempts to be 100% class, this particular episode showed that she lacks it.

  • Missy

    Had to turn away, to much for me. I do think there are cracks between Phaedra and Apollo and they are showing on the show. Any man whether married or single that it in the strip club every day has a problem. The strip club they took them to definitely isn’t one they frequent. That club was just TRAGIC (in my Dwight’s voice) Couldn’t take sand to the beach now could they?When Apollo was talking, Phaedra was just making those faces. I know what he said sounded weird to others but she knows exactly what he was saying. She can play confused all she wants.
    I do hope they can work it out because Phaedra and Apollo appear to be a good couple but Peter nailed it when he said he’s been locked up and he’s trying to catch up. LOL

    • Na Na

      Lol, my grandmother happened to be sitting on the other couch when I was watching and she hit the floor when they started showing all those old crazy looking strippers. she was like Oh my Lord…lol

  • (Sigh) Well, I guess I’ll eat my ice cream tomorrow, ’cause I definitely lost my appetite…

  • LadyDujour

    yeah this was gross. i dont want nobody seeing my freaky bedroom kiss. I turned my head away.

  • JaneDoe

    I literally has to turn away from the screen.. That was a freaky deekie bedroom kiss

  • Kaori


  • Hmm somebodies over compensating. Brother man already said it several times over that he ain’t happy. He sounds like he got that ho’in itch that he gotta scratch. Phadera sitting there squinting her eyes looking like she’s lost. Married man who stay’s in the strip clubs . . . .

    • Kels

      Right.. What happily married man stays in the strip club.. You could tell in the way he talked about his unhappiness that he is just about through.. Can’t bite the hands that shelter, feed, and clothe you thou..

      • I hate to say it but he ain’t on her level. That makes him insecure with his ish so he goes where he thinks he can be the man. Example # 1323214534 on why women need to get a clue that no matter how good of a woman you are men need to be standing on their own two feet BEFORE you marry them. Then again she got knocked up before they got married so she had to jump the broom to keep her sanctified image.

  • bluekissess

    It was rumored that those two were getting a divorce. I wouldn’t mind a man sucking off my face. Black Love lol

  • Live_in_LDN

    Eww. Face eatimng ain’t cute.