Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making Of “The Best Man”

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Source: Universal

Source: Universal

How did the story come about?

Before he wrote The Best Man, Malcolm Lee had multiple drafts of five other scripts he was working on. For one reason or another, they were not being received in Hollywood. So, Malcolm came up with an idea: “I’m going to write something so commercial that I can sell it and make my next picture.”  He noticed around that time, (The Best Man was released in 1999), that there were several “wedding movies” that were doing extremely well at the box office. But none of these movies had an all-black cast, so incorporating black characters, Malcolm wrote a script that would be commercially successful. And obviously he was right.

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  • what is The Sequel?

    • Kesha

      The Best Man Holiday. Such a beautiful movie.

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I wonder what can they possibly do in a sequel.

  • Faith

    This on of my favorite movies. I pray that Mia and Harper don’t get divorced or any one of them cheating in the sequel. I am afraid to even think or see what the sequel will be. It seems like to me almost every black movie or show, it always the same foolishness: somebody cheating and lying, the man got another woman pregnant, the guy scheming want to break up with his girlfriend and relationship gameplaying. I don’t hardly see any of these in a white movie or comedy. If so, not all the time. I am so tired of these same story lines. I am really considering stop supporting all black shows and movies. It is rarely now in a all black show you get to see a different story line such as gambling problem, drug or drinking problem, gambling problem children dropping out of school, being in a gang,regular everyday problem storylines beside infidelity and lying in all black show and movies.

  • Tired of these part 2’s. Every movie has a sequel now days.

  • JT

    The Best Man is one of my favorite movies. Though this list didn’t give very much behind-the-scenes information about it.

  • D Boner

    How was Candace/Regina Hall’s character/story arc seen as cliche? I thought it was pretty awesome to have Murch’s character be able to look past her profession and see the beautiful person that she was inside, and not simply dismiss her as trash or view her as merely a sex object. Not to mention the fact that she was educated and insightful, but also struggling financially and having to resort to stripping to support herself. A sharp contrast to Shelby, who was financially stable and educated, while also being classist, immature, insecure, and COMPLETELY controlling, while emasculating Murch on the regular. Not to mention being a complete witch in general.

  • Where could it pick up at? From what angle would the sequel go from? Although it has many different places it could pick up from….