Bury The Ratchet: Petition Urges Oxygen to Put An Axe To Shawty Lo’s Reality Show, ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’

January 2, 2013  |  

Source: Madame Noire

Last week, we told you about the Oxygen Network’s latest reality show project entitled, All My Babies’ Mamas, which is a one-time, hour long special that will highlight the life of Atlanta rapper, Shawty Lo as he juggles eleven children and ten baby mamas. Many were outraged that Oxygen would even produce a show such as this one, considering the fact that the network claims their mission is to “release the energy of women to do great things.” And now, a woman by the name of Sabrina Lamb has taken her disapproval for the show a step further as she recently launched a petition via Change.org where she urges the network to do away with the show that “stereotypes and demeans Black children, mothers and dads”.

In the petition Lamb suggests that the network is seeking to profit from the degradation of Black women and threatens to boycott all companies that choose to advertise during the show.

“By pushing these degrading images, your company seeks to profit from the humiliation of girls and women and the blatant stereotyping of African Americans. We think Oxygen and the show’s creators and producers have gone too far and if this show is aired, we will, without hesitation, boycott any and all companies that advertise during this minstrel show,” the petition reads.

So far, the petition has received 3,108 signatures. We most certainly agree that broadcasting a reality show that focuses on a man and his dealings with his ten babies’ mothers is an all new low for the Oxygen network and reality television in general, but whether or not the petition will convince the network to cancel the show is a different story. Some online petitions have proven to be semi-successful in the past, for example the one that was taken up against VH1’s Basketball Wives for the violent acts that were frequently acted out by the women on the show that undeniably grabbed the network’s attention.

Do you believe that the petition against All My Babies’ Mamas will have an impact?

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  • jloglow

    We also need a petition to stop Black-ish from appearing on ABC

  • Reese

    I thought it was a joke when I heard about this show. SMH

  • AJ389

    Allowing this kind of ridiculousness to air, we will no longer be able to complain about labels wrongfully placed upon us such as chickenhead, baby mama, b*?#!, h*e, hoodrat, uneducated, neck snappin’ trouble maker, ghetto queen & thuggish & so on….. with this kind of action, we are only confirming permission for ignorant stereo types to be truthful, efforts that judgmental minds place upon us in their mission to promote themselves above being equal to us in existence. Not to mention what type of message it sends to children. Oppression? Don’t yell or complain of condescending unfairness as we are doing ourselves a damn good service in that area, nowhere to place blame but at home.

  • he’s got to take care of all those children. let him do that however he can. long as it is legal. someone should have slapped him with a condom after the first one!

    • It sure won’t be on my dime. It’s not my responsibility to fund his irresponsible behind. Yes, someone should’ve not only slapped a condom on his wayward ding, but slapped some sense into his head.

  • DoinMe

    A petition won’t cut it. People will SAY one thing, but DO something different. Everyone will complain about the show, but many will tune in. If they are really serious about not wanting to see it, then simply don’t turn to the station and give them ratings. RATINGS are the ONLY thing that counts to these advertisers and networks.

  • Veratta Pegram-Floyd

    I am not going to sign this petition. I don’t agree or condone behavior of men having multiple child’s mother and having multiple children but that is a personal choice these individuals have made; these children are already here. I don’t know what the parent’s income is, but I am not going to hurt their children because of what I perceive as their ignorant behavior. Signing the petition is not going to get at the heart of the issue, rather, we need to look at generational dysfunction and how we engage our children in conversations about sex. Saying that people are stupid doesn’t get to the fact that the parents’ actions may be learned behavior from their parents. I am not making excuses for behavior. There are more pressing issues that we need to address that enabled this behavior to occur in the first place.

    • that’s right! not one of these people making judgments is going to help with their care. feed them kids man. and teach them NOT to do what you did!

  • niki

    I bet if women were told after the first two women have kids with the same dude and he hasn’t married either one. If you get pregnant with the 3rd or beyond no assistance. I bet women won’t have kids. Its these females fault including his but signing a petition doesn’t mean anything, don’t turn the tv on so he gets no ratings. Them women are broke and so is he so they need a show to support all these kids. Not my problem. Close your legs to these llama head dudes out here.

    • Pivyque

      LOL Omg!

  • Meyaka

    How about a petition to prohibit women from getting pregnant by men who already have an excessive amount of kids? Or government imposed birth control ? Something! Why be mad at oxygen? This is these people’s life! Much like 16 and pregnant….

  • Meyaka

    How about a petition to prohibit women from getting pregnant by men who already have an excessive amount of kids? Or government imposed birth control ? Something! Why be mad at oxygen? This is these people’s life! Much like 16 and pregnant….

    • hiswomanandlovingit

      Why does the issue have to be dropped on women? Women aren’t getting themselves pregnant. People need to hold these ratchet-behind fathers accountable as well. There are eleven women with 10 kids, the common factor is Shawty Lo. He is the one who needs to be held down and beat with a rock in a sock.

      • Meyaka

        Im not dismissing his involvement, but since we own the vaginas i feel justified to address women who are down with this foolery.

  • Meyaka

    How about a petition to prohibit women from getting pregnant by men who already have an excessive amount of kids? Or government imposed birth control ? Something! Why be mad at oxygen? This is these people’s life! Much like 16 and pregnant….

  • Sagittarius81

    I signed the petition the other day and I hope Oxygen cancels this garbage! This looks like something VH1 or BET would air.

  • FJ

    I actually disagree…..I used to hate these shows too, especially, love & hip hop. Then, I sat down and watched it with my niece. It gives me a chance to explain to her why men and women behave in certain ways. I would suggest fathers and mothers to watch the show with their kids and talk to them about it. The kids will see it online or hear about it anyway. Also, some of these shows make a difference in my married life. My wife who never wish to visit a therapist is now taking about it. I think it has to do with watching the shows and see how counseling could help.

  • rzakia

    I just wonder why people are giving Oxygen all of the blame for this reality show when Shawty Lo is the one with all the kids by different women. Oxygen isn’t exploiting these people, they are signing up to show their own ignorance. I’m just sick of people blaming networks for people making poor life choices. The networks maybe shouldn’t air it but if these people weren’t such poor decision makers in the first place there would be nothing to air. When are we going to come up with a petition to stop people from doing dumb stuff? Why aren’t we petitioning Shawty Lo from having any other kids? Why can’t we focus on teaching people the importance of safe sex as opposed to blaming a network for showing such trifling people?

    • ieshapatterson

      True,however this isn’t cute.a man who has never married and he never will,has 11 kids from several different women.behavior like this,shouldn’t be applauded.

    • People blame the networks because the material the networks choose to air. If Oxygen, BET, MTV, TLC, etc… would air more positive reality shows unfortunately they wouldnt get any time to get out to the world. Its a double edged sword…

    • Trisha_B

      Why do i feel like if this show was suppose to be on BET, a comment like such wouldn’t even be thought about? People would be out front of BET offices w/ picket signs, calling them all types of names lol

      • Kenedy

        Did anyone watch that episode of family guy where Peter owned all the Nielsen boxes & so he had control over what was aired on tv networks because of what he was watching?? lol, anyway, if people stopped watching this ish…networks would stop airing them…simple solution huh??? Not

    • DoinMe

      Oxygen is blamed because they are making a PROFIT off of stereotypes and exploitation. People who don’t know any better will sign up to air their dirty laundry for fame and a paycheck, but they are paid crumbs compared to what the networks will make off of their misery. I don’t blame the people who sign up for these shows because they do so for other reasons than the network. The network knows that people will tune in to laugh at them, to make themselves feel better, or to make a pure mockery out of an unfortunate situation.

      • rzakia

        And we are supposed to feel sorry for people being ignorant? We aren’t supposed to blame people for the choices they make in their own personal lives? But we’re supposed to yell and scream that it’s some network’s fault that people make poor choices? Was it Oxygen that made Shawty Lo impregnate all of those women? Was it Oxygen that forced those women to open their legs without at least a condom? Maybe Oxygen is profiting off of ignorance but Shawty Lo should be the one blamed for living a stereotype. I get tired of people rinsing their hands of guilt and blame and putting it on some huge corporation. Guess what if Shawty Lo or any other man didn’t have a gaggle of kids by a pack of women Oxygen would have nothing to show. And for the people who tune in, that’s their business. For most people tv is only for entertainment. If people are entertained by a clown then that’s their business not Oxygen’s fault.

    • To me, it’s not only about safe sex, but responsible sex. Going around banging everything that moves is not responsible with or without a condom. Morality, it’s trifling. JMO. I want to teach my daughter that she doesn’t have to open her legs to every man who asks just because he wraps it up. People should, in my opinion, have more dignity than to be lose with their private parts. I know, adults can do what they want, but I’m just saying.

  • Ann

    The best impact for this is to not watch this. If people would stop watching these ignorant and foolish reality shows, which does nothing to positively educate your mind. I am so tired of mainstream media demonized and negatively stereotypes black women for a profit.

  • HoneyDipp

    Yes, I’ll sign the petition and I certainly won’t be tuning in to the foolery, but fact of the matter is that these type of shows have an audience or they would not be around. Stop watching the $h!+ and they will (eventually) disappear.

  • L-Boogie

    I understand why the petition is being presented; however, this may the be the only means of a stable income for this family. Just food for thought.

    • Dawnn

      These people can get a job. They did not have to agree to sign on. Flash a couple of $$$ in people faces to do realtiy, they will quickly do it. Five minutes of fame and quick money. It is ashame it comes down to this.

      • however true that may be, are you going to petition to help him care for all those kids? let him take care of them however he can. and talking jobs in this economy?? seriously?

    • Ms. Kameria

      If this man didn’t have all these “baby mamas” and all these kids, it wouldn’t be an issue of this being their only means of income.

  • Where so I sign. I agree 110%