Balding Hair Don’t Care: Men Who Need To Quit Playing And Cut It Off Already

January 7, 2013  |  
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About seventy percent of men suffer from male pattern baldness, so I know it’s a sensitive issue. But there comes a time when many of these men should really quit playing around with the dye, toupees, and spray on hair – because none of it is working – and just go bald, for their own sakes. I present these fifteen men, not to ridicule them but to suggest a better option – which fortunately or unfortunately is bald.  Neyo knew when it was time to let it go. These guys should too.


Source: WENN

Jermaine Jackson

We all know that’s not just hair on your head, Jermaine. But whatever it is, consider letting it go in favor of baldness.

Source: WENN

John Travolta

John Travolta may have once had a luscious head of hair but that was thirty years ago, and sadly it’s time to let that go – along with the terrible dye job — and the plastic surgery, but I digress.

Source: WENN


The 90’s have come and gone, and so has Coolio’s hairline and about four of those braids. Maybe it’s time for him to go bald now?

Yes, it is.

Source: WENN

Donald Trump

The only people Donald Trump ever needs to fire are those responsible for allowing him to keep rocking that ridiculous comb-over.

Source: WENN

Prince William

Apparently royal blood does nothing for balding, so 30-year old Prince William might want to go ahead and shave it all off now.

Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer had to know that millions of people would be staring at his head during that Bulls vs. Celtics game in February 2012, so why would he think it would be okay to spray paint himself hair? Especially considering we’ve already known that he’s balding… for like two years now. C’mon Carlos.

Source: WENN

Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer’s hair devolution has played out for us daily on The Today Show. I’m thinking he may want to proactively go bald any day now.

Source: WENN

Danny DeVito

I’m not sure what Danny DeVito is holding onto. He probably should have gone bald years ago.

Source: WENN

Lebron James

Lebron James’ hairline has been the subject of ridicule for years, thanks in part to Charles Barkley. But in October 2012, when a Nike holiday catalogue was released showing Lebron sporting a full head of healthy hair, rumors swirled that he may have undergone hair transplant surgery. If those rumors are true, then great, but if not then bald is definitely LBJ’s next best option.

Source: WENN

Clive Davis

Clive Davis has been the force behind the careers of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson. Can he now be the force behind a more appropriate hairstyle – bald, perhaps?

Source: WENN

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Piven, the 47-year old star of Entourage, has been battling hair loss (and losing) for years. I think it’s time for him to just surrender the hair pieces and go bald.

Source: WENN

Roland Martin

Roland Martin holds it down nightly on CNN, raising issues, standing up for rights, questioning political nonsense… which is why I hate to focus on something as trivial as a receding hairline. But it is receding… I’m just saying…

Source: WENN

Joe Biden

Hair is not a prerequisite for political success, so Vice President Joe Biden (who’s actually been balding since the 80’s) should really consider cutting it all off.

Source: WENN

Marques Houston

Marques Houston’s balding is made worse by the… umm… unique shape of his head. Still, bald would look better than super low shadow fade. It looked good on him before.

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  • JA6180

    Seriously Coolio, you’d look better without it. TF?

  • JA6180

    Some men have funny shaped heads.

  • JA6180

    70%?! Where they get that number?

  • BaldheadedFoo

    Send them all JUST GO BALD ALREADY! t-shirts.

  • Jevees

    Okay! Now your going too far!

  • Jevees

    Shut The Front Door! LMBAO!

  • Mr. Silk

    Roland Martins hairline confuses me because its multi directional. He really needs to let it go.

  • Mr. Silk

    Boozer should be ashamed of that, he knows better. He’s been bald for years. I think Devitos, bald eagle look works for him.

  • Angela Ingram

    Oh my goodness, Coolio look crazy. CUT IT OFF!

  • You guys choose to skip the main offender…STEVIE WONDER….Y’all need to keep it real!

  • Miss D

    Coolio looks like a hood reindeer. Cut the braids off mayne.

    • Robert Phillips

      That’s hilarious! LMAO!

  • cryssi

    Jamie Foxx

  • Y’all need to put a warning on this one – I saw that pic of Coolio and dang near died!

  • Sagittarius81

    When I met my husband he had dreads all over his head and then the middle part of his head started to thin so he cut the dreads off 5 years ago and started shaving his head. Even at 32, he knows he had to let it go. Personally, I love him with the shaved look. Who are these men fooling?!? Answer: themselves.

  • Stevie Wonder should have been the number 1 person. His hairline is ridiculous,lol…he really needs to just cut what’s left of it, off.
    Disagree with Matt Lauer and Clive Davis though…they are balding, but at least they’re not trying to hide it with a comb-over or a hair piece, They keep it cut low and close.

  • Dawnn

    Yes all these people should shave their heads. LeBron his looks terrible. It makes him look like he is fifty years old with his receding hair line. Roland Martin’s looks terrible with that gap directly in front of his head.

  • yall done forgot about Stevie Wonder….some of these guys I don’t think should be on here

    • lilo

      lol stevie cant see heself lol. but yes he should go bald. dead.

  • PA-TX

    Ummm, where’s Jamie Foxx and Flo Rida? Also, I’m NOT a fan of the shaved baldy on white guys. I have a young white friend who shaves his head and looks exactly like Caillou, the bald 4-year-old PBS cartoon character. Not a good look! I actually like Matt Lauer’s haircut and prefer the super low Jason Statham/Bruce Willis type buzz cut. White guys can get away with a low cut bc they usually don’t wear their hair that short. They can get away with NOT lining up the front (LOL reverse “bald fade”?), unlike black guys, whose lineups only accentuate their balding.

    • realadulttalk

      Lmao at Caillou.

    • Sagittarius81

      My daughter looks at that show Caillou and she thinks that he has leukemia because his dad, mom, sister, and his grandparents have hair and he don’t. Plus that cartoon is Canadian.

      • PA-TX

        Right! Why is he bald. My kids are obsessed with that silly show. My oldest even mimics the Canadian accent and fake lisp. Smh.

    • dingo_egret

      Caillou…LMAO! I almost spit my drink all over my desk.

  • Stanley Dada

    Before I read it, is LeBron James in it?

    • kierah

      yes and carlos boozer

    • qui8tstorm83

      LOL! You know it!