He Wanna Put Them Paws On Him: Rapper Lil Scrappy And Soulja Boy Go At It On Twitter Over Scrappy’s Ex, Diamond

December 31, 2012  |  



Who else felt like this war of words was bound to happen at some point?

For anyone who watched Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, you know that the whole Lil Scrappy and Diamond (formerly from Crime Mob) relationship of yesteryear was a touchy subject for the rapper, seeing as how she broke his heart and allegedly left him to get money with rapper Soulja Boy. Of course, we know that Scrappy sowed his wild oats after the fact, went back to Erica Dixon, the mother of his daughter, continued to sow his oats when he thought no one was looking with “friend” Buckeey, and then finally decided to get his life together and do right by Dixon and proposed to her. As for Diamond and Soulja Boy, they have quietly been dating for a while now, and there are rumors that the two will appear on the next season of LHHATL after Diamond passed on the opportunity for the debut season. And while Scrappy was hurt about Diamond revealing her relationship with Scrappy to the world via Twitter before letting him know, things seemed to be peaceful between all parties for the most part, even when Diamond’s name was negatively brought up on the show. But that was until yesterday.

The two men basically had a heated exchange on Twitter where threats were thrown. It’s not clear how the whole mess started, but it seems that Scrappy is looking to finish it–in person. The two men went back and forth about a “war,” folks being on the down low, who has more money, and other very random things. According to The Jasmine Brand, and from what we can see from her Twitter page, Diamond definitely was sitting back, chilling and watching all the ratchetness take place (and she probably was laughing at two grown men fighting over her), even retweeting some of the quotes. Though I think it’s a shame they were exposing all her business…

Either way, these people with clearly too much time on their hands need to sit down somewhere. And seriously, I’m wondering what Erica thinks about this mess. If my fiancé was bickering with some fool over his ex publicly on Twitter, I would probably be bickering with him too at the end of the night. And can men please stop calling women a “b***h” when they reference one? Just saying, it’s so tired at this point. But anywho, check out the foolery below from their tit-for-tat, as always, read from the bottom up when it comes to Tweets, and please excuse the language:


Oh yes, LHHATL shall be a very interesting mess next season…

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  • chanela

    annddd this is how people get shot. smh

  • Maldrie

    Why people always have to take to Twitter to beef? You’re in the same town find each other and squash it in person. If you aren’t in the same town find each other and work that ish out. No need to take to Twitter to show the world you cannot spell and that you’re immature. Child boo get the freak on with all that mess.

  • I felt like an owl when I read this story i couldn’t stop saying “who? who? who?”

    • MLS2698

      Sumptin bout ducks, niccas and b!tches. * shrugs *

  • Pivyque

    Erica, maybe you should put your puppy back on his leash. The current boyfriend doesn’t seem to respect diamond very much either with that whole I f’d your girlfriend line. At least he said “girlfriend” and not “b***h”….maybe that was a sign of respect? lol Idk.

  • realadulttalk

    Do they see what I see? I’m very unclear about why anyone would fight over this tired looking, everyone seems to have had her woman. I really need them to go take a ride through the hood of (insert any city) and find a new bird to fight over.

  • WhoMe

    This diamond chick must be some kind of woman…or not. Scrappy gonna put them paws on him

  • Kaori

    Clearly, Lil Scrappy does not respect Diamond, or women, because he can’t even bother to refer to her as a woman and not a b*tch.

  • bluekissess

    I’d rather watch two lions fight over a lioness in the wild than see these bafoons.

  • ieshapatterson

    Hot mess and who cares.

  • Numero Uno

    They too old for this mess.

  • #ICANNOT with these hooked on phonics, uneducated, no longer famous so we just trying to do anything to stay relevant, I take all my business to Twitter because I don’t have money for a real publicist, tweet and follower selling for two and three dollars, I can’t afford child support so could you take me off please, my momma gave me a Burger King crown because I’m the Prince of her her household, all my stuff in Shay name cuz even though I rap a lil’ bit, I still ain’t got good credit, I’m Bishop in the new “Juice” looking, “this-right here-is my-no swag” having a$$ ninjas!!!

    • JAEDA

      LMAO!!! ^^^^^Tell em why you mad son!!!!!!

      • LOL girl this pissed my soul OFF!!

    • SexNdaCity

      LMAO!…girl you summed this hot mess up perfectly!