Isn’t It Cheaper To Keep Her? Former Italian Premier To Pay $48 Million Annually To Ex-Wife!

December 29, 2012  |  


No, you aren’t the only one speechless.

The divorce of Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his second wife Veronica Lario recently became final and an Italian paper has all the final details.  According to the NY Daily News, Berlusconi will pay Lario $4 million per month in alimony. He gets to keep the estate.

Now for the record, Berlusconi is a billionaire media tycoon and this year, he was named Forbes’ sixth wealthiest man in Italy with a net worth of $5.9 billion and probably still growing).  So he certainly has the means to cut this type of a check every month but this is certainly a wallop of a hit!

Berlusconi and Lario were married in 1990 and married for 19 years when Lario announced she was divorcing Berlusconi in 2009. She cited his presence at an 18 year old girl’s birthday party as her primary reason for the divorce.  She also stated that, in general, he has a “fondness” for young girls. The couple has three adult children (sidenote: all of whom were born while he was still married to his first wife…messy).

So far, no comments have been made by Lario, Berlusconi or their respective lawyers. But really, what is there to say?

By the way, Berlusconi is 76 years old and is currently dating a woman who is almost 50 years younger than him. Wow.

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  • clove8canela

    $48 million?! What does he do? Piss oil?! I can’t even count that high!

  • Candacey Doris

    I don’t know if 48 mil per annum is needed, but after putting up with that man for so many years, she deserves something. Look him up, that man is a FREAK!

  • Cogito

    LOL! I actually meet Berlusconi years ago when I was playing professional baskeball in Italy. This was before he became premier. He owned most of their television stations (Rai uno etc) and was already a billionaire. The teams I played for where owned by guys like Luciano Benetton (Benetton stores) and Guiseppe Stefanel (Big chain store in Europe) and all of these guys were wealthy, married with young mistresses. Berlusconi was particularly active with the younger ladies in the 18-24 range, and though the wives were generally accepting of this Italian tradition, as long as they dont flaunt the mistresses, fall in love with them or publicly embarass the wives, Berlusconi often demonstrated little discretion; which was exercerbated once he got into politics with the increased scrutiny.
    Having experienced these issues myself both here in the NBA and in Europe, where most guys are better off not marrying until they reach a place where monogamy is do-able for them. I wouldn’t necessary label these women as golddiggers because all women enjoy a nice material standard of living regardless of race, but they can be ruthless when things turn awry. I’ve seen guys in the League play for 10 years only to have the wife walk away with over 55% of his accrued wealth and siphon off another 25-30% through the maintenance of the children. It is a modern day method of transfering wealth from men to women, but then again, men are not required to sign up for it.

    • Cogito

      Also, one additional thing. While the figure of 48 million a year sounds crazy to us, it’s really not that big of a deal for him. He is worth at least three billion, which I’m sure he’s earning at least 10% annually on that principal, which would make his interest income $300 million; so giving up $48 million won’t hurt him. Also, in cases with wealthy “old school” men, they actually see talking care of their ex’s as a badge of honor that they wear on top of their masculine pride. It’s like when guys brag about how much he payed for a car or house etc.., it’s the same with divorces. Which is why they are fearless and continue to remarry. So, he’s probably somewhere smoking a cigar with his boys taking a good nature ribbing, but he’s cool.

  • Miss Anonymous

    For 4 million a month he could keep the house, dog, my clothes and everything as long as I got my alimony.

  • IllyPhilly

    That just made me cream in my panties. Is that wrong?

    • SheBe

      YOU SO IGNANT!!!! LMAO!!!! I’m sick and can’t breathe and I read this foolery!!!!

  • Jazz

    Damn is all I got… Is that the largest divorce settlement

  • Fellas, stay away from them gold digging black b****es….

    Oh wait…..never mind

    • Jazz


      • Miss Anonymous

        lol it is a pun on the whole “black women are gold diggers” bit that is overplayed.

        • Jade

          How can black women be gold diggers when white women are the known “trophy wives.” It’s rare that a black man has money so why would black women be gold diggers.

          • Miss Anonymous

            ^And this right here is what they arent hearing though. I heard the “she wasnt shooting in the gym with him though” or other mess. You tell them that white/asian/other women do it and your told that they “love him for him and its not about the money” or even that they know how to pick out a good provider.

          • Cogito

            Jade, black women are” trophy wives” for the men who love black women! Why else would a man of means marry a sister if he doesn’t consider her his trophy?
            And you sisters need to relax with that golddigging thing because all men don’t think that way; particularly men with high networths. The role of money in marriages, families and relationships is understood by such men and a woman is not labeled perjoratively simply because she wants to live in a beautiful home, wear nice clothing or drive a nice car with her kids future provided for; in fact, I would be a little concerned if my women dismissed those things as inconsequential. I mean, I still have to be emotionally present to the marriage/relationship, but money is relevant.
            It’s up to the man to perform his due diligence to determine compatibility and intent, and even with money, a man with emotional sobriety should be able to read the signals. Also, if a man is a good businessman, they are ways to manage his risk and exposure witthout his being paranoid, so don’t believe all the hype because most men know the price tag before marriage. That’s price tag of the life style…not her specifically. And as my father used to say, “don’t complain son, just make more money.”

            • Miss Anonymous

              Thats the kicker right there, its not the men who have money complaining, its the ones without complaining about women.

              • Cogito

                Not to be tic for tat, but its not the women who are happily ensconed in marriage with good men that are complaining about men, so things tend to balance themselves out. But here’s an inside revelation……ALL MEN complain about women, those who have money simply don’t do it publicly!

          • Kaori

            “It’s rare that a black man has money”

            *Howls in laughter*

          • Kaori

            “It’s rare that a black man has money”

            *Howls in laughter*

  • Trisha_B

    Does he have to pay his 1st wife anything? i can only imagine she being cut a big, nice check since he had 3 kids while they were married. Is this alimony forever? Like until he dies or just for a certain amount of years? lol i don’t care how rich you are, it must hurt to have to hand over that much money a year! lol

  • Nikki

    Dang! I guess it’s fair since he is a billionaire. However,

  • dam, must b nice..

  • kay

    GEEZ…..fellas it dosent pay to stray!!

  • Somebody help!!

    Somebody let me know how to get this man’s phone number while im still in my twenties!

    • Say What?

      You’re cray, but you ain’t lying! lol

    • MLS2698

      Yeah, he’s got to build his billions back up from the first marriage. You can get your payout in about 13 years…….still young. Lol!

    • She Speaks

      Definitely one of the funniest comments I’ve read on here. Thank you!

  • MLS2698

    I guess you lose them the way you get ’em. But she sho’ is getting paid good to get rid of him!