Tyra Banks: “I Feel Like I Was Born To Be A Mother”

December 28, 2012  |  

Source: Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

We’ve known, for what seems like forever, that Tyra can work a runway, a photoshoot and certainly a magazine cover; so it comes as no surprise that even at 39, Tyra still delivers like no one else. What may surprise some of us though, is how serious she is about having children. Like for real.

Tyra’s talked about and even gotten emotional about having children in the past…on several occasions actually. I just googled “Tyra Banks talks about having babies,” looking for a specific clip from her show, and trust me, she’s talked about it a lot.

But in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, the media mogul talked about why being a mother is so important to her.

“I want to have kids and I think it needs to happen very soon. I feel like I was born to be the experiment of the definition of beauty and to be a mother.” She continues: “It’s something I have to do. I won’t be happy if I’m not a mother.”

Oh dear.

It’s really deep for her. Not only does she want to have children, she feels it’s her purpose in life to do so. I can understand that. I just sincerely hope that she doesn’t attempt to rush having a child to fulfill this purpose. I don’t think being a mother is something Tyra hasn’t thought about over and over and over again; I’m just hoping at this point she doesn’t end up rushing it. If you’re going to bring a child into the world the lifestyle and environment you bring him or her into should be as “right” as possible. And I’m not just talking about having a partner to help you, as a parent, it would be best for you to be in the “right” space as well, mentally and emotionally. (Not that Tyra isn’t.) Furthermore, I hope Tyra knows that if her purpose in life is to have a child or be a mother, it’ll happen, one way or another.

Do you understand where Ms. Banks is coming from? Do you feel like your purpose in life is to be someone’s mother?

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  • kmccullough92

    i understand totally where she is comign from. I will be getting married in two weeks and I already have baby fever. Some people just feel their family and life will be more complete raising a child. And Tyra is totally ready and she aint getting any younger.

  • Candacey Doris

    If she feels like it is her purpose she needs to get a move on! Not everyone can do the mommy thing at 45. Just because it is possible to have one at 50 doesn’t mean it is a good idea. When the kid is going to college you are looking for a nurse.

  • She’s dumb…If you were born to be a mother…wouldn’t u be? Be it adoption or whatever…have a baby or shut up? #publicity

    • MLS2698

      Naw, not really. Tyra was working in France at like, 16. She was involved with a career. And I’m sure she wants to be married too, not a baby mama.

  • Say What?

    As a child I assumed I would have children, but that was more because that’s the way I assumed the world worked. As an adult I’ve decided I don’t want kids just not for me. I don’t want the responsibility.

  • Just saying!!

    I feel the same way! That’s the only reason I freak out about having a man honestly. If I isn’t want kids I wouldn’t really care lol but I know I wouldn’t be happy without them!

  • futuremommy

    I definitely understand where Tyra is coming from. She must have a natural nurturing instinct within her that is making her long to be a mommy. I agree with her, but want to make sure I have kids the right way–AFTER I’m married, decent paying job, etc. All the best to Tyra!

  • If you really feel that way…sperm banks, adoption…you have options.

  • ME

    I dont feel where she is coming from at all. I darn near break out in hives at the thought of being someones mommy lol. But it’ll happen for her if it’s meant to. I love Tyra!

  • I’m Changed

    But how will she view herself if she’s not able to conceive naturally? A lot of women can’t have children and that doesn’t make them less valuable. Perhaps she’ll adopt…we’ll see.

  • dontdoit

    Rush???? She is 39 and if she wants more than one she needed to start yesterday. There is no ideal time or frame of mind to have children. If it is a priority to her as much as she says she will do it.

    • MLS2698

      Dem eggs got dust on them. And she probably has only a few by now.

  • smartmove

    I sort of understand where she is coming from. I’m a nurturer( thanks to my granny). She definitely wants a child but she did not make it a priority for years. Her career was a priority that’s why she is feeling awful because she realizes she is getting older. I think she should take a mini work break date more and meet people and take her time to find a good man and a suitable mate. As badly as i want to have 4 children and i’m 30, I absolutely refuse to be a single parent just because of my strong desire to be a mother. I want a good man, husband, father around to help me raised my children. I want the nuclear family and that will never change.


    So what’s the problem?!? Getting knocked up is not rocket science!!