They Always Come Back: Mimi Faust Plays Stevie J By Publicly Displaying His Texts Asking Her To Take Him Back Via Twitter

December 28, 2012  |  

After the first season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” it was hard to know where to stand when it came to entrepreneur Mimi Faust and her relationship with singer/songwriter/producer/creep Stevie J. You wanted to feel sorry for her because he was two-timing her at levels I don’t think most people had witnessed before. But at the same time, she kept dealing with him, puffing up her chest (I personally hated watching her confessionals), calling people b***hes and acting big and bad–only to let him talk to her any kind of way. With a relationship that has been off and on for almost 15 years, it makes sense that Stevie J would try and make yet another play for her love, it’s what they do. But seeing as everyone watched Faust get disrespected each week, I guess she decided to get big and bad for real and let him know that he was a joke. And she literally did that.

Via her Twitter page this past weekend, the reality personality posted a Tweet that said, “GET OFF MY PHONE!!!” with Stevie J’s Twitter handle as the recipient of her demand. She accompanied the Tweet with a picture of their conversation, where the man of many hilarious faces can be seen asking to have their family back. The messages are back to back, and start off on a sad, somewhat pathetic note with, “Have you completely turned away from me?” Then it gets rant-a-licious and real, with homeboy saying, “I’m out here working & that it!! I want my family & if u don’t then ill be happy with my kids.” Her response to it all was politely rude, as she shut him down with a straightforward, “You Sound Stupid…you my friend are a complete joke.”

I find it funny that he claims he’s only been out here working when there have been so many images of him out in the streets parlaying with Joseline, grabbing her booty for her birthday, hitting up numerous events and places together. Yeah, that’s ALL you’ve been doing for real. But could Stevie be really trying to get it together for the sake of his family, or is he playing games? Or better yet, is this all a ploy to keep us guessing until LHHATL comes back? If it is…well, they got me. Because I can’t say I’m too pumped about this New York reboot whatsoever. And on a random side note, LOL at her having that cartoonish parody pic of him making his rat face as her profile pic for dude. But what do you think about her publicly blasting his reconciliation attempts? Do you think she would take him back again?


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  • If he’s a joke she’s a running joke.

  • scandalous7

    you the Joke Mimi , you and him both

  • Pivyque

    She is too old to be doing stuff like this. Posting their conversation online is childish and petty. If she doesn’t want to be with him, don’t be with him. The public will get the message.

  • dee

    ratings must be down. lol

  • IllyPhilly

    Yes she sure did play the hell outta him and next week she’s gonna post pictures of her and him sleeping together to play Joseline. Go ‘head girl and show women everywhere how strong you are. *side eye*


    The whole situation is tomfoolery and ratchetness at its finest. What’s really blowing me at this moment is his attempt at reconciliation via text message, how old are they again? Annnnd she tweeting it like shes putting him on blast smh- when in reality it just showcases how little he thinks of her–> just when you thought it couldnt get anymore pathetic.

  • Janice

    Victoria, people know she is going to take Stevie back. I guess Mimi don’t want to learn the lesson. The money and the sex must be banging! The conclusion is that Mimi is not going to leave that , Stop Stevie from disrespecting her? As long as he puts it down in the bedroom and bringing in money she will continue to accept disrespect from him. The money and the sex is so good……………………

  • stillJUICYbaby!

    If we the public didn’t make het feel stupid for tolerating his crab, she would be all with it. he is not the only one that is joke…she is the entire comedy show.

    she needs to have several seats. can’t wait for Stevie to put her convos on blast. and I know its coming.

  • JontelNicol

    Glad to hear MiMi is distancing herself from him & just keep it about baby girl, raising her not to let anyone treat her with any kind of disrespect. Good for you MiMi! Anyone who has been truely in love and/or has a child with someone they’re in love with should know moving forward & up is a process.

  • Stop the insanity!

  • Kaori

    They are milking this for all that they can.

  • Kaori

    They are milking this for all that they can.

  • Tamz

    She know good and well she got her bus pass for the Steebie J express for next season, girl bye.

    • Tamz


    • Melyssa

      BOL!!! true….. true…. who she trying to fool, we already seen that steebie got GAME so um yeah, she needs to have several seats. lol

    • Tudbee


  • ieshapatterson

    Lol what a joke.anyone who loved and respects themselves,would not allow another human being to treat the like trash.that’s why i don’t care when she cries about him.she’s doing this to herself.

  • ieshapatterson

    Lol what a joke.anyone who loved and respects themselves,would not allow another human being to treat the like trash.that’s why i don’t care when she cries about him.she’s doing this to herself.

  • rzakia

    They are both jokes. But look at that picture she has of Stevie on her phone. Hilarious!!!

  • Say What?

    That’s it? After years of disrespect, a TV show in which he kind of got another woman/man whatever the hell Joseline is pregnant? After he publicly continued to so no lack of remorse for any of his actions and all she can say is that he’s a joke? Well I guess the fact that she said anything at all is a good thing, but we all know she’ll be back in line by next season.