Everything That Looks Good Ain’t Good For You: 11 Reasons You Should Not Sleep With That guy

January 18, 2013  |  

Damn, he looks fine, especially in those jeans, that hat, and uhhh, those lips…it doesn’t matter that he has multiple baby mamas, wants to be ‘just ‘riends’ or never asks me what I’m up too. Yup, I’m still gonna get with him!  Sound familiar? It should…because every woman goes through that situation where a man just seems way too attractive to pass up, even though he’s clearly a jerk. Well, guess what ladies? It doesn’t always have to end up that way. You can avoid getting your heart crushed if you actually stay strong and avoid these warning signs. Of course if you’re a female who is also looking to get freaky, this won’t apply to you. However, if you are actually looking for a serious relationship based on more than just sex, here are some reasons you shouldn’t get with certain men. In other words, these scenarios will likely all lead to your feelings getting hurt.


He says he just wants to be friends

We’ve all heard this one before, he wants to be just “friends,” except for him, “friends” means still getting in your pants. Sure you might also want to be just “friends” initially, but it’s extremely easy to crossover into the wanting more than friends territory. This means that in the end, it will likely be your feelings that get hurt, not his…

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  • scandalous7

    well damn

  • observer

    The brotha on slide 11 is gorgeous!

  • Sense

    1st off, who would want their friend’s sloppy seconds, ugh…..and u have to think, if he’s willing to sleep with you the first night, he’s doing all the women he meet like that, and their pretty willing, meaning he’s more likely to bring you a gift that “keeps giving”……and its a major turn off if you’ve been with alot of people….and a guy has not want to do anything public……glad I let him go

  • mac

    12. you’re not his wife or even girlfriend for that matter.

    my bad…i forgot it’s all about non committal sex nowadays….carry on.

  • Kelsey

    I should have followed the he has been with one of your friends sign.. Anyhoo this list could have been so much longer.. Bad hygiene, he ask you to borrow money, he still wears gold teeth, he wears dress pants and shoes with no socks, his conversation is mostly sexual and the list goes on and on

    • Kelly

      Lol… I know right! “Dress pants & shoes with no socks”… lmao

  • Nisa

    If he only texts you! That is so major!

    • JaneDoe

      So major.. With one maybe two word responses