What Chu Say Boo? Caption This Photo Of Beyoncé Doing Her Best Michael Jackson Impression

December 27, 2012  |  

Beyoncé’s Instagram is both interesting and confusing at the same time. While she’s exposing more and more of herself these days, her Instagram photos are usually limited to taking pics of the clothing she’s wearing that I know my arse can’t afford, or attending laid back events and working. So this recent all-black everything photo, with her grabbing her leather adorned crotch and rocking a hat MJ used to keep as a staple in his wardrobe (oh, and Hasidic Jews rock the hell out of a similar hat too) is definitely the most colorful one we’ve come across. With her long curls (uh oh, is the bun gone?) and a face that we’re thinking is courtesy of Sasha Fierce, homegirl is striking up a pose that would either make Mike proud or make him laugh out loud (in a high giggle of course). So how would you caption this cute pic of Bey Bey?

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  • Giving out water and seats

    Beyonce is the biggest most famous person with the most thrist. I dont get it. She is really afraid and cannot be out the spotlight. She is the only person who actually has to work at being normal. She is so rehearsed that she has no personality at all. She is just a robot. She said she is revealing more of herself. HOW? If she did it at home ok everyone does silly pics and post… real moments. But If you had a full blown photo shoot of yourself being silly or trying to be normal then its forced and fake. Have seat. Take pics with your baby that is normal. Her and Rihanna both make me laugh always crying about how hard it is to be famous, how they get too much attention and need privacy. But they do so much for attention. Beyonce talent alone is enough to get her attention … this is just plain off.

  • blossom

    Harpo who dat white lady

    • MLS2698


  • she’s doing what everyone does on instagram. having fun, go ahead girl do you.

  • Kenedy

    Is that carrot top? Did he dye his hair???

  • honest

    everything about bey just screams fake…its like she has no personality…..she may be a great performer but she has nothing on all the past Icons…Janet Jackson was fantastic!!!….Rhianna may not be much of a singer or dancer but she always manages to deliver great music and stay relevant and likeable even in good or bad press….I don’t understand Bey…if it wasn’t for the publicity pushed behind her and the man she married she would’ve ended up just like Ashanti and Mya in my opinion…her father sabotaged a lot of ppl to get his baby on top…she looks lost…karma is a B

  • Kaori

    I thought this was Shaun White before he cut his hair.

  • CairosMom

    She is a clown. Not a haha funny clown either.

  • MLS2698

    This pic is real bad, Michael Jackson bad. * in my Kanye voice *

    • Na Na

      Ha ha ha! That was a good one.

  • She looks like she is channeling the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz (not from the Wiz) but yeah clearly a MISS

    • Kitsy

      More Like: “Channeling Michael Jackson! Stay tuned for my next act, in which I will dangle Blue Ivy off a balcony for the paps”

  • JaneDoe

    She looks ridiculous

  • Shaybaby

    Beyonce: I need an intervention. I can’t take a candid picture to save my life cuz even they look staged. Someone please take my iPhone & disconnect my Instagram account cuz I clearly have too much time on my hands.

  • Me1987

    I know Beyonce is “light skinned” but…she looks straight up white in this picture.

    • honest

      she bleaching…idc what yall say that is bleach..