Pay Up: Drake Wants Royalties From Macy’s and Walgreens For Use Of The Phrase ‘YOLO’

December 27, 2012  |  

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Remember a few weeks ago when we reported that “YOLO” was named the most annoying and overused word of 2012? Well, it seems that Drake now believes that he is entitled to royalties for commercial use of the phrase. The rapper recently uploaded two photographs of merchandise being sold by Macy’s and Walgreens with the acronym etched across them.  Accompanied by the photographs were captions that read “Walgreens you either gotta chill or cut the cheque,” and “Same goes for you Macy’s”

It has not been indicated whether or not Drake has trademarked the phrase. But, in the event that he hasn’t, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot he can do about the exploitation of the phrase by Macy’s and Walgreens. Ironically, notes that Drake was not the first person to usher the phrase into Pop culture. Instead, the acronym is tied to Adam Mesh, who appeared on NBC’s reality show “The Average Joe” and is said to have launched a clothing line after the phrase. Mesh has since expressed his utter disgust and disapproval for the meaningless direction that the saying has been dragged in.

“When I created the word it was meant as inspiration to live life to the fullest. Disappointed in current use. I have moved on,” he tweeted.

Adam Mesh clearly wants no ties with the foolish phrase that has served as every idiot’s excuse to act a complete and utter fool. Drake; however, is waiting for his payoff. What’s funny is that Drake isn’t the only person seeking to cash out on the phrase. According to Gawker, there have been over 100 YOLO trademark applications submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Although Drake is not the terms originator, Google Insights has proven that the phrase’s popularity has surged since the release of his 2011 hit “The Motto” in which he constantly chants YOLO.

Check out the next page if you’re interested in seeing the YOLO merchandise being sold by Macy’s and Walgreens. What do you think of Drake’s claim that he should be paid for use of the term? Should he be entitled to some sort of compensation?

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  • Inc85

    There is a bar here in Vegas named YOLO, and its been around a lot longer than that acronym has been popular, even before Drake got big.

  • Justenjoylife

    In reference to how it’s used yes. Macy’s def took that from the song Motto. Walgreens not so much. But if it isn’t trademarked then its a rap. Ha I just made a joke. Lol. I used rap instead of wrap. To funny.

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  • Toya Sharee

    I don’t get it. It’s like my boy Katt Williams said, “What before YOLO did people think you lived twice or something?” LOL

  • How Jewish of him. I thought the word belonged to the chicanos.

  • honest

    i had high hopes for Drake he should’ve got out of young money ages ago…its too late for him he is a great producer and writer but the ppl he is associated with aren’t going to let him flourish (lil wayne and baby)…and they are taking most of his money on his label…he could’ve been amazing Jewish ppl and black ppl loved him after that throwing bottles in the club thing happened he went straight to the thug rapper category…if he didnt Patton YOLO he cant sue but the Charlie Brown shirt im sure he can def get money from….they selling YOLO shirts and souvenirs at the airport stores also…why didn’t his manager tell him to Patton it…his label is grimey

    • AnonyChick

      I think the word you’re looking for is ‘patent,’ not ‘patton.’

  • SunshineBlossom

    You know… People only say YOLO after they do something stupid (ex: *I just caught an STD, YOLO!*) smh… It’s not cute at all.

  • BE

    yeah, I don’t think so Drizzy. Still love you though.

  • IllyPhilly

    YOLO=POLO Players Only Live Once. That’s something I and a slew of others use to say in high school year 1999. Drake STFU and don’t sit down but march off a cliff. Let’s see if YOLO.

  • Nikki

    Obviously he didn’t come up with it, but he did popularize it! I wonder if he did put a patent on it.

    The Charlie Brown shirt that says “YOLO is my motto” is a definite reference to his song and I think he should be receiving royalties for that.

    • IllyPhilly

      Why? I thought the song went, “YOLO that’s the motto”. LOL. Those change up of words make a whole lot of difference.

  • curlyk

    sit down Drake

    • IllyPhilly

      Right? And do it upside down in a roller coaster.

      • MissD


  • Tamika

    If it’s not patented or trademarked looks Macy’s and Walgreens will win and tell Drake “YOLO”!

    • Tamika

      “looks like”

    • IllyPhilly

      Ya dig? Aw now Lil’ Wayne and every other loser rapper gonna sue me and the 70’s decade now.

  • KJ23

    Maybe he was joking? It’s possible, right?