I Guess You Knew And Blew A Good Thang: Bow Wow Pines & Reminisces Over Angela Simmons

December 27, 2012  |  

Source: Instagram

Apparently, Bow Wow has had some time to think these past couple days, and that thinking must have led him down the path of relationships past and present. Yesterday, the rapper and 106 and Park host posted this picture of he and ex girlfriend Angela Simmons with this caption:

I woke up and she was the first person i thought of… Next to my momma she the best woman i encountered!

Awww. Am I the only one who feels kinda sorry for the brotha? Normally I’m not thinking about Bow Wow. I’ve been done with him several times over; and once he started listing the names of women he’d smashed, I had washed my hands of him.  But this little photo share, though potentially embarrassing for Angela, seems pretty honest to me. Perhaps because it’s so reflective of the mistakes men make when they had a “good woman” back in the day. How many times have we watched our brothers, nephews, cousins, sons, friends etc lament the loss of “the one that got away” just because they weren’t ready to handle her at the time? Shoot, how many times have you been the woman he wasn’t ready for? It’s all a crying shame.

In case you need a late pass, while Angela and Bow Wow were together, the two went through a few breakups and makeups before ultimately deciding to split, most likely allegedly due to Bow Wow’s infidelity. Ain’t that the way it goes?

But what’s even more sad about their relationship drama is that Rev Run, Angela’s father, actually approved of the young man and had this to say about he and Angela’s relationship in his book “Take Your Family Back,” released in 2009:

“I should also add that I shared my views on relationships with Bow Wow, because beyond his relationship with Angela, I wanted to make sure that he was on the right path, too. I didn’t want my daughter dating a rapper who I perceived as a ladies’ man, but the truth is I also love Bow Wow…Which is why before they broke up, I decided to have a little talk with him…

“Now, you know in this house, we don’t believe in premarital sex. So if you’re truly serious about Angela, and she’s truly serious about you, then we have very high expectations for how you two are going to act…So if you’re serious about Angela, then ask her to marry you and do this the right way. And if you’re not, then you two can go your separate ways and still be friends.”

Whew! Daddy Run is no joke. Abstaining can be extremely difficult for anyone, man or woman, but especially a young man, with Bow Wow’s experience and maturity level. It’s not hard to see why he couldn’t handle all of that responsibility and accountability. Maybe I’m alone in this but I really liked these two together. And I wouldn’t be terribly upset if they decided to give it one more try. But that’s just me.

What do you think about Bow Wow’s Instagram confession? Do you think he and Angela will ever get back together, should they?

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  • NSimonefan

    Never miss your water til’ the well runs down applies here.

  • L-Boogie

    Well, Angela is doing her. Let them live.

  • L-Boogie

    Well, Angela is doing her. Let them live.

  • speakup4truth

    Only you know if she is truly worth figthing for, if you truly love her go after her with all of your heart and love.

  • speakup4truth

    It is never too late when you let God put you back together love always outlast lust. Keep up you prayers and get close to GOD and he will direct you path, only he can make a way out of no way.

  • curlyk

    i’m not totally against them working things out. sometimes timing is off and maybe it’ll work again in the future, maybe it won’t. but regardless of what happens, at least he realizes that she was a good person in his life. if he is truly ready, i think they should slowly start over. she has to be ready too though since he does have a small child. that had to burn when she first found out he got someone else pregnant.

    i hate to bring this up but i will. unlike the chris and rihanna situation, as much as i like rihanna, i’d rather see her with someone else. although a lot of people think they are meant to be. i just feel a certain way about someone beating up on you and calling that love. in situations like angela and bow wow where the timing was just off and they took a break, it’s easier for me to promote the idea of them getting back together because it was never a violent relationship.

    best of luck to them

  • Kaori

    Yea, you just may be the only one who feels sorry for him.

  • mochaaa

    My cousins going thru this right now. Left his gf of almost 8 yrs and within 6 months was having a baby with a girl that no one in the family likes. Every now and then he’ll ask about his ex. If we talk to her or if we’ve seen her. It’s pretty sad. Bow wows still young so he has time.

    • Kaori

      He’s 25. What does he still have time for? If this were a 25-year-old woman, people would say she is running out of time for whatever it is.

    • curlyk

      i hate hearing stories like that = that has to burn for her. invested so much time into someone, take a break, and in no time they’re in love with someone else or have a child with someone.

  • Britt

    I thought Angela and Bow were cute together. I remember she was in his video “Shortie Like Mine.” I think they’ve remained friends. Someone like Angela would be good for Bow, if they ever decided to get back together.

  • Ms. Reality Check

    I think his time with Angela was meant to teach him something or another. If he wasn’t ready for what she was offering, he just wasn’t ready. And he shouldn’t go back until he is….(if she’ll let him). In his line of business, he might never be ready…

  • bluekissess

    Umm your a little late bruh. I don’t have any sympathy for the kid.