He Tried To Kill Me: Pilar Sanders Exposes Details Regarding Alleged Abuse and Releases Domestic Violence Photos

December 27, 2012  |  

Source(s): WENN, Examiner

Things have been getting extremely ugly between retired NFL star, Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar as their bitter divorce has not only left them fighting over their $250 million estate, but also custody of their three children. Last week, we reported that Pilar lost custody of their two sons and that she vowed to stop at nothing to get her boys back.

Since the couple’s huge blowout last year, both Deion and Pilar have made heavy accusations against one another. These accusations have ranged from mental and emotional abuse to infidelity. In an exclusive interview with Mara of Cherry Martinez’s Cherry On Top,  Pilar addresses those allegations and more. Check out some of the interview’s highlights.

On Deion being abusive and domestic violence being common in NFL households:

Most recently, every picture on the web would show that my arm was broken and he busted my thumb in attempts to knock me out, kill me, yeah. And maybe, perhaps, people will believe it more so now, that, unfortunately, they were seeing this season. The very drastic increase of athletes, football players who snap, and unfortunately, take their lives and other people’s lives with them. It’s not that far off, it’s not uncommon among athletes. It’s very, very, very not uncommon when you speak with other NFL wives, football wives, athletes’ wives.

On being accused of “jumping” Deion with her friend: 

You know what, I’m 129 pounds, okay. He has been trained all his life to play baseball and to attack people. Football, you’re running, you’re grabbing; it’s a very violent sport. What kind of sense would it make for me at 5’9?, 129 pounds to attack someone his size? That just doesn’t make sense. And for what? No, not at all.

On those alleged $10,500 child support checks she was receiving: 

I was never, ever, ever once paid child support, at all. Never once. And I’ve seen his statement saying “and I have the canceled checks to prove it,” but he never showed it, now did he? He never showed you one of his canceled checks of child support that he’s paid, did he? Absolutely not, and he won’t because he hasn’t.

On her arrest being plotted by Deion and the Collin County Police:

When the police arrived to my home, they saw blood all over me, all over our floor, they saw blood and matter, just meat hanging from my hand. They removed me, they forced myself and my friend out of the home. That was wrong right there. So on so many counts, the police didn’t follow what they were suppose to do, but it was all planned. They had been there earlier that day, talked about it. I mean there is a tape where you can hear Deion telling the police these things.”

Pilar also expressed that she believed her signature on their prenuptial agreement was forged. In addition to the bomb-dropping interview, the mother of three also penned an open letter to the public, in which she discussed her estranged husband’s deceitful ways. Check out this brief excerpt.
A person with any type of intellect or basic common sense would realize how low and desperate it looks to demean and verbally abuse your wife and mother of your three children of whom she has been raising period! If spending 14years of sharing your life building a family, creating and managing our family brand and business’ means I was “digging for Gold” then I guess that would make us both diggers wouldn’t it? Any digging done was us breaking ground together on our marital property in Prosper, Tx. And perhaps most recently by Mr. Deion Sanders reaching and grabbing for any kind of sheet or wool to pull over the media’s eyes,

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  • NeciBaby

    I believe her bc ive been abused b4 and everybody thought my boyfriend was the best thing since white bread. I kept it to myself bc i knew no one would believe me but I Prayed n saved til I could get out. Thank God we didnt have any kids. I feel sorry for what these kids r goin thru. Its not like they babies theyre old enough to see and read. Whether he/she telling the truth dnt judge bc U never know what goes on behind close doors.

  • Go find a job

  • Guest360

    I’m not going to give an opinion about whether I believe her claims or not. At the end of the day, none of us were there so who am I to say what he may or may not have done to her. HOWEVER, if he abused you, why are you waiting until NOW to say so? Where were these pictures during the custody hearing? Why were police reports not filed? Whats the point of going to the media and playing the role of the victim, other than to slander his name ruin his reputation? Like I said, I don’t know if it’s true or not but go to the police with this stuff. Why are you doing interviews about it? This whole thing is such a travesty. And you got 3 kids involved…..smh…..

  • Say What?

    Not to make light of DV, but tell me that pic doesn’t just look like some bad lip injections?

  • Local

    This chic is such a media slore. If she was truly abused by this man, that was unfortunate however why stay for 14 years? Deion was married before, was Carolyn abused? If so why did Pilar as the jump off marry him anyways? She is mad as a hatter that her pre-nup was ruled valid (and the judge said don’t bring it back up in his court), she got her million dollar payout, and her relationship with her kids, I mean checks keep getting further cut down by her sons deciding they want to go live with their dad. Pilar needs to get her life, go reclaim the “professional model and actress” status she had prior to selling herself, I mean marrying Deion. And most important go sit on a couch with a therapist instead of doing magazine interviews and work on her self esteem.

  • littleoleme

    I was one of the few who watched their reality show back in the day. They seemed really happy and in love. This makes me sad.

  • inessa

    so……………why did she stay 14 years? self esteem women!self esteem is the key word!

  • eyeconic1

    If it is true..I dont get the mindset of women that stay in the these situations..you damned if oyu stay you damned if oyu leave so why not take your chances and leave…can you give up the money, the lavish life. I dont udnerstand how you let someone beat you like that “allegedly” adns tay. People say these women are weka or what have you but they not to weak to talk or post pics. Give me a break already. I wish women would really grow up and see these men for what they are isntead of what they want them to be. These men need to stop lookign for trophy wives and get a real woman.

    • Ms. Kameria

      The money and “lavish” life is a reason (they use) to stay.

  • rzakia

    You know I do believe her especially when she talks about Deion’s celebrity playing a role. They live in Texas and Deion played football for the Cowboys (where he won a Superbowl) no less. They worship Cowboy players in Dallas so it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Deion was getting preferential treatment just because who he is.

  • sandra

    sorry pilar. but it’s little late to pull the pix out now. after losing the boys, child support, and money. if this were true, she should have used this the basis for a divorce, not after losing the battle for money.

    • Ms. Kameria

      My thoughts exactly. Girl boo.

    • MLS2698

      I can’t see the whole pic, but it looks like she had a work-out outfit and earphones on……..gotta keep that body tight, regardless……..gonna need another man.

  • Kay

    I hate how people go out of their to defend football players of everything theyre accused of like it’s impossible for them to do such a thing just because he carried a ball on sunday and Monday nights. Smh

  • If you listen to the news report out of Texas, the judge ruled that there wasn’t any domestic violence. Pilar should stop the nonsense, Deion isn’t perfect; however, he was a brand before she came along because of his skills. He had a 14 yrs football career, 9 yrs baseball career, commentator for CBS NFL Today Show, Prime Time Rap Album, hosted 1995 Saturday Night Live, known for his high stepping end zone dance and do-rag style. Where does this suggest Pilar. She’s the second wife who benefited from the ground work already laid. I don’t think she negotiated with sponsors from Nike, Pepsi, Burger King, Pizza Hut, or American Express. She has beauty as well as his first wife. What exactly did she bring to the table to create Deion’s massive wealth. From my perspective he has been smart with his money. She wanted to pursue a career, now she has the opportunity without having to worry about her husband’s opinion. That’s what happens with some professional athletes wives, they begin to believe that they are greater than the husband and should share equal billing. It doesn’t work that way. Ask the former Mrs. Tiger Woods.

    • MLS2698

      But Tiger’s wife got loads of money in their divorce………..All planned.

      • honest

        thank you…they only feel sorry for white women…she put her career on hold to be a stay a home mom and take care of the fam and she doesnt get anything? not even her kids?…thats messed up

        • MLS2698

          Errbody knows this is how black women are treated. OJ Simpson’s first wife ( black) barely got anything. But his second (white) wife got rental property, alimony, child support, multiple cars………………………………

          • Jet Maier


            • Stinky

              OJ Murder and Trial was a psyop hoax.. All it did was divide the country on race relations….AGAIN.. Notice all the actors, big names in OJ’s trial. Kardashian! Kato Kaelin and Goldman were actors already…

  • LoveJones

    pilar is just a stupid B. she wants attention, money and another man to let her live a life styles she is accustomed too. Pilar is hurting her kids more than Deion. She needs to let deion go and move on, the relationship is definitely over. My advice…MOVE ON PILAR

  • bluekissess

    (I didn’t click on the second page) I believe her but then I don’t. I do believe that domestic violence does exist in sports. BUT I dislike her playing the victim role. Why is she gong to the media and not the law? It’s like she’s forcing people to be on her side. The really sad part is that what she is doing is taking the spotlight off of the real victims who don’t use the radio or social media. She’s just sad and no matter how much she tries to play the victim she will experience her karma

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    How do we know if these photos are really of her?? It would really help her case if she put a face to the pictures.