He Cheated On Her…Will He Do The Same To Me?

December 26, 2012  |  


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You’ve heard the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but is it true? Or can people really learn and grow and break their past relationship habits?

In this video, over at YourTango.com author, dating coach and YourTango Expert Sheila Paxton addresses this very question.

Watch what she had to say in the video here.



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  • Mia

    If anyone is foolish enough to date a cheater you’d better use a males mentality in dealing with him, “never turn a garden tool into a house husband” have your fun, spend his money, send him home and keep it moving onto something better.

  • He may he may not. I’m going to err on the side of caution and say that he would do it again. You can’t predict someone’s future behavior but you can with 100% certainty review what they did in the past and take it on good faith that barring some kind of momentous come to Jesus moment they will display the same behavior again.

  • Nope

    He will cheat if his perception of your awesomeness and your own perception of your awesomeness don’t align. At the end of the day that’s what cheating basically boils down to.

    • C’mon son

      Which would make him a selfish and weak individual because instead of ending the relationship with someone he’s apparently not that into, he would cheat. It’s asinine to justify it as anything else.

      • Nope

        I’m not defending it, but that’s the reality. And women will mentally or emotionally break up with a man months before actually telling him anything.

  • Meyaka

    Depending on how long ago it was,if the person learned from it and their views about the topic now. These are the kind of things one should inquire about before jumping into a warm bed and on a pen!s. ijs

  • IllyPhilly

    Hell yeah he’s gong to cheat on you! Expect it.

  • Britt

    I don’t believe “once a cheater always a cheater.” For example, if a guy or a girl cheats on their college boyfriend/girlfriend, that doesn’t mean they’ll cheat on their wife/husband when they’re married. Life is about growth, and people can definitely change, especially if they want to. Cheating is a red flag, but every relationship is different.

    • lolo

      The key here is cheat and you are in line with the cheating…ie you are the rebound gf who he has cheated with. Cheating in college with one woman and 7 years later getting married is not the same.

  • Kaori

    Probably. Earlier this year I had a long-time male acquaintance try to get with me while he was in a relationship with another woman. Since I am not attracted to him romantically and never have been, I wouldn’t have agreed to date him, but if I were, what kind of fool what that have made me?

    • IllyPhilly


    • get real

      Goes to show there’s no such thing as a male friend. Lady’s you do not have male friends. If he was trying to bang and you weren’t going just what were you holding onto in the relationship?? Like you know his angle was sex what was your angle if you weren’t attracted to him?

  • bluekissess

    Since I’m anti-click click. I will just work with what I read in the article. Can people change? Yes, people can change BUT not on my account. A lot of self-control, discipline and prayer. Change is done by action and not by talk.