You’s a Lie! Celebrities Who Have Been Caught Tellin’ Major Stories

January 3, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler
Joseline Hernandez

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Joseline Hernandez

Joseline know she wrong for telling the whole world that she’s engaged to Stevie J and sporting a “ring” on her ring finger that she says she just wears for fun. Even if Stevie told her they were tying the knot, she should have known better than to believe it.

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  • DinIndy


  • weetam2

    Utter sub-humans called celebs! ugly tattoed scum mongrels and degenerates all infest the Great Satan USA

  • Nunya

    This article may need an update, considering that Stevie J DID marry Joseline Hernandez.

  • Nate

    When folks pointed out that the posts originated from a computer and not
    from a “lost phone,” there should have been a comma like the one I just put there, followed by a sentence like this one. If that was to be the only sentence, then the word “When” should not have started the sentence; the word “Folks” with a capital “F” should have. People who write these articles really should learn proper grammar.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or like most of these liars are black?!

    It’s kind of a funny thing when you go to prettiest celebrities or prettiest teen stars, how you never ever see a black face. But as soon as it comes to underhanded dealings they are the most celebrated while the world knows white people are the more devious members of society. Just remember slavery.

    I can just imagine the comments later:
    You still talking bout slavery.
    Please. If we didn’t there would be no INDEPENDENCE!!!

  • Alias

    that Tami Roman lady has a horrible body. she looks like a dude with a dress on.

  • ReallyChild?

    “White people get away with anything”? Wow . . .

  • Scarlette Brownne

    Damn. I thought the lie that Tami Roman told was that he was a female.

  • Sorry but if Wyclef was sleeping around on his wife then THAT is what ended his marriage, not just the other woman. They are both to blame.

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  • “Man, white people get away with anything.”

    Wow, racist much? Watch an episode of Cops and say that again. Cops proves that white people sure as hell don’t get away with everything. RICH people can get away with anything.

  • ElvisWasAHero2Most

    UHHH! Is anyone else as upset as I am over the popularity of Rick Ross despite the fact he’s the antithesis of a rapper, a corrections officer?! That;s like David Duke having a black wife. My goodness, no wonder hip hop is in the toilet now.

  • IdealLaw

    “bald faced liar” not “bold faced liar”

  • Tangereina

    Nothing about Brandy faking her marriage for a reality show??

  • Suchalady

    We all knew Dwayne Wade was a liar and Ne-Yo didn’t do anything wrong or actually lie…smh

    • Anonymous

      Dwayne’s ex-wife is a hot a$$ mess. It’s hard for me to believe anything she says. Sitting on a damn street corner talking about she’s homeless and she’s getting more per month from him than some people make in a year.

  • Chevonne22

    Shoot, Tammi has been lying since her days on The Real World.

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  • hollyw

    This was actually an entertaining article, light and humorous…and almost worth the zillion pages.

    But I will complain until the cows come home on these aggressive ads!! Now, the first click on one of the pages automatically leads to another page OFF of MN onto the Moms Work From Home site?! Really?? How treacherous!

  • Zettai

    No collapsing stomach?

    • Kenedy


  • Izzysez

    Really? That’s the lie ya’ll have on Akon? Smoking Gun has a three page article about how his WHOLE past “locked up won’t let me out” is a DAHMB lie.

  • What?

    Ok, If I’m not mistaken, Rohan Marley has said “Wyclef is a liar”. That story was on MN months ago. Did you even bother to research before writing this? Looks like you’re a liar too!

    • Maldrie

      Child boo. If you didn’t want to read the article then you shouldn’t have clicked on it. Get real.

  • JN31

    A few of these “lies” have disclaimers that they are “supposed” or “alleged” lies; so why include them if hey could not be verified in the post? I understand it isn’t real journalism but this is just borderline lazy.

  • olivia

    No Halle Berry???…this list is incomplete

    • hollyw

      …wait, what’d I miss?? What she say lol?

  • Lorajei

    These were not major lies… Its really all irrelevant especially on Joseline and Kenya. Joseline isnt as dumb as people make it seem she probably knew it was a way to get attention hell her and Stevie J probably joked about her wearing the ring, I wouldnt be surprised. Same as for Kenya, her and Walter made the agreement to be a couple for the show but she probably wanted to come into RHOA being the Topic Of Discussion… And she got it