Ya’ll Need More People: Celebrity Images We Just Can’t Get Behind

January 4, 2013  |  
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Celebrity brands are big business. They’re the stories that drive the drama on reality shows and let fans know what to expect. Some famous folk have made their name by being scandalous and messy, others have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. But whether they’re chosen or earned, there are some celebrity brands that we just can’t get behind.


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Karrine Steffans-McCrary: Sleeping Your Way to the Top

Supahead’s “fame” started the trend of women “coming up” by taking it off for videos, strip club audiences, rappers and basketball players and I personally can’t wait until sisters find another way to make names for themselves.

Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

Tyler Perry: Holier than Thou

Tyler Perry has built his brand around creating quality Christian entertainment, but some of the things Tyler has been up to lately may not be of the spirit.

Currently, he’s being sued for stealing the plot of his last movie. Plus. his next flick will feature Kim Kardashian, the Jezebel of the modern era. What’s really going on Brother Perry?

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Keyshia Cole: The Sellout

Those are strong words but Keyshia turned a lot of brothers and sisters off with her efforts to distance herself from the black community.

She was raised by a single black mother and sings songs black women love but when she’s asked to sing with Black Girls Who Rock, suddenly she’s biracial and having a branding crisis? Chasing a “global market” might lose Keyshia some of her loyal fans.

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Wendy Williams: Professional Hater

Wendy made her name for herself by back biting and gossiping her way to the top. Is that really a legacy you can be proud of leaving behind?

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Jackie Christie: The HBIC

On Basketball Wives, Jackie Christie nearly lost her mind trying to rein in the rest of the chicks on the show. But she ain’t NeNe and nobody wanted to take advice from an older woman who kept it messy like high school on the show.

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Malaysia Pargo: The Fence Mender

Speaking of Basketball Wives, Malaysia spent her seasons on “mending fences” by bringing controversial characters back into the fold. But all of her fence mending was responsible for half the fights on the show. Now I’m wondering if she’s really mending fences or just starting mess while pretending to be a sweetheart.

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Tamar Braxton: The Mouthpiece

Tamar’s yapping is starting to work a lot of people’s last nerves. Plus, Tamar is talented. I think we’d all rather hear her sing than run off at the mouth.

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Braylon Edwards: Dead Beat Father

You don’t have to run the reality circuit to get a brand. Sometimes your brand finds you. Jets Receiver Braylon Edwards has already been sued by two of his baby mothers for child support in the last year. He’s already working on his third chick and if he’s not careful he’s going to go well on his way to becoming one of the most prolific black celebrities since ODB.

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Sean Paul: The Old Dude in the Club

Sean Paul is not too far from 50 and he’s still dressing like an extra on Jersey Shore. If you’re too old to chill at the club maybe you should hang up your “club banger” status. Seeing a man almost old enough to be your grandfather winding on 19-year-old video groupies is disturbing.

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Rihanna: The Pushover

Rihanna’s music and PR agents are pushing the “Bad Bajan” brand, but Twitter and Instagram suggest something different. Right now her music is out-shined by her thirst for Chris Brown.

He hit her, she’s still thirsty. He goes on French vacations with other chicks and posts the pics? She’s still thirsty. If she don’t get it together she’s going to be stuck singin’ Mary J ballads.

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Stevie J: Cap’t Save a you know what

Watching Stevie J dog out every woman who has ever crossed his path has confirmed all of my suspicions about the attractive but talentless chicks on the market today. And Stevie’s dirty ways have tainted his legacy as powerful mover and shaker in the music industry to a rat-faced womanizer.

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Quentin Tarantino: Too Far Down

Quentin Tarantino thinks it’s cool to use the N-word because he feels he’s “down” with black people. He did an entire 106 and Park interview in a “black voice” and Django Unchained used the N-word so much, it was basically it’s own character. Somebody let him know before Spike gets him.

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Justin Bieber: The Good Boy

The cracks in Justin Bieber’s squeaky-clean image are starting to show. He’s been hangin out with Sean Kingston and the New York Daily News let the world know — via an anonymous source — that Bieber “smokes weed all day.” I have a feeling there’s going to be a new version of The Beebz coming out soon.

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Rick Ross: The Concert Diva

You can count on Rick Ross to go hard on an album but he has a tendency to pull a Kanye at his concerts. First he walked off the Soul Train Awards and left Chrisette Michelle in the lurch because Eminem beat him out for best Rap artist. At the VMAs he got into a tit for tat with 98-pound white girl Kreayshawn and at the BET Hip Hop Awards he got into a “scuffle” with Young Jeezy from behind his security team. All of his antics are starting to feel like publicity stunts.

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Chad Johnson: The Publicity Slore

There are a lot of things you can say about Chad Johnson but Publicity Slore fits best. He got married for ratings, held out on his divorce for attention and now he’s let the world know that he has a sex tape out. Pretty soon, no one will remember that he was ever a football player.

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  • jkaj

    Yet this site was not on that list…funny.



  • Jaiah Jaxon

    Ya’ll must be really mad at Keyshia Cole, this is like the 5th article ya’ll have done about her being “bi-racial” lol.

    And Sean Paul is 39 and ya’ll have him pushing 50! lol

  • SMH_shameonitall

    As far as I’m concerned, the only people on this list who DON’T belong on it are Tyler Perry & Quentin Tarentino & Rihanna. Tyler Perry is a versatile person and his belief in God is showcased in all of his projects: at the same time he also shows a wide-range of characters, good and bad, genuine and fake in his projects. That’s life: not everyone is God-fearing and nice–and knowing God doesn’t automatically make Tyler Perry–or anyone else perfect. I TRULY know who God is but cross me or piss me off and I assure you I ain’t so nice or Christian-like in response. TP also keeps *decent* black actors employed, keeps positive images of us in the mainstream media-I respect him for that. As far as Quentin Tarentino, he only does what he’s allowed to do. He’s had black girlfriends and has employed lots of black actors so he’s given a ‘pass’ by many of them: but if any of those black celebs had opened up a can of whoop a$$ on him like they should’ve the FIRST time he said something outta pocket, he would’ve stopped. Also, in fairness to him, he makes hot movies that don’t sugar-coat anything. We all know the N-word was used ON THE REGULAR back in slavery days–and many of our ignorant ppl still use it today. So hearing it in Django Unchined shouldn’t have bothered or surprised anybody. Rihanna is an indecisive young girl who’s dickmatized by Chris Brown-she just happens to be rich. Leave her alone: with maturity & self-esteem I think she’ll get it together in due time. Now Keysha Cole, Tamar Braxton, Jackie Christie, Chad Ochocinco, Stevie J–yes! Their coon-ish a$$e$ totally belong on the list! Please add Kanye West, Shawty-Lo, Tami Roman & Evelyn Lozada to the next list of idiots ok??

  • Kaori

    The Tyler Perry movies would be a lot better if he didn’t feel the need to insert messages about that stupid, invisible, incompetent deity in the clouds.

  • chanela

    omg. that picture of wendell williams is RANCID

  • Truthis

    Speaking of Wendy Williams. Madame noire. Pot to call the kettle black. Have you read your articles lately. You just called Kim Kardashian the Jezebel of today. What female celebrity isn’t sleeping around. Really name one. Smh. I see more gossip than uplifting. I find some articles very enlightening but lately this is not if more than a gossip column.

    • Kaori

      There are many female celebrities who aren’t ‘sleeping around’, but it isn’t for you to be privy to that type of information.

      • Truthis

        Nor is it for Madame noire writers. What are you the Madame noire bully. Seems you take time to have a rebuttal for posts. Read before you reply. Point is its no ones business whether famous or not to knock anyone for their life choices. Pump ya brakes and chill enjoy life instead of always trying to beef on a blog.

        • Kaori

          It seems you took the time to have a rebuttal to my post. Read and UNDERSTAND before you reply. Point is – Not every woman who is a celebrity is ‘sleeping around’ as you suggest.

          Being ‘chill’ and ‘enjoying life’ is of no relevance to what I typed. No one is trying to ‘beef’ with you. I was merely responding to your inane insertion about the sex lives of celebrity women.

  • I thought Wendy looks like Skeletor in that pic!!! I’ll wait while you who don’t know how Skeletor looks to compare…

  • faydee

    This entire list is right on!!!!! I am especially disappointed in Tyler Perry. It’s all about the Benjamins for Mr. Perry. His social conscious has taken a back seat to the $$$$$.

  • IJS

    Finally someone else says it! Django/Quentin….how many “N” words did he need? I swear its the most I ever heard it in a movie. Who gave him this pass and how do we revoke it?

  • I thought that Keisha’s adopted parents (the Coles) were married…

  • Avid Reader

    This article really makes no sense!

  • Okay, so granted the whole movie idea stealing isn’t godly, but we don’t believe TP is a christian because Kim K is in his next movie! GTFOHWTBS MN!!

    • its not that MN doesn’t think he’s a christian. The piece never said that. I think its stating that having Kim K as a character in a film that is supposed to be Christian friendly isn’t the most tasteful idea. It is kind of a head scratcher. Is is he doing it for jesus or for the money? Thats the question.

      • Truthis

        Valid argument but That’s like telling a sinner not to come to church because they are a sinner. Kim K is still a child of god regardless of her actions. Having her in a movie does not make TP no less a Christian. I guess Creflo dollar should consider banning folks who are in the rap game and stop taking their money. Judging is not cool. We all are guilty of it but some more than others and for the wrong reasons.

    • Truthis

      Exactly. Smh.

  • IllyPhilly

    Make the change, but not reporting about these people.

  • Reese

    Stevie J gives me the creeps. Like all that crouch grabbing is gross and unnecessary. Katrine Steffans’ image is irreparable. When she first came out she got the sympathy vote because of the sob stories in her book. But she is really batcrap crazy and she enjoys being a h@e.