Bey Bey And Her Baby: Beyoncé Posts New Photos Of Blue Ivy And Her Familia For The Holidays On Tumblr

December 26, 2012  |  

When she’s not writing handwritten notes on loose leaf paper, or preparing for and gathering up her stans for her upcoming takeover of the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, Beyoncé is out here living the glamorous life on jets and boats. But she took some time out from the fab and busy life during the holidays to post more photos of her family and good friends, including cousin Angie, Kelly Rowland, Solange and Julez, and of course, baby Blue. In the newest pics, she can be seen (in the shadows of course)  holding Blue, who seems to be getting pretty big (as in tall). In another, we get a candid photo of Blue’s little foot while in her onesie. We also get photos of her sister and her son having a moment, as well as a smiling Kelly Rowland and cousin Angie Beyince cheesing it up for the camera. You can also check out Bey playing pilot (on the ground of course), showcasing her “Blue” necklace, as well as her favorite pair of Linda Farrow shades and her beloved bun style that we’ve been seeing her rock everywhere these days. And seeing as I’m still feeling good after chomping down on good food and hanging with my own family, I’ve got no shade for the incognito-ish baby pics. At this point, it should be known that she’s not going to show off this baby to strangers if she can help it, so take what you can get and be nice.

Check out more of the photos of Bey and Blue and other candids on the second page!

Photos courtesy of I AM, Beyoncé’s official Tumblr page

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  • Day

    She gone wait till Kim have her baby then bam that baby face gone be everywhere doing shows ….

  • Oh i saw her eyelash on one of them!!! (eyeroll) Beyonce, stop it. if you dont want her to be seen then leave it be…

  • MImi

    I’m shocked at how many people think we are upset that Beyonce doesn’t want to show her baby’s face. I am not the least bit upset that she doesn’t want to show her baby’s face. Just like I said in my previous post on this article, this isn’t “sharing pics”. Beyonce is not in our family but can you imagine you have a family member that had a baby and every time she sends you pictures of the of the baby all you keep seeing is hands, feet, and the back of the baby’s head? You can say we are not a family but most fans feel close to her and want to share her joys with her so I think they feel a little disappointed that they don’t get to see the baby’s face.

    I like Beyonce and I know how cruel society can be by saying mean things about your baby. Maybe that is why she is covering up the baby’s face. But I feel instead of doing that, don’t show the baby at all. At least we would know that she just isn’t ready to share her baby with the world yet. But these peek a boo shot just seems to cause issue with her fans.

    I don’t know but there could be another reason why she hides Blue Ivy’s face. Maybe she thinks someone will try to use the baby’s pictures for personal gain. Afterall they did try to get the baby’s name patented (check CNN’s website if you don’t believe me). This lady was already using the name Blue Ivy for her business that she opened back in 2009 but they tried to trademark the name. SMH!.

  • Shanice

    Smh at how upset you all are getting because she doesn’t post pics of her baby’s face.
    It is her choice to post what she likes just like it’s your choice to clock on it or allow it to make you upset.
    And stop with the Julez comparisons.
    Julez was her NEPHEW not her child.
    Paparazzi wasn’t hounding Solange for a picture of Julez like they are with Beyonce and Blue.
    Jay wasn’t Julez’s father, either.

  • VirgoStarr

    Beyonce knows whats she’s doing…its the mystery factor. She’s pulling people in and once you’re close enough, she pushes back and closes the door. Its all a ruse and marketing device in my opinion, and rather smart. She has everyone here commenting, myself included! lol.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Does she not know how to hold that baby?

    • Sheena

      Im just saying, as a mother aunt and God-Parent, what almost one year old (i think Blue was born last January) still dangles in a baby carrier like that. The baby’s movements don’t seem indicative to what we’re being told her age is. Its all kind of weird.
      Like I don’t want people seeing my face so I tweet pics of my arms and feet? huh?

      • Amber

        These pics are not new. There from last summer.

        • Amber


      • Lauren Love

        That stance does look a little awkward. I thought it was just me

  • ANirvana

    the moment captured is more important in any photo for me, I don’t need to see the baby’s face the pic is still precious

  • Just saying!!

    This doesn’t show anything. Maybe I should have looked at these before looking at Nick and Mariah’s pics because this was just a big disappointment lol

  • brooklynarcher

    i’m sideyein bey n jay. they had absolutely no problem parading around the world showing off bey’s nephew but as soon as she gets her baby, she’s all secretive with it, why? if she was genuine about not exploiting children and protecting them from paparazzi, i would’ve seen evidence of this in their past ventures with solange’s son. and it’s not even consistent being as she posted a clear pic of her nephew but why hide blue and feed us these cryptic shots? the milk ain’t clean that’s all i’m saying.

    • Lauren Love

      There’s a fly in the buttermilk…and it’s been that easy since day one

  • Trisha_B

    Yall see how she don’t carry Blue out anymore since she’s older, they can’t hold her head down or cover her head w/ the blankie b/c she’ll tear it off lol. She doesn’t want pics of her baby, understandable. But don’t post pics of her shadow or the bottom of her foot. Yes MJ was a little weird w/ the masks b/c he didn’t want pics of his kids out there, but he didn’t purposely send out pics of Blankets big toe or Paris eyeball lol

    • sng

      ha, ha, ha, NUFF SAID!!!!! here we go again with the faceless child.

      • pickles

        She’s (Beyonce) is actually making me feel that B.I. must have a face only a mother could love. Stop now with the pics. Trust,m e if the child is not attractive your playing silly picture games will draw a lot of cruel comments.

    • MLS2698

      I guess there is no point in mentioning the ” twist outs ” Solange says she hates. I can’t talk about the baby, tho’ because I haven’t seen her. Nobody has…..

  • MImi

    Seriously…..I’m so sick of these pictures of silhouettes, hands, feet and the back of Blue Ivy’s head. I don’t care if Beyonce doesn’t want to show the baby’s face but stop “sharing pics” if you are not going to give everyone a full view of the baby. Its her right to not show the baby’s face but this isn’t really “sharing pics of the baby”if you don’t see her face. I’m sure when Blue Ivy is about 5 years old she is going to ask her parents why are there so many pics of me where you can’t see my face? They are going to reply: “Oh that stack is for the fans…we wanted to let the fans think we were sharing some of our personal family moments so they wouldn’t think we were weird but all the while making sure you face didn’t appear in any of the shots.” ” “Now that stack over there is all the real pictures we took of you and shared with our family and friends.”

    • Lauren Love

      That’s funny. She’s not really doing us any favors with these pics but she thinks she is and folks have her feeling that way too

  • Mrs.Q

    Illuminati favorite pawn, and worship her like Jesus…wake up people is 2013!!

  • I love B she can do whatever she wants with her beautiful baby. Just like I can do whatever I want with mine.

  • Guest

    That photo of bey and baby standing by the railing just freaked me out. With my fear of water and my rambunctious toddler…… shivers! No bueno!

  • Desperately hanging on to her 15 mins of fame I see….let it go my dear, your time has LONG been EXPIRED… Your child is of NO GREATER importance than the next child…we’ll wait until the ‘HBO documentary AIRS’ in February.

    • seriously

    • Amber

      15 minutes of fame? Beyonce is a great entertainer who has been in the game for 14 years. She’s still at the top. 15 minutes of fame would be for someone like Gaga or Rihanna. Bey’s time has not expired.

  • Meyaka


  • Kitsy

    I am not someone who believes that the public is entitled to see pictures of this child.

    HOWEVER, If you are going to post pictures, why post ones where the child’s face is never visible? Is there something wrong with her? Is she too precious to be seen by plebeian eyes? Or is it just your own ego that’s too large for the camera frame?

    Beyonce, if you want your privacy, if you want to keep your kid out of the spot light, that’s you’re prerogative, but please stop with these “teaser” photos and just keep the child covered with a blanket whenever she leaves the house (we see how well that worked for the Jackson kids)

    An another thing: I really wonder about the people who see these shots then declare Blu Ivy to be “so cute”. How do you know she’s cute at all. You haven’t even had a good look at her! smh

    • JaneDoe

      I agree.. Its starting to feel a little insulting like who do you think you are and why? If you feel like she is so precious then keep her where no one can see her and stop the childish games.

    • MLS2698

      IDK. There are some crazy people out here who actually try to kidnap celeb’s children. Never can be safe enough. And yes, she should just keep her pics private. But I bet she and her family sit and laugh about how hungry people are to see her baby……hence the game.

    • too true

      Damn you never lied. Like brandy swearing how cute she is. Uhm Brandy if you never seen her in person what pic are you reffering to? Beyonce is very thirsty If you ask me. I am sorry I understand privacy. But when you keep doing that tease mess with media it makes them act worse. I am not saying give in but Beyonce loves to be center of attention you can tell….. She keeps declaring to reveal more and I dont see it I think she wants to be this iconic mystery so bad she feeds into at every chance she gets. Because if you dont want to show pics then dont. But this blurry, dark, foot pics are just plain pointless.

  • Señorita

    I could care less whether or not she shows a pic of her child. She’s becoming more annoying when she shows these “peek-a-boo” shots. Show the baby or keep it moving!!!!!

  • JaneDoe

    Beyond girl you can keep your candids of Blue’s back, neck, foot we don’t care. It’s been almost a year and believe me when I say we are so good on that baby…

    • JaneDoe